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The greatest Slovak aviation show is supported by Axis IP cameras

The greatest Slovak aviation show is supported by Axis IP cameras

Editor / Provider: Axis | Updated: 10/7/2014 | Article type: Government & Public Services

58 airplanes from 13 countries carefully watched by more than 90,000 spectators. That was the 4th Slovak International Air Fest whose scope puts it among the biggest air festivals in Central Europe. However, the large number of guests at the Sliač air base made the organizers apply rigorous organizational and security measures.
This year, the organizers specifically focused on greater monitoring of people's movements and greater incident resolution. The situation called for the use of a camera system; nevertheless, the need to monitor remote locations without electric power supply and data system connection represented a challenge.

Therefore, the Slovak Aviation Agency decided to utilize the capabilities of the Axis IP cameras and the wellproven mobile monitoring solution of NetRex. A total of 9 battery-powered NetRex MVSi 01 systems were deployed at the air force base. The system monitored the entrance gates and other selected locations. The mobile sets featured top quality AXIS P1354-E HDTV Network Cameras designed for 24-hour operation. Using the mobile Internet, the NetRex Monitor service fed live views and recordings to the organizers' computers and their smart phones. Lower level recordings were stored at remote secure servers and high level recordings were saved on the SD cards inside the cameras.

Thanks to the installed cameras, the organizers comfortably monitored the whole air base. The stored recordings were available to solve potential security incidents, and they shall certainly be useful during the next year's show promotion in the media. The installation's speed and flexibility, and the cost-effective rental further supported the solution's overall benefits.

In the name of independence and reliability
The sensitive environment of the military air base without any additional electric power supply and Internet connection, including the event's short time period, made the camera system selection relatively demanding. Based on good credentials, the mobile monitoring system of NetRex was selected. The system proved its qualities in this environment.
“The NetRex MVSi 01 systems feature high-capacity batteries, which support at least 20 hours of operation. They can be charged in only 6 hours. The distribution boxes with accessories and cameras were positioned on easily portable tripods with telescopic legs. If necessary, the equipment may be quickly mounted on a wall or a public lighting pole, which may conveniently provide power supply,” says David Capoušek, the manager of NetRex, which designed, sells, and rents this solution. Reliable Internet connection was based on the 3G/EDGE router available in every set. The router also provides Wi-Fi signal coverage for the monitored area.
However, the NetRex does not transmit video only. “The system web interface continuously provides you with information on the equipment actual condition. The integrated GPS unit displays the equipment current location, and it informs you of any potential location changes through SMS or e-mail. The system reports any opening of the distribution box, weak battery condition, line voltage interruption, or potential camera failure to you as well,” adds David Capoušek.
The selected AXIS P1354-E Network Cameras have practically proven their benefits a few times already. Their HDTV resolution combined with the Lightfinder technology, which guarantees excellent sensitivity and colours even under very poor light conditions, make these cameras an ideal monitoring tool. Their integrated SD card slot supports high quality and elegant data storage. The mobile Internet connection enabled the transmission of lower resolution data to the NetRex backed-up servers. This recording backup has also facilitated quick searching for specific events.

Rental for any occasion
Besides the system's technical properties, the aviation show organizers have also appreciated the cost-effective possibility of renting this solution. An amount, which represented a meaningless item in the event's budget, was enough to obtain a professional camera system whose complete commissioning and subsequent disassembly took the NetRex technicians only a few hours. This, together with the possibility of uploading other intelligent applications directly into the camera, opens up numerous possibilities not only in relation to location security, but also during various events and data transmissions. Such an expanded mobile system may then easily transmit data online from your event to YouTube, and it may count your guests or warn you of suspicious people moving at specified locations.


EL.MO NETPLUS adopts expandable modules with high interoperability

EL.MO NETPLUS adopts expandable modules with high interoperability

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EL.MO. | Updated: 9/29/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

EL.MO. SpA, the Italy-based surveillance manufacturer has brought together the best of technology applied in the safety field in two products— Villeggio and NETPLUS system. EL.MO.NETPLUS, the new hardwired/wireless (with RIVERRF and HALENTE concentrators) intrusion detection control units features 8 triple, double balanced / NC / fast on board inputs, expandable to 16 with split function.

Highly expandable platform
NETPLUS system uses the hardware platform equipped with expansion modules based on Plug&Play principle. It is expandable up to 104 inputs with RIVER series concentrators. Extremely modular, it can grow dimensionally and functionally according to the environment in which it operates. It has a RS485 serial line for the connection of the TRES01485 and TRIAL detectors, RIVER concentrators, and up to 16 control devices such as TATTILO, TATTILOPLUS and ANIMA touch screen keypad, NIRVA and MIDAS keypads, the RS485 I8 serial bus inserters, the ETRZENITH and IZENITH key point flush-mountable box and the PASSLIGHT additional system status indicator.

The completeness of the EL.MO. range is not just complementary, but optimally allows NETPLUS to integrate with a large number of devices. NETPLUS offers unlimited possibilities of management through remote devices, such us traditional telephone, mobile telephone, smartphone, tablet or PC. The applicative field of the remote management includes vocal interaction or via SMS, and involves the management of intrusion detection system and the management of other areas. NETPLUS systems is integrated with management, centralization and supervision and supervision infrastructure of e-Connect systems.

Thanks to this platform, end-user, installers, maintainers and service companies can control, manage and easily communicate with their intrusion detection system through smartphone, tablet and PC anywhere, anytime via internet.

The high interoperability of NETPLUS applies not only tothe modern communication media but also to building automation in civil and industrial environments, based on KONNEX BUS thanks to the suitable optional module.

Tyco unveils breadth of technology portfolio at Essen 2014

Tyco unveils breadth of technology portfolio at Essen 2014

Editor / Provider: Tyco | Updated: 9/24/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company, will showcase a new slate of innovative technology introductions on stand 128, Hall 1.0. at this week's Security Essen 2014 exhibition, 23 to 26 September.

“The growing complexities of the security environment, whether within a large enterprise or at a single location, are demanding intuitive yet sophisticated solutions that allow users to focus on the management of their security department or business,” said Phil Dashey, Vice President and General Manager, EMEA, Tyco Security Products. “The seamless unifications between our products enable security personnel to make quick and informed decisions, whilst avoiding integration challenges.”

With its expanding video portfolio, Tyco Security Products continues to lead the market in offering a diverse set of high resolution IP camera, recording and management platforms from its American Dynamics and Exacq Technologies brands. New from American Dynamics is the VideoEdge and victor v4.5 flagship video management system (VMS) solution, which brings new analytics capabilities such as heat mapping and POS integration with ease of use functionalities like auto discovery and watermarking.

Exacq is introducing the EasyConnect automatic IP camera connector feature that allows users to find, address and connect multiple IP cameras to their network automatically. EasyConnect supports IP cameras from Illustra and several other leading IP camera brands. Exacq will also showcase the new ELP-Series, a line of hybrid and IP camera network video recorders (NVR) available with up to 8 TB of storage to easily view and record up to 16 analogue and 24 IP cameras per server. The latest release of the exacqVision 6.4 VMS introduces VideoPush, which allows users to easily push selected cameras or entire views to another monitor, such as a public display monitor or video wall.

Complementing the array of choices in recording and management platforms is a wide range of HD IP cameras from American Dynamics, including the low-cost Illustra Flex Series, the Illustra Compact Mini-Domes and Mini-Bullets, the industry's fastest Illustra 625 PTZ and the Illustra 825 Fisheye, with onboard de-warping technology.

Headlining the intrusion portfolio for Tyco Security Products is PowerSeries Neo from DSC, an innovative solution for residential and scalable commercial installations that combines the flexibility of a modular, hardwired system with the simplicity of a wide range of wireless devices and peripherals. PowerSeries Neo leverages the superior capabilities of PowerG – the security industry's leading-edge wireless intrusion technology – and features innovative alarm verification solutions, along with a comprehensive remote service software suite for intuitive management.

Visonic is introducing PowerMaster Version 18, based on the market-leading PowerG technology that is the backbone of several new devices, including the PowerMaster-33 “hidden” panel, KP-250 two-way wireless keypad, ultrathin invisible magnetic transmitters, stylish handheld panic buttons and new advanced featured software for the widely installed PM-10 and PM-30 panels. Visonic is also introducing Tower Cam PG2, a wireless outdoor PIR that is a perfect solution for visual alarm verification and advanced warning.

Rounding out the intrusion portfolio is Bentel Security, with the latest 3.50 release of the ABSOLUTA intruder alarm control panel, offering full support via the ABS-IP LAN board for Sur-Gard receiver communications, BOSS programming software for customised email notifications, and ITV2 support for third party integration opportunities. The new ABSOLUTA M-TOUCH touchscreen keypad features a 7” full colour display, and the ABSOLUTA App enables remote control of ABSOLUTA control panels remotely a smartphone using IP or GPRS connection or SMS commands.

CEM Systems will display emerald(tm), the industry's most multifunctional intelligent touch screen terminal, in conjunction with the powerful AC2000 access control and integrated security management system. AC2000 offers customers a resilient security solution that has the flexibility to be customized and integrated to third party systems to suit project needs.

The iSTAR Ultra network door controller from Software House uniquely supports traditional hard-wired access control doors and wireless locksets all in the same controller, up to 32 readers. The newest version of the powerful C•CURE 9000 access control and security management software platform utilizes the victor Unified Client from American Dynamics, enabling users to easily view access control events, video, and intrusion alarms from one central user interface or remotely on the go using C▪CURE Go app.

Rounding out the access control offerings will be the new Kantech Intevo integrated security platform, designed to be up and running in minimal time. It includes a customized dashboard for easy system management and is preloaded with Kantech's EntraPass Corporate Edition security management software and exacqVision video management software.

Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families

Chuango: Bringing smart home tech to ordinary families

Editor / Provider: Editorial Department, a&s SMAhome | Updated: 9/24/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Established in 2001 by Ken Li and his late father Lee, Chuango Security Technology Corporation specializes in radio frequency technology and wireless smart home systems, ranging from DIY security and home automation to energy and health management. When Chuango began making radio signal antennae and security alarm systems, it operated mostly as an original equipment manufacturer (OEM), supplying to distributors, resellers and alarm-monitoring companies in China, Japan and the U.S. Then came 2010, the company expanded its production lines from Fuzhou to Shenzhen, doubling its capacity to accommodate accelerated sales growth.

In 2013, Chuango achieved another milestone that catapulted the company to the road of branding: the G5 GSM/ SMS RFID Touch Alarm System won the Product of the Year Award (Intruder Alarm or Exterior Deterrent Category) from IFSEC & FIREX Awards. “Winning this prestigious award certainly means a lot to us as it recognizes our commitment and continuous dedication to providing innovative solutions to our customers,” said Ken Li, founder and CEO of Chuango. “For the show's 40-year history, the category award winner has never been an Asian brand, nada. I believe our young, energetic and creative team will continue to spice things up in the industry and markets worldwide.”

After stealing the show, the company swiftly shifted its business model and focus to introduce more private-label and branded products directly to distributors and retailers, etching another mark in its rapid transformation. “Developing consumer electronic-like DIY smart home systems requires a lot of investment in R&D and constant market studies and promotions, which cannot be sustained by the not-so-profitable OEM/ODM business. If we want to break free from the shackles of a stereotypical Asian OEM, we must grow with times to achieve something greater,” Li said. “Many manufacturers change products or marketing strategies passively. We lead by thinking differently, making adjustments proactively, and we always introduce fresh elements to everything that we do.”

Thanks to Chuango's accelerated year-on-year revenue and personnel growth, the company has the resources and ammunitions to further build its research facilities, outside of Fuzhou and Shenzhen, in Taipei, Amsterdam and – in the near future – Silicon Valley to sustain its brand development of Chuango and smanos, as well as category development from burglar alarm (Chuango) to residential surveillance, health and energy management, and smart home (smanos).

With the go-to -market strategy expanding from fulfilling orders for importers and resellers to include mainstream distribution and retail channels, Chuango is in need of even greater production capacity. “We acquired a 2,000-square-meter production plant in the Changan district of Dongguan in June, and the facility just went online in August,” Li shared. “Before we grow our product categories, we're already anticipating more diverse system and accessory requirements yet shorter lead time due to intensifying competition, so that's why we acquired the Changan facility in the first place. Another reason is that the smart home market is even more demanding on the product aesthetics and design detail. While we've had our in-house industrial design team all these years, molding and plastic injection were always outsourced, until now.”

This new 2,000-square-meter or 20,000-square-foot production base ensures streamlined development and production flows, not to mention further strengthened quality assurance procedures along the way, from design, molding and injection to production and assemblies. “Changan is the center of the molding universe, and we're confident in having one of the best teams in the industry to meet all future demands, with enhanced production capacity and quality,” Li stressed. The facility is just an hour away from Shenzhen, for easy logistics and convenient customer visits.

Chuango is also fortifying its software development (system controls, apps and cloud) and IP communication footing, with the establishment and expansion of the Taipei, Amsterdam and very soon Silicon Valley teams. The satellite teams will be working closely with Fuzhou, Shenzhen and Dongguan to expedite time-to-market with respect to next-gen wireless, 4G and cloud solutions. Another machine-to-machine (M2M, or IoT) R&D team is also up and running in Fuzhou, alongside the quality assurance team that ensures international production processes and mass production requirements are met.

For Chuango, it is never just a saying. “When we say we want the best for our customers, we deliver. As we embark on this journey of global marketing and branding, our vision and pursuit for perfection are not limited to local standards; we devise the toughest quality assurance tests possible on all our production lines and products, and are working to extend our warranties from two years to three to five.”

Industry reshuffling is imminent, with tech giants and startups as well as security conglomerates coming into the picture. Chuango is laser-focused and has a clear vision and development path, with users and market demands in mind. “We know what our priorities are and will keep doing what we do best,” Li said.

Healthy competition is good for any industry. With increased media coverage on the smart home, the industry and market are poised for further maturation and growth, and only the best of the best will remain standing. “Nevertheless, Chuango remains open-minded and opens its arms to any type of collaboration, be it with security and automation juggernauts or startups with brilliant ideas. We're looking for sustainable growth, not just one-year wonders,” Li said. While the likes of Apple and Google pose a potential threat, Chuango is more interested in how they tackle users' problems and adjust go-to-market strategies. “Our strength builds on the fact that we have been exploring the smart home for 14 years, and we are one of the few that can provide integrated hardware and software solutions, with localized support and services.”

The future of the smart home will be about integrating security and safety systems, electronic and appliance controls, and entertainment units with wireless and information technologies. “Chuango will continue to work on striking that perfect balance among security, comfort, convenience, personalization, usability and affordability. At International CES 2015, we will be announcing an all new, all-around smart home system that thinks for you, realizing the ultimate simplicity in system setup, operation and user experience,” Li shared excitedly. “We will also be working closely with industry-leading IC provider Silicon Labs, to bring its sub-GHz module solutions to life by empowering our clients and end users with smarter, connected homes.”

At the moment, Western Europe and the U.S. are Chuango's and smanos' biggest revenue contributors, and “emerging” markets such as Eastern Europe, Russia and CIS, East Asia, ANZ, the Middle East, Africa and LatAm are just ripe for further business development. “For even more detailed market analyses and tailored services, we will hire a few more business development professionals in the U.K., France, Germany and Italy, with ICT distribution and retail channels remaining our major route to market,” Li added. “With dedicated, local sales and marketing efforts, our highly flexible, compatible, affordable DIY solutions, such as security and automation, lighting controls, and energy and health management, are well on their way to become local favorites.”

With ever-increasing demand for wireless DIY security and smart home systems, Li is rather excited about the next three to five years. “Our sales are forecast to grow by more than 100% per year over the next few years, with multiple product development and business development teams all over the world unleashing their creative potential collaboratively. We're also open to OEM/ ODM possibilities.” To keep channel and end customers interested and engaged, Chuango is constantly on the lookout for the right fit and talent for “glocalized” development.

Cloud-based technology and smart touch devices are promising exponential growth, and Chuango and smanos are poised to expand their portfolio and footprint beyond security to automation, lighting, energy management, entertainment and safety/ health-monitoring devices. “The ability to control a multifunctional system using a smartphone app, coupled with a unique and fashionable product design and interface, is a winning combination,” Li exclaimed. “Technology allows us to reach far beyond average, middle-aged homeowners. For example, we can effortlessly tailor our offerings or user experience to specific market segments, such as telecom operators, student dorms and luxury yachts.” In China, Chuango is piloting the sales of home-use IP cameras together with alarm and safety devices through an online-to-offline retail model, with concept stores opening in Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Zhengzhou, Chengdu and more cities that allow end users to experience Chuango smart home wonders before placing orders on site or online.

The proliferation of wearable technology is another area that Chuango is keeping an eye on. “Wearable devices, to me, are part of our industry development, as they are designed to make life easier and more convenient,” Li said. “There is no doubt that finding ways to satisfy needs of security, safety, comfort and convenience is the way forward, and we're more than ready!” Smart home is no exact science, but a unique combination of art and technology. It is Li's vision that Chuango and smanos products can blend in any ordinary family and be part of their day-to-day life.

Like Li, the entire Chuango global team is dynamic, fast-paced and always ready to react to various customer demands and feedback, with award-winning product designs and features that reflect Chuango's core competence and value. “We are bringing innovative, easy-to-use and aesthetically pleasing products to market, and our offerings ensure significant value and profitability for those who are prepared to put the effort in and grow with us.”

Development milestones
- 2001:
Founded in Fuzhou, China in a 9 sq.m./ 100 sq.ft. garage
- 2003:
Introduced surface mount technology (SMT) to system mass production
- 2006:
Started system exports, especially to the U.S. and Japan
- 2008:
Market traction in Europe and Asia
- 2010:
Production lines expanded to Shenzhen
- 2013:
Inception of smanos, a new smart home tech brand
Established Chuango Europe in Amsterdam and Chuango Taipei Innovation Center
- 2014:
Company IPO and further expansions

EL.MO's revolutional intrusion detection systems—Villeggio and NETPLUS

EL.MO's revolutional intrusion detection systems—Villeggio and NETPLUS

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EL.MO. | Updated: 9/1/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

EL.MO. SpA, the Italy-based surveillance manufacturer has brought together the best of technology applied in the safety field in two products— Villeggio and NETPLUS system.

Villeggio System
The concept of wireless intrusion detection control unit has been redesigned and revolutionized, creating a small and compact product with features and unique capabilities in modular design.

In detail, the Villeggio system uses a hardware platform with a wide range of performance to which can add installable components based on the Plug & Play principle to increase the management levels according to the customer's needs. In the fuller version, VIDOMO, Villeggio integrates several devices connected directly to the RS485 serial bus such as the RIVER concentrators, the I8 inserters, the ANIMA, TATTILO and TATTILOPLUS keypads or the TRES01485 and TRIAL detectors. The Villeggio system is composed of 3 control units: VICOMPACT, VIBASIC and VIDOMO.

Applications and strength of Villeggio
Villeggio is a product that lends itself especially for domestic and commercial applications and in this direction the control unit can be integrated into other systems of building automation via KONNEX ETREIB optional interface.

The greatest potential of the Villeggio system occur mainly in the ability to manage, to control and to query remotely the control units through different communication channels (via conventional telephone line, via GSM, via TCP/IP) and through devices such as smartphone, tablet and PC. This allows, for example, to switch-on the heater, to check the activation status of the system components or to carry out programming or temporary activation and deactivation operation of certain controlled areas. The full communication potential of Villeggio is obtained through integration with the management, supervision and centralization platform of e-Connect systems.

EL.MO. presents NETPLUS, the new hardwired/wireless (with RIVERRF and HALENTE concentrators) intrusion detection control units with 8 triple, double balanced/NC/fast on board inputs, expandable to 16 with split function. It is expandable up to 104 inputs with RIVER series concentrators.

NETPLUS system uses the hardware platform equipped with expansion modules based on Plug &Play principle. It is extremely modular and grows dimensionally and functionally according to the environment in which it operates. It has a RS485 serial line for the connection of the TRES01485 and TRIAL detectors, RIVER concentrators, and up to 16 control devices such as TATTILO, TATTILOPLUS and ANIMA touch screen keypad, NIRVA and MIDAS keypads, the RS485 I8 serial bus inserters, the ETRZENITH and IZENITH key point flush-mountable box and the PASSLIGHT additional system status indicator.

Applications and strength of NETPLUS
The completeness of the EL.MO. range is complementary and optimally supports the ability to NETPLUS to integrate itself with a large number of devices. NETPLUS offers superioir possibilities of management through remote devices, such us traditional telephone, mobile telephone, smartphone, tablet or PC. The applicative field of the remote management includes vocal interaction or via SMS, and involves the management of intrusion detection system and the management of other areas.

NETPLUS systems is integrated with management, centralization and supervision and supervision infrastructure of e-Connect systems. Thanks to this platform, end-user, installers, maintainers and service companies can be controlled, manage and easily communicate with their intrusion detection system through smartphone, tablet and PC from anywhere in the world via internet.

Besides, the NETPLUS interfaceability is not limited only to the modern communication media but also for building automation in civil and industrial environments based on KONNEX BUS thanks to the suitable optional module.

Verint presents expanded intelligence solutions for retail sector

Verint presents expanded intelligence solutions for retail sector

Editor / Provider: Verint | Updated: 6/12/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Verint Systems has newly expanded its portfolio of security and business intelligence solutions for the retail sector to continue delivering advanced technologies to help reduce fraud and loss, boost operational efficiency and improve the customer experience.

At the upcoming NRF Loss Prevention event this week, Verint will highlight a variety of intelligent solutions designed to reduce shrinkage and theft, according to Alex Johnson, senior director of retail, Verint Video and Situation Intelligence Solutions. “At Verint, we're committed to providing technologies that limit and negate vulnerabilities in loss prevention operations and reach beyond traditional security uses by integrating with common retail platforms through open standards and interfaces,” he added.

To help reduce shrinkage and achieve a significant return on investment, Verint provides retailers with Verint solutions, which include a comprehensive portfolio designed to meet the specific needs of a variety of retailers—from enterprise-class to specialty stores.

Advancements to Network Video Recorder (NVR)
Verint's comprehensive NVR platform, the EdgeVR, is designed to deliver scalable and enterprise-class video monitoring and recording capabilities. The NVR platform enhances security and streamlines investigations for retailers, allowing them to close cases quickly and proactively minimize losses. The latest version delivers all the benefits of an embedded NVR, including bandwidth optimization, remote access and robust surveillance analytics. It easily scales to support up to 64 IP and analog cameras, providing a path to migration for budget-conscious retailers.

Additional features include H.264 and MPEG-4 compression options and scalable storage options up to 16 terabytes. Consistent with the EdgeVR's open platform design, it integrates with various edge devices helping retailers leverage current infrastructures and expand to meet future system demands.

Further updates to the EdgeVR include advanced investigation tools, such as face detection, license plate recognition and a variety of surveillance analytics, providing retailers new levels of situation awareness. Other capabilities include:

Surveillance Analytics-- it  provides loitering detection, directional movement, line crossing, object left behind and missing item identification. Once the system identifies a predefined movement, it can send emails or SMS to the appropriate personnel, or relay messages to associated systems.

Mobile Client--it  allows security operators to remotely access video and view live and recorded video from multiple cameras simultaneously. Accessible from Apple iOS devices, the application delivers 10 pre-defined screen layout options, zoom capabilities and the ability to access recent camera views.

IP Camera Integrations--they  include supportfor the new economic line of Verint V3300 IP cameras, the Oncam Grandeye 360 camera when larger fields of view are required, and a Height Strip Camera for store entrances and exits.

EL.MO.Vicompact enhances intrusion detection & alarming capabilities

EL.MO.Vicompact enhances intrusion detection & alarming capabilities

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by EL.MO. | Updated: 6/9/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

EL.MO.SpA the Italy-based surveillance manufactuer has introduced new wireless intrusion detection control unit  –VICOMPACT– to its product portofolio The company owns a comprehensive range of CCTV, intrusion and fire detection, and access control systems. VICOMPACT as new addition to the Villeggio line, comes in white housing with a pleasant design, featuring 32 wireless inputs on board. It is designed for civil installation and the product itself offers a great performance/investment ratio. The new generation of control unit is equipped with a GSM module and allows, through the e-Connect platform, to manage the system to achieve complete safety, anywhere and anytime via smartphone, tablets and PC. The innovative modular structure allows to customize the control unit according to the user's needs; the user-friendly interface, with intuitive display, offers easy and immediate usability. Two of the 32 inputs are usable as on board wired inputs, with consequent reduction of the radio inputs.

Product details of VICOMPACT
* 32 total on board wireless inputs
* Of the 32 available wireless inputs can be used, reducing the wireless inputs, 2 wired inputs on board control unit
* On board zones can be configured as: NO, NC, balanced, split, extended split, triple balanced, fast. Zones can be assigned different properties
* Alarm relay output with C-NO-NC free from potential contacts with 3A@AC24V carrying capacity. The output can be configured
* 12V fuse-protected power output for detectors
* Connector with 8 outputs for ETRREL4 modules that can be configured and remotely controlled
  Users: Advanced management of 32 users max; users can be assigned a proximity key or a remote control device
  Areas/sectors: Management of 4 areas with 4 sectors each 
  User interface:
* Graphic B/W LCD display 128x65 with RGB backlight depending on operating conditions (adjustable)
* Backlit 20-rubber-key keypad
* Unit controlled via proximity key with partialization function.
* Low-consumption proximity key reader located at the centre of the sectors keypad (selectable)
* RF Monitor with graphic display
  Wireless module:
* FM 434 525 MHz receiver in accordance with EN300220 (Class 2) and low consumption EN50131 with built-in antenna on PCB
* Low-consumption AM 868.300 MHz transmitter compliant with EN300220 and EN50131 standards with antenna integrated on the PCB. Control up to 15 wireless sirens and 15 configurable actuators
Events storage: Historical memory with 1000 events capacity
  Voice synthesis:
* Voice synthesis module with 64 messages recordable by the installer, equipped with microphone and loudspeaker; it can be configured via USB and serial line for a total of 8 minutes recording time
* Messages can be recorded by using the suitable software module; they can also be recorded using a microphone connected to the PC audio board
* GSM/GPRS module included for the connection from and to control unit via GSM, also allow the connection to e-Connect system.
* Remote interrogation via SMS with GSM module
* Sophisticated credit control system for rechargeable SIM cards when using MDGSMI / MDGSME optional modules
* Remote listening device controlled via SMS
* Temperature sensor with thermostat function, programmable hysteresis and calibration option
* MDTEMP radio temperature detector (optional) to be used instead of the built-in detector or as external detector if necessary
* Daily/weekly thermostat function, with block boiler detection
* Emergency light function
* Plastic against opening and removal
* White colour
* User interface according to EN50131 with compliance options
* Compliance EN50131-3 grade 1, environmental class I°
* Compliance to R&TTE 1999/5/CE Standard and to ETSI EN 300220-3 and ETSI EN301-5-3+A1

Vietnam's top brewery deploys LILIN's solutions

Vietnam's top brewery deploys LILIN's solutions

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 5/20/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

IP cameras can be easily integrated into industrial manufacturing environments to monitor production line efficiency, perform visual inspections automatically, and enable remote assistance for maintenance. Hai Duong Beer Factory, located in Ha Noi, Vietnam, is the largest brewery in the region. Hai Duong Beer Factory recently completed the installation of more than 12 units of LILIN cameras at its production plants in a project implemented by system integrator/distributor, Silver Sea JSC.

Superior Light Sensitivity
A number of LILIN IPR722ES4.3 cameras were installed in the brewery covering areas where high contrast lighting conditions were most prevalent. The IPR7224ES4.3 camera delivers useable video surveillance image in a variety of lighting conditions by using a built-in infrared LED. Moreover, the built-in wide dynamic range (WDR) function further minimizes impacts on video caused by high contrast and glare scenes. As for video management recorder, Hai Duong Beer Factory chose NVR116 standalone video recorder for recording and streaming since it is a great fit for centralized administration.

The ONVIF-compliant camera configures quickly using the free IPScan software that ships with all LILIN network based cameras. Multiple streams of Motion JPEG and H.264 compression ensure high quality image clarity with controlled bandwidth usage. A built-in microSD card slot enables several days of recording stored on a memory card. LILIN cameras are also factory-focused, eliminating the need for additional time for installation. With embedded motion detection sensor in the camera, IPR722, is able to send an email to any designated address, an alert to the admin operator, or a SMS message to smartphone handheld devices when sensor being triggered.

Efficiency is paramount to a factory facility's success. LILIN's product offers benefits such as workflow management and production efficiency showing that applications for the security industry are unlimited.


Sponsored by: 
LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

Avigilon video analytics Rialto offers higher integration and protection

Avigilon video analytics Rialto offers higher integration and protection

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 5/19/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon Corporation, the major global provider of end-to-end security solutions, has recently made the addition of the Rialto video analytics appliance family to its product portfolio.

The Rialto appliances provide real-time event detection and verification, enabling users to proactively identify any unusual activity that occurs in a monitored scene and take immediate action as necessary. Users can effectively lower costs and increase efficiencies, reduce on-site theft and vandalism, and provide real-time crime prevention to secure assets with this technology.

Following Avigilon's recent acquisition of VideoIQ, Inc., this release marks the introduction of featured analytics to Avigilon's end-to-end security solution. The patented Rialto technology, when combined with high-definition video imaging, will provide users with superior perimeter surveillance to help protect property, assets and personnel. The flexibility and ease of installation offers a cost effective way for companies to integrate video analytics into their current analog or IP video surveillance system.

“We are truly excited to be introducing the Rialto analytics appliances to address customers' needs,” said Ian Povey, Avigilon's director of product management and product marketing. “With a prominent team of analytics developers and a broad portfolio of intellectual property, we are readily integrating best-in-class video analytics technology into our award-winning, high-definition solutions. Additionally, our global sales team is well positioned to take this leading-edge technology to market with our vast network of over 2,000 partners and resellers.”

The Rialto family of products is optimized by its “Teach-by-Example” functionality, which enables users to give feedback about the accuracy of various alarm events as they are generated. Rialto products are able to learn from this feedback and increase future accuracy, resulting in one of the lowest false alarm rates in the industry. This self-learning technology provides enhanced levels of protection, particularly suited for environments that require perimeter and intrusion theft protection, such as critical infrastructure and commercial installations.

Core features and benefits of the Rialto series:
Self-learning analytics:
Algorithm-based intelligence allows the system to recognize people and vehicles while ignoring irrelevant motion;
True object classification: The system classifies people and vehicles, while ignoring other objects that are unimportant to the scene;
High-definition analysis: Analysis of video up to 1080p resolution allows for more accurate identification of object features to help reduce false alarms;
Audio talk-down capabilities: Connects to external speakers for remote talkdown functionality to provide additional intrusion deterrence;
Instant notification: Real-time SMS or email notifications enhance on-site security and professional monitoring services;
Ease of installation: Plug-and-play setup means quicker installation and near-instant realization of the benefits of analytics technology;
Always-on technology: Video analytics are able to monitor an area 24/7, 365 days a year;
Open platform: The system is designed to recognize third party analog and IP cameras.

Need for security mass notification in higher education

Need for security mass notification in higher education

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Deadly violence on university campuses is an unfortunate reality. Less than one month into 2014, 3 reported incidents of gun violence were reported in the U.S. — 2 of the incidents lead to 2 deaths. However, deadly attacks are not limited to gun violence — a stabbing attack in 2013 left 14 injured at Lone Star College–CyFair in Texas, U.S.

In the aftermath of the violent shooting at Virginia Tech on April 16, 2007, which tragically resulted in the deaths of 33 people, campus safety was thrust into the spotlight. In 2012, Virginia Tech was fined $27,500 by the US Department of Education (DOE) for failure to issue a timely warning on campus the morning of the shooting in compliance with the Cleary Act. In January 2014, the DOE fined Virginia Tech an additional $5,000 for the incident. Immediately after the Virginia Tech tragedy, many universities invested in mass notification systems. However, Dan Pascale, CPP, Senior Director of Security & Emergency Services at Margolis Healy & Associates, notes that mass notification systems have not evolved much since then. Pascale explained that despite the initial rush to acquire mass notification systems, the ability to use them and integrate them with other forms of technology such as SMS, telephone, email, outdoor warning systems, internal public address systems, digital signage, etc. has not made any significant leaps. “I think we're going to see more integration and a need for it in the near immediate future as colleges and universities struggle with having the responsibility to make timely warnings and emergency notifications to their community,” said Pascale. The next step, however, is figuring out how to do it and how to accomplish it at an affordable price.

One of the most publicized and successful mass notification integration projects was done by Florida State University (FSU). FSU already had an emergency notification system in place — “FSU Alert” boasted 32 different methods of emergency communication delivery, which include but are not limited to outdoor warning sirens, indoor warning sirens, SMS text messaging, E-mails, strobe lights, digital signage, desktop alerts, and social media (Facebook, Twitter, etc); however, management of all these different systems was a challenge. Although the multitude of systems was meant to cover a wide variety of pre-approved scenarios, a delay in notification was occurring because there were too many systems to fuddle through.

In order to streamline the system, FSU sought a solution that would enhance and integrate with their existing system. In cooperation with Siemens, who configured the central activation system, FSU was able to consolidate the 19 primary and secondary delivery technologies of the FSU Alert System so that they could be activated from a single point. Located in the FSU police department's communications office, a box with a panel of pre-scripted scenario buttons allows personnel to send out the appropriate notification with the press of one button. Known as the “EZ” button, this one button mass notification system has cut down message delivery time to less than three minutes. The FSU “EZ” button has since become a prime example for both universities and the security industry.

Retrofitting for the Future
Based on a survey of 616 projects, CP&M reported that 12.9 percent of the $1.3 billion spent on renovations in 2012 was spent on security equipment. More specifically, a survey on what types of renovations and upgrades US residence halls were considering in the next 3 to 5 years showed that 43 % were considering adding and/or upgrading their camera/surveillance systems, 36 % were considering the same for their access control systems, and 27 % their sprinkler/fire alarm systems. However, it was also noted that the extent of new and upgraded systems has been stunted due to budgetary restrictions. In addition to monetary challenges, retrofitting buildings on college campuses can be a complicated task. Oftentimes colleges are forced to retrofit older and sometimes historic buildings that are hundreds of years old, according to Pascale. “In many cases, it can cost anywhere from two to five times the cost of initial construction. With limited budgets, due diligence is critical as it's important to get it right the first time.”

Another difficulty with retrofit projects is that they frequently involve older buildings that are less likely to have the advanced technological capabilities needed for newer technology. “In a way, new projects are easier to scope out and deploy since the ideal architecture is designed from scratch. Most cases, however, are retrofits which demand an assessment of current technology, the remaining lifespan of such and the true benefit they might still provide,” said Lawrence de Guzman, Director of Global Sales Operations, Verticals, OEM, and Key Accounts at Milestone Systems.

Open Systems and Integration
The importance of integration has been a hot topic in the security industry and the education sector is joining in on the conversation. “We see a need and attempt by many institutions to integrate disparate systems and leverage technology as a force multiplier while creating operational efficiencies,” Pascale pointed out. “In many cases, individual departments have installed their own systems and there is little centralization or standardization.” However, facilities of all kinds hit a speed bump when trying to find compatible systems. That is why open systems are playing a key role in integration.

“There is a distinct trend towards open platforms, which enables beneficial integrations with other systems, thereby empowering a total solution into more than just the sum of its parts,” said de Guzman. In particular to higher education, Mike Scirica, VP of Marketing and Sales at WavestoreUSA noted, “Campus security officials seek VMS platforms that easily integrate with other security and non-security systems, such as video analytics. An open architecture approach and a commitment to open standards help manufacturers deliver VMS platforms that will be able to work with other systems as organizational and security needs grow.”

Rising up to Challenges
Every vertical has its own set of unique challenges and requirements. In order to properly and successfully address these issues, it is important for manufacturers and systems integrators to work together. “We believe integrators and manufacturers should act as partners with a common goal of establishing trust with an end user,” said Kim Loy, VP of Global Marketing and Chief Product Officer at DVTEL. “At the same time, integrators should rely on their manufacturers to play a valuable support role to help them assess and respond to customer expectations. Customer satisfaction depends on the best efforts of everyone involved in a system sale.”

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