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Dahua Technology announces partnership with Synology

Dahua Technology announces partnership with Synology

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 2/26/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua Technology, a manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, announced to build up collaborative relationship with Synology, a provider of Network Video Recording Solutions. Synology integrated its NVRs with Dahua's full range of network cameras, including Dahua Pan–tilt–zoom (PTZ) domes. With the collaboration, multi-sites and industry-level surveillance management is now intuitive and cost-effective.

Dahua Technology caters to distinctive market demands and its network camera lineup offers megapixel cameras in various sizes and shapes, which delivers superb image quality and strong functionality. Synology, a professional IP-based video surveillance solution, combining the functionality of advanced NVR and NAS (network attached storage), aiming to deliver a scalable, future proof, user-friendly NVR solutions and solid customer service to satisfy the needs of business, individual users and our partners.

Synology Surveillance Station, running on all Synology NVRs, is an integrated NVR management software dedicated to facilitate the reliable surveillance architecture. Featuring easy and intuitive navigation, Synology Central Management System (CMS) offers large-scale, multi-sites deployment a scalable and unified point of control.

“While the flexibility of multi-sites and large-scale deployment are highly-valued, Synology answers exactly users' needs.” pointed Chad Jiang, Product Manager of Synology. “We are excited to see this collaboration as many of the integrated IP cameras are in high demand by industry-level market. With the intuitive, budget friendly Synology NVR and full support for Dahua IP cameras, this integration will bring a great advancement of reliability and user experience toward Synology and Dahua adopters.”

“The successful integration makes Synology NVR and Dahua IP cameras well compatible with one another, which is no doubt beneficial to our mutual customers,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. “We'd love to create an open platform working with our partners, like Synology, as we see the increasing IP demand from different level of markets. Partnering with Synology and offering the right solution that catering to market needs are of course a good attempt to stay ahead in the industry.”

Cube cameras stepping up in smart home

Cube cameras stepping up in smart home

Editor / Provider: | Updated: 2/25/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

With increasing popularity of home automation and home monitoring, the demand for cube cameras is on the rise. According to IMS Research, an IHS company, the world shipment volume of consumer and DIY network cameras is predicted to grow prominently from 846,200 units in 2014 to approximately 1.3 million units in 2016. The research firm indicated that about 20% of American households adopt professional home surveillance services already. Thanks to improved technology, the home surveillance services are getting more affordable and accessible for the users. Cube cameras, with wireless connectivity and without cabling, feature flexible installation in indoor areas in comparison with traditional professional surveillance cameras. They are designed for indoor surveillance primarily in small offices, shops, chain stores and schools aside from homes.

The maturity of the network infrastructure, the end users' increasing demand for home security or small-scale security system, and the prevalence of 4G LTE are seen as 3 major driving forces to drive the growth of cube cameras. 4G LTE technology supports faster transmission speed at 100Mbit/s.

North America and Europe are 2 major smart home markets. North America is leading the market regarding home security. The Europe market shows high interest in smart homes and energy conservation. Asia is the other important market to watch, with seeable high growth in near future.

To make cameras smarter, software plays an important role. For example, motion detection alerts and free access to cloud storage for video recordings are available on mobile devices and web browsers via exclusive softwares.

The enhanced features, commonly seen in professional security cameras, boost the market need of cube cameras. The different features of home cube cameras from entry-level DIY cameras comprise low-light performance, PoE, edge storage, and support for alarm inputs and outputs.

The major features of the network cameras comprise compact design, wireless connectivity, easy setup, secured Wi-Fi connection and mobile surveillance. To more specific, users can view high-resolution videos remotely from browser or any other mobile devices via Wi-Fi wireless technology and their cube cameras.

The cost-saving cube cameras can offer professional-grade surveillance performance with up to 2-megapixel resolution at 30fps. They can offer smoother video and image quality than those entry-level DIY models that typically support 1-megapixel resolution and video speed at15fps at most.

When talking to low-light performance, some cube cameras come with mechanical IR cut filters (ICRs) to deliver sharper images at night and truer color at daytime. Those with IR night vision function can support monitoring range up to 10 or 15 meters. While those DIY models, equipped with IR LEDs, support half the viewing distance at night than those cube cameras with ICRs.

Besides the home-use market, there is a growing demand on surveillance services for child and elderly care, such as kindergartens, infant daycare and elderly care centers, especially in Asian countries. Parents can watch their children's activities with both recorded and real time videos. More detailed and prompt communication between parents and teachers can be done henceforth.

The AXIS M1004-W network camera is aimed at indoor wireless surveillance where budget and flexibility are key factors. The support for WPS protocol simplifies the process of configuring logical security on wireless networks. This helps installers or integrators save on installation time and easily set up high network security in Wi-Fi areas, where it is not possible to install Ethernet cables.

The Bosch VS -4112RP Pro 720p and VGA indoor microbox camera is a ready-touse, complete network video surveillance system inside a compact and stylish housing. It includes a Dropbox application for remote storage of recorded activity, while also benefiting from 50-percent less storage needs in static scenes due to iDNR, saving on memory requirements, bandwidth, and costs., Video Client PC software and the live viewer app from Bosch are available free of charge for reviewing live and recorded video material on a PC or mobile device from any location with Internet access.

The Zavio F3210/F3215 offers 2-megapixel full HD video with H.264 compression and night-time performance with its large pixel size CMOS sensor, removable IR-cut filter, and SMT type high-performance IR LEDs. The camera is equipped with a Panasonic PIR motion sensor, 2-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker, MicroSD edge storage, and alarm input/output ports. The camera comes with CamGraba 2.0, Zavio's 64ch NVR software, and Zavio's free plug & play cloud solution.

The camera features HD resolution for crisp and clear video and integrated color night vision technology for viewing in complete darkness. The compact DCS- 2136L is D-Link's first network camera with next generation 802.11ac wireless technology. This ensures users have the most up-to-date wireless standard and increases overall range and speed.

The Zavio F3210/F3215 offers 2-megapixel full HD video with H.264 compression and nighttime performance with its large pixel size CMOS sensor, removable IR-cut filter, and SMT type high performance IR LEDs. The camera is equipped with a Panasonic PIR motion sensor, 2-way audio with built-in microphone and speaker, MicroSD edge storage, and alarm input/output ports. The camera comes with CamGraba 2.0, Zavio's 64ch NVR software, and Zavio's free plug & play cloud solution.

The full HD micro box wireless camera, Dynacolor WH series, is an easy setup camera. Users can install the wireless camera in any Wi-Fi area. In addition, the wireless camera has a built-in microphone and speaker which allows two-way audio communication. Under low-light situations, the wireless camera has incorporated day and night ICR technologies to capture clear images. While users are at work or on vacation, they can watch over their babies, elders, and even pets on their smartphones or laptops.

Cube cameras stand out in form and features

Cube cameras stand out in form and features

Editor / Provider: Editorial Department, a&s International | Updated: 2/24/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Cube cameras are becoming all the rage due to the heightened attention on smart homes over the past year. A common misconception that arose from this emerging wave of cube cameras is that they are suitable only for the home environment. However, these tiny cube cameras are in fact packed with features so rich, they can cover much more than just a regular home. This feature aims to address the differences and performances between cube cameras and their DIY counterparts seen on the market.

The residential and small-and-medium business (SMB) sectors are now much more conscious about the importance and benefits of installing security devices and equipment in their surroundings than just a few years before. Not to mention, the increasing popularity of home automation and home monitoring is increasing the demand for cube cameras. IMS Research (IHS), also indicated that the consumer and DIY network camera market unit shipment will grow from 846,200 in 2014 to approximately 1.3 million in 2016. Based on another report from IMS, approximately 20 % of American households already have professionally monitored services. This number is sure to grow as technology advances and becomes more affordable and accessible for the users. Currently, North America is leading the market in terms of home security, followed by Europe due to its growing interest in smart homes and energy conservation. Meanwhile, Asia is catching up as demands rise throughout the region.

“It is worthy to mention that in Asian countries, the surveillance service provided by private schools, such as kindergartens and infant daycare centers, or the elderly care centers are becoming the trend. The parents are able to watch from online their children's activities and interaction with teachers and peers in class anytime, anywhere, via the surveillance application, while other people are able to deliver care to the old parents at home or care centers, ensuring their safety,” stated Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK.

Cube cameras establish market presence
With the amount of SMBs around the world, it is easy to see why manufacturers believe cube cameras have tremendous market potential, which can be attributed to its ease-of-use, real-time, remote monitoring, and decreasing price. “Different resources indicate that more than 95 % of business units are small and medium sized. Secondly, there is an increasing security consciousness in the residential sector. Video surveillance equipment and services are no more a business-involved area, more and more home users tend to adopt video surveillance devices for safeguarding their home, premises, or their family members. Once this kind of requirement becomes main stream, it will push the video surveillance market to another sales peak,” said Adler Wu, IPC Product Manager at Hikvision Digital Technology.

Though cube cameras have yet to reach its peak, manufacturers are certainly holding high hopes for these compact wonder cubes. “In my opinion, the trend to IP is very clear in 2013, with its advantages in mobile connectivity and multiple functions, this trend can certainly push the cube/DIY cameras to mass public. In the startup stage, double or triple growth than traditional CCTV equipment sales is a very comprehensible result,” Wu from Hikvision continued.

Also, cube cameras are easy to install and affordable. “This lowers the hurdle for many small businesses to invest in video surveillance solutions. As they see the value cube cameras can provide to their business, small business owners are likely to continue to invest in video surveillance solutions. Cube cameras are therefore a great door opener for the security industry,” added Andres Vigren, Product Manager at Axis Communications.

Furthermore, there are several factors that will help cube cameras reach its peak: the maturity of the network infrastructure, the end users' increasing demands for home security or small-scale security system, and the prevalence of 4G LTE. “4G LTE is equipped with several traits such as providing faster transmission speed, supporting for interoperation and coexistence with legacy standards, low data transfer latencies, and supporting better mobility. With 4G LTE, the transmission speed for home users will be able to reach 100Mbit/s,” said Ma.

Dahua DH-HFW5200C camera passes UL-2802 standard

Dahua DH-HFW5200C camera passes UL-2802 standard

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 2/20/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua Technology, a global manufacturer and solution provider of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China, announced that its latest network camera, DH-HFW5200C, has become one of the first to pass UL-2802 (Performance Testing Standard for Camera Image Quality) certification in the industry and keeps users better protected.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) launched UL-2802, which is the newest digital-camera performance standard, defining a method to determine video camera's digital image quality ratings through a series of performance tests. Cameras are rated on the following parameters: image resolution; distortion; relative illumination; dynamic range; maximum frame rate; gray level; sensitivity; bad pixel count and veiling glare.

DH-HFW5200C, being a part of Dahua's Eco-Savvy series, presents an outstanding performance as it achieved quite high scores during testing. 3 tests results (Relative Illumination / Dynamic Range / Bad Pixel) were perfect scores, with others (Gray Level / Sensitivity / Veiling Glare) scoring strongly as well, according to the UL testing report.

"It is a pleasure to work with all manufacturers, and Dahua provides one of the first opportunities for certification. The UL-2802 program is a critical stepping stone for end users, manufacturers and integrators to objectively evaluate the performance of a camera's image quality. The UL test methods and procedures provide a fresh technical approach to objectively evaluating camera image quality," said Yeo Fong, Asia Business Development Manager of Built Environment of Underwriters Laboratories. "UL is a reliable, professional and trusted partner and the UL-2802 camera quality program they introduced is of great prospect,” said Tim Shen, overseas Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. "As a manufacturer, we are very happy to participate in this program as it is beneficial to the industry. There finally exists a third-party standard, administered by a trusted quality organization, which differentiates cameras in a fair and objective way."

Top 10 most popular products for January 2014

Top 10 most popular products for January 2014

Editor / Provider: asmag Editorial Department | Updated: 2/19/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

asmag unveils the top 10 most popular products for January 2014 with Hikvision and Samsung products appearing twice, along with other companies appearing once, namely: Theia, VIVOTEK, Biwave, Dahua and other newcomers including FLIR, Bosch and Afidus.

As predicted, the trend of 2014 will be tilting further more from analog products towards IP. Surveillance is not only about cameras, other products such as camera cores, connections, Ethernets, lenses and locks are all in popular demand.

December 2013's runner up, Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera steps up to number 1 with astoundingly over 600 viewers from previous month's 425 clicks. This camera increased in a number of views though slid back in Europe from 45% to 40% but a growth from 32% to 34% in America.

Runner up is FLIR Lepton Cost Micro Thermal Imaging Camera Core. This new comer, was released during CES 2014, makes its mark at number 2 with 359 views, introducing a product not only significant to surveillance but also in building automation and presence detection with 45% clicks from America and almost half that at 29% in Asia.

This next product steps 2 positions up to number 3 is Biwave 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission for IP Network Camera Connection ( VDL4000 ). With an increase in the number of clicks from 253 to 327, with interest declined in Europe by 1%(39%) and an increase from 30% to 35% in America.


Placed at number four, is Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) 3MP IR Cube Network Camera, closely resembling chart topper DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera in appearance. This product, previously at number 3 with 279 clicks has increased to 304 clicks; seem to have had an increase in popularity in Europe growing from a 50% to astonishingly 60% this past month and a slight slip in America from 33% to 31%.

Newcomer Samsung Techwin SNF-7010 360-degree 3-Megapixel Camera released in mid-December features a digital PTZ and utilizes Progressive Scan technology to provide sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles, with built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory. Landed at number 5 with 293 clicks, is popular in America and Asia with 47% and 37% respectively.

Fisheye cameras are showing popularity in the start of 2014. Coming in 6th place is new comer VIVOTEK FE8174/74V Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Camera with 280 clicks, is the first fisheye fixed dome network camera from VIVOTEK, featuring detailed 5MP-resolution sensor with superb image quality. It receives massive supports from Europe with a remarkable 42%.

Number 7 Ultrawide Mpx Lenses without distortion leverages its patented Linear Optical Technology to provide a family of ultra wide, low distortion, megapixel lenses. Theia's ultra wide angle, undistorted megapixel lenses reduce camera count and cover the same distance. This fascinating lens series was originally released in 2011 however, due to recent promotional activities at asmag, this product has caught much attention with 257 views, most of which comes from Europe with 48% clicks and not far behind with 31% in America.


Samsung makes a second appearance at number 8 in our January popular products with the Samsung SHS-P718 Push Pull Smart Door Lock. This push-pull mechanism door lock, previously received 182 views at number 7 has now stepped down to number 8 with 253 clicks, this product is still popular in America (46%) and Asia (41%) previously 48% and 43%.

Another new comer to the ranks, sitting at number 9 is Bosch IP 5000 Cameras with 223 clicks. This camera is a new range of High-Definition MP Camera with up to 50% lower bandwidth and storage requirements, seamless integration with software and recording solutions from Bosch and third party providers. This product shows popularity amongst Asian (33%) and American markets (51%).

Shining star number 10 is Afidus BU-230F1 Palm Size 2M Box IP Camera with 221 clicks This Palm size 2M box IP camera supports mSD card for local storage and also provides free service for Afidus Cloud service andAfidus DDNS service. Afidus allows linkage to Smart phones via app. appears hot in America with 51% market interest and 33% from Asia.

Please note that the above statistics are not based on the sum of clicks but the accumulation of IP addresses.

For last month's Top 10 products, click here.


Axis releases HD 2MP IP camera M1025

Axis releases HD 2MP IP camera M1025

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2/14/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications announces the latest addition to its AXIS M10 Series featuring resolutions of up to HDTV 1080p or 2 megapixel resolution, in full frame rate. The AXIS M1025 Network Camera is an indoor, cost-effective camera ideal for video surveillance in small retail stores, boutiques, as well as offices and residential users.

The AXIS M1025 Network Camera is easy to install, saves time and cost effective for the users. The network camera comes with interesting features, which include support for HDMI output (Micro) for live streaming along with being compatible with Power over Ethernet, and provision to store video on a memory card.

Features of the AXIS M1025 Network Camera:
* Compatible with Corridor Format to help users to monitor narrow corridors and aisles

* Hosted video solution can be carried out via the AXIS Video Hosting System over a one-click camera connection

* AXIS M1025 Network Camera can be used with Axis Camera Companion as it comes with supporting a memory card, which is tailored specifically for small installations

* The camera complies with the industry's video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, AXIS Camera Station as well as supporting ONVIF

Axis unveils new HDTV cameras M1145 series

Axis unveils new HDTV cameras M1145 series

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2/12/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications, an international supplier in network video, announces the AXIS M1145-L and AXIS M1145 Fixed Network Cameras featuring full HDTV 1080p resolution and the highly efficient H.264 video compression standard. The AXIS M1145-L is equipped with built-in adjustable IR LED illumination allowing for easy and discreet day and night video surveillance.

"The AXIS M1145-L and AXIS M1145 with full HDTV 1080p resolution provide an affordable solution for efficient 24/7 monitoring with clear identification," says Erik Frannlid, Axis' Director of Product Management. "The AXIS M1145-L features built-in IR LED illumination invisible to the human eye and ideal for discovering people and objects in a range of up to 15 meters (50ft.), even in complete darkness."

With their slim and compact design, the cameras enable quick and easy installation, simple setup and a trouble-free video surveillance solution for applications where monitoring is required round-the-clock. To minimize environmental impact, the plastic parts in AXIS M1145-L and AXIS M1145 contain 39% respectively 42% recycled plastic.

The AXIS M1145-L and AXIS M1145 Fixed Network Cameras provide HDTV 1080p resolution video at full frame rate and offer multiple H.264 and Motion JPEG streams which can be individually optimized for bandwidth and storage efficiency. Additional features include support for edge storage with a built-in microSD/SDHC memory card slot, pixel counter, Axis Corridor Format, Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) and I/O port for PIR sensor options.

The AXIS M1145-L and AXIS M1145 are supported by Axis Application Development Partner Program, AXIS Camera Station and the complimentary AXIS Camera Companion. The camera also includes support for AXIS Video Hosting System and ONVIF for easy camera system integration. AXIS M1145-L and AXIS M1145 are planned to be available in Q1, 2014 through Axis distribution channels.

Axis bolsters traffic safety in Dubuque, US

Axis bolsters traffic safety in Dubuque, US

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2/11/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

The City of Dubuque, Iowa, is a regional hub of 60,000 people on the border of Illinois and Wisconsin. In the early 2000s, the traffic department began linking traffic signals and intersections together in a fiber optic network. Initially, they installed network cameras to detect vehicles at the intersections for signal changes, but they later switched over to microwave-based detectors. Unfortunately, with the change, they lost the ability to view and record video at the intersections.

To reestablish visual support, the traffic department selected a mix of Axis network cameras provided by systems integrator and Axis partner RACOM. They first installed fixed HDTV AXIS Q1755 Network Cameras, as well as HDTV 1080p AXIS Q6035 pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) for targeted examination. Then, when Axis released the fixed AXIS Q1604 Network Camera with Wide Dynamic Range-Dynamic Capture, the city saw how well wide dynamic range could combat the effects of direct sunlight, reflections off passing vehicles and glare from nearby lights. AXIS Q1604 cameras soon became the standard for future installations. Milestone XProtectR Video Management Software provides critical support for viewing and extracting video at city hall.

The IP cameras have become an integral component of the city's Intelligent Transportation System. Video analysis helps traffic engineers improve roadways without incurring the high costs of new construction. They are able to update signage and roadway markings to improve traffic safety. Police use footage to get an accurate account of accidents and other incidents. Local citizens also use the video to settle disputes over accidents without the need to go to court.

From riverboats to fiber optics
As one of the oldest settlements in the state of Iowa, the City of Dubuque has benefited from more than 200 years of transportation innovations: from steamboats floating in on the Mississippi River to cable cars chugging up and down its bluffs. Continuing this tradition, Dubuque traffic engineers launched a project in the early 2000s to connect all of its traffic signals and intersections to a central monitoring location via Ethernet and fiber optics. As the project evolved, the city began installing Axis network cameras alongside other IP-addressable technology as part of its Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) initiative. “ITS improvements are being utilized a lot more often, because you are able to can get more efficiency out of your existing infrastructure if you improve your communications,” said city engineer David Ness.

In total, 260 cameras have been installed at 80 intersections around town. The design of the Axis cameras made installation simple and efficient. “Getting it out of the box and up on the pole is very easy,” said Ken Fleege, manager of Dubuque, Iowa operations for systems integrator RACOM. The health assessment features of AXIS Camera Management software helps reduce the number of trips needed to maintain the cameras in high traffic areas.

Every detail from all the angles
The city initially installed fixed HDTV-quality AXIS Q1755. These were paired with AXIS Q6035 PTZ Dome Network Cameras, which allowed them to zoom in close and examine specific areas of a scene if needed. After testing the fixed AXIS Q1604 Network Camera when it was released, the city embraced the possibilities offered by the camera's Wide Dynamic Range- Dynamic Capture features. The wide dynamic range feature provides clear, detailed images free of glare from oncoming headlights, traffic signals, emergency vehicles and the sun. “Even when the lights are shining right on the camera, you can see the sidewalk in the dark behind it,” Ness said.

The city customizes many of its AXIS Q1604 cameras with 15-50mm telephoto lenses to get a comprehensive view of several blocks at once. They also employ the default 2.8-8mm wide angle lens to get an overhead shot of all approaches at an intersection. The cameras record 24 hours a day at 10 frames per second. Video is managed with Milestone XProtectR software on HP Z620 workstations. The footage is stored on direct attached drives for 30 days with HP DL380E Generation 8 Servers, which also use high speed drives for the live video databases. The Milestone software allows the traffic department to follow cars seamlessly from one camera to another, and the mapping feature lets them target specific cameras with ease. Wireless technology helps connect cameras on hard-to-reach bridges spanning the Mississippi River.

Safer roads, fewer costs
The IP technology offers unprecedented analytical oversight of traffic safety. “The system gives me a really good heartbeat on the city,” Ness said. “We can go back through the footage and see what led up to accidents and get a good feel for what might help.” In one instance, they installed new signage after observing drivers repeatedly getting confused by a road's lane transition. Elsewhere, they are able to make critical adjustments without the high cost of physically altering roadways. “It's probably a tenth of the cost of adding another lane,” Ness said. They are also able to respond to sudden detours and other incidents remotely with the Milestone smartphone app. The footage also helps police and local citizens make sense of the often chaotic scenes following car accidents. “The police find it extremely useful,” he said. From the scene, they can request the traffic department review video to help produce an accurate report. The traffic department can also review footage afterwards. Following one accident, the video helped reverse the person alleged to be at fault after Ness noticed the footage did not match up with the witness statements. Other times, it has helped people settle disputes and avoid court battles. “I think it really helps citizens put closure on accidents,” Ness said.

VIVOTEK released fixed dome FD8371EV and FD8171

VIVOTEK released fixed dome FD8371EV and FD8171

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 2/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK announced the launch of its 2 latest 3MP fixed dome network cameras, FD8371EV and FD8171, which are both designed with several outstanding image processing technologies for delivering excellent picture quality and video usability. Offering 30 fps at 3-Megapixel or 60 fps at 1080p resolution, FD8371EV and FD8171 are two professional day/night cameras with superb image quality. Featuring Smart IR technology, both cameras provide the ability to avoid overexposure from IR LEDs by adjusting the IR lighting intensity instantaneously based on the distance of the object from the camera. Moreover, equipped with WDR Enhanced technology, image details in extremely bright as well as dark environments can be identified easily.

To maintain high video quality while reducing bandwidth consumption, 3D Noise Reduction Technology enables both cameras to capture clear, polished video under low-light conditions and reduce unwanted sensor noise. Smart Stream Technology, newly introduced in VIVOTEK's 3MP line of cameras, is an ideal solution to optimize resolution on a moving object or any ROI to optimize bandwidth usage.

FD8371EV, the outdoor version of FD8171, is specially designed with a robust housing and wider temperature range to protect the camera from malfunction in harsh environments. The IP66-rating helps the camera body withstand dust and rain, while the IK10-rating provides protection against physical attacks. With a wide temperature range down to -50°C, the FD8371EV performs reliability in extremely cold as well as warm weather conditions.

Steve Ma, Executive VP at VIVOTEK, stated, “With our steadfast belief in providing our clients with outstanding image quality and usability in our products, we have invested considerable resources and put forth great effort in enhancing our image processing technologies. In following our award-winning 3MP bullet network camera IP8371E, I am proud to announce today the launch of FD8371EV and FD8171, two new 3MP network cameras with superior image processing capabilities, which strongly reinforce our broad range of solutions for applications such as traffic monitoring and city surveillance.”

Axis captures a burglary suspect with PTZ P5534-E camera

Axis captures a burglary suspect with PTZ P5534-E camera

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2/6/2014 | Article type: Security 50 captures a burglary suspect in the act thanks to the PTZ P5534-E camera from Axis Communications, the global supplier in the network video.

Authorities are pouring over footage of the incident, which was captured in crystal-clear high definition by former BBC Springwatch presenter and Axis camera user, Simon King, who had installed Axis' live stream IP recording cameras and iCode's iCatcher CCTV software to monitor the nocturnal comings and goings of a family of urban foxes in London.

Huw Edwards, director at Axis partner, iCode – the security company that installed the system – said: “We have been responsible for installing all of the Axis equipment for Simon, who often films a variety of different animals and streams the live footage on his website for nature-lovers to view. Of course, the main challenge of shooting night-time environments is always the pitch black conditions. However, as you can see from the footage, the poor visibility is not a problem for the Axis camera.”

The camera used by Simon King is the wall-mounted AXIS P5534-E PTZ Network Camera – an integrated networked pan/tilt/zoom camera with a resolutions of up to HDTV 720p and 18x optical zoom.

Commenting on the incident, Simon King said: “The cameras were set up with motion-sensitive software to record all movement. Anyone can view the network of IP cameras live through my website and they will often see animals doing the strangest of things – but this is taking it one stage further! I use a lot of Axis cameras for my wildlife filming and have always been very impressed with their quality and ease of use.”

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