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Polish airport in Lublin manages security on one single platform

Polish airport in Lublin manages security on one single platform

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 7/1/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

Lublin Airport was opened on Dec 17, 2012. The hypermodern, completely new airport decided to implement access control, intrusion and video management on one single Nedap security management platform, integrated on one controller. Due to the radically simple AEOS architecture, they didn't have to purchase, implement and maintain three different systems, but only one. Bearing in mind that they wanted to build a hypermodern airport, they were also impressed by the elegant design of Nedap's products.

Qumak, Nedap's certified business partner in Poland, implemented AEOS at Lublin Airport. The project included sophisticated functionalities, like guard tour, security levels, carrier auto block and response to event. Because of AEOS's open standards, also an integration with perimetric control, specific radar solution and Flir thermal cameras with live view in AEOS was realized.

For Nedap, cooperating with the different parties to build a completely new airport was special. This is because other airport projects included reconstruction or upgrading of existing infrastructures. A good example of this is the Poznan Lawica Airport, where AEOS contributed to modernization and extension for the European Football Championships 2012.

Assa Abloy, Nedap and others launch offline access standard

Assa Abloy, Nedap and others launch offline access standard

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 6/7/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Until recently it was hardly possible to combine several brands of electronic offline locks of different kinds of suppliers into one access control system. However, integration is a demand of many large European companies, who have announced without standardization they would not invest in electronic offline locks anymore. To meet this demand, Assa Abloy, Dorma, Nedap and Zugang have developed a new standard, the Standard Offline Access Application (SOAA).

By implementing this standard it will be easy for companies to integrate multiple electronic offline locks from multiple suppliers. Each company is therefore free to choose the product which fits best. This freedom of choice will result in reduced prices, as they are not depending on one supplier anymore. Besides that, standardization also increases the security level. Standards are open and therefore tested and investigated by everyone. This is the most secure way.

Companies that want to profit of these advantages can specify the SOAA standard in their tender. They can request information about SOAA without obligations at the SOAA secretary:


Frederik Hamburg
In der Aue 41
14480 Potsdam
Phone: +49 (0)331 5056 89 57
Fax: +49 (0) 331 5056 89 58

UK hospital tightens the electronic screws on drug dispensation

UK hospital tightens the electronic screws on drug dispensation

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 5/10/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Darent Valley Hospital in U.K. has recently chosen Nedap's security management platform to secure their drug cupboards. Access to the drug cupboards can be managed within the platform, via the standard integrated locker management functionality. This micro-level access control functionality is putting an end to key-management.
The hospital's Intensive Therapy Unit housed 16 cupboards with key based locks. Approximately 65 nurses hold keys for the drug cabinets. Due to the frequency of use, the locks were wearing out, causing disruption while locks were replaced, getting extra keys cut and issuing keys to people working across different shifts.

The key based locks in the existing cupboards were replaced with Nedap MIFARE electronic locks, integrated into the security management platform. The staff were provided with MIFARE smart cards instead of keys. This solved the problem of locks wearing out and brought key-management to an end.

In addition, locker management enables access to the drug cupboards to be managed from a web-based software application. As each person is registered within the system, the user-friendly software application enables a supervisor to quickly and easily check who has accessed the drug cupboards at any time. In this way, it became not only an extremely practical, but also a secure solution with full audit capabilities.
Currently the hospital uses the locker management functionality of the security management platform to secure their drug cupboards. In the future, the hospital could choose to easily expand the system with other platform features, such as access control, intrusion or video surveillance.

Nedap expands presence in the U.S.

Nedap expands presence in the U.S.

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 4/15/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Dutch technology company Nedap incorporates business in the United States of America.

Nedap recently formed a legal corporate entity in the US to facilitate further expansion into the North American market. Effective as of April 1, part of the existing representation has been transitioned into the new Nedap identity in Delaware. Place of business remains at the current location in Atkinson NH, just north of Boston MA.

Several Nedap business units have been acting on the American market for over a decade establishing a sound base business with significant growth numbers over the last years.

The North American market dimensions represent a huge potential to a diversified technology company as Nedap. Increasing our local presence will support the objectives to accelerate the rate at which we succeed to capture these market opportunities.

Setting up a corporate entity reiterates our commitment to the North American market and its customers. The Nedap Inc. infrastructure supports our business units in their ongoing effort to provide Nedap propositions to the market. It enables Nedap to leverage the experience gained over the last years to the entire organization' benefit.

Establishing the US corporation also reconfirms engagement to Nedap' global accounts. "Having an official place of business in North America enables us to maintain an adequate level of support towards a growing number of global accounts on US territory."

Gerard Ezendam is appointed as the president and will officially head up the Nedap entity.

Nedap explains wireless parking sensors

Nedap explains wireless parking sensors

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 3/4/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Nedap strongly increased its footprint in the world of parking as a direct result of the SENSIT: wireless ground sensors that detect real-time vehicle occupancy at each individual parking spot.

Real-time parking data benefits
SENSIT offers a network of wireless ground sensors that detect the real-time occupancy of every single parking space. The system provides accurate data about the current parking situation to manage traffic flow efficiently, to create service for visitors and a better utilization of existing parking facilities.

Accurate parking sensor solution
People who are interested in innovative parking solutions understand these benefits and recognize the potential applications, but often are not yet aware of 'the reasons why' SENSIT is that accurate. Different elements ensure the impressive performance of Nedap's parking sensor system, such as:

1) double sensor technology (magnetic sensor + infrared eye) provides high accuracy levels under all weather conditions
2) fast, robust and scalable wireless network
3) proven battery lifetime of >5 years
4) 8 years of field experience in multiple installations world wide
5) different sensor models for on- and off-street parking applications
6) easy to integrate into third party systems through documented SOAP interfaces
7) real-time data output improves performance of traffic, guidance and enforcement software
8) the system is fully wireless. No cables are needed, not for sensors, not for peripherals

Real-time parking information is an essential component of efficient traffic and parking management. When cities are able to map out the total overview of parking occupancy visitors can be accurately informed about travel times, access routes and parking availability via dynamic signage on-street, smart phone apps or on-board navigation systems.

Nedap announces 2012 financials

Nedap announces 2012 financials

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 2/20/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The revenue of Nedap for the year 2012, at US$230.6 million (€ 171.9 million), was 13% up on 2011 ($204.3million). Corrected for the planned phasing-out of the traditional supplier activities, the growth in revenue was no less than 20%. Nearly all market groups - despite the difficult economic climate - managed to once more continue the solid upward trend of organic growth in revenue. The profit after taxes went up by 23% to $ 18.1 million (2011: $ 14.8 million). The earnings per share finished at $ 2.70 compared to $ 2.20 in 2011. Of the profit, 75% will be distributed as dividends. The dividend per share will therefore be $ 2.03 (2011: $ 1.65).

The market group AVI (Automatic Vehicle Identification, products for vehicle and driver identification and wireless parking systems) once more managed to achieve an impressive growth in revenue in 2012. With a complete range of long-distance recognition systems, AVI now offers the ideal solution for a whole variety of projects. The broad product portfolio - in combination with a further intensification of the marketing activities - resulted in higher revenue in virtually all countries where the market group is active.

Despite the difficult conditions in the retail market, the market group Retail (security, management and information systems for retail) managed to achieve a solid growth in revenue in 2012. The market group is becoming increasingly successful in developing attractive propositions for specific market segments, and winning clients for these propositions amongst leading retailers. To improve the quality of supply and distribution to multinational retailers, in 2012 a lot of effort was put into expanding the partner network. In addition, the Global Label Center in Hong Kong played an increasingly more important role for the propositions of the market group. During the year under review, the !FaST label was introduced, which is extremely effective for so-called "source protection". In addition to the fashion industry, where Nedap has always traditionally had a strong presence, the market group also explored excellent opportunities for growth in the food sector. On the basis of practical experience in supermarkets and megastores, the market group has developed a new anti-shoplifting system called !Sense. The market group is progressively moving further along the chain, from a supplier of just anti-shoplifting systems, to a partner for Store Technology. With Store !D, the market group offers retailers solutions that can help them to optimize their stock control with RFID technology.

After the robust growth in turnover during recent years, the Security Management market group (systems for access control, registration, payments, fire and intrusion alarms, surveillance, locker management, and biometrics) experienced a slowdown in 2012. The growth in turnover for security systems achieved by this market group with international clients was not enough to fully compensate for both the planned phasing-out of the activities of the former Education market group (attendance registration systems for schools) and the impact of the drop in the construction activity in the Netherlands. Over the past year, the trend of greater standardization in security systems pursued by major international enterprises has become more pronounced. Instead of trying to mesh together a multitude of local systems, there is now a shift towards the introduction of a single system for all branches. With the Nedap AEOS security management platform, the market group is excellently positioned to benefit from this trend. In 2012, the turnover from locker management systems also rose once more. More and more organizations are recognizing the benefits of using a single access pass for both doors and lockers. This all the more since office space will be used more flexibly with the spread of New Working methods.

World's smallest UHF reader offers 2-meter read range

World's smallest UHF reader offers 2-meter read range

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 2/19/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Nedap introduces a groundbreaking UHF reader for hands-free building access. uPASS Access reads normal personal access badges at a distance of up to 2 meters. It operates with passive UHF cards (EPC GEN 2) and supports combi cards. uPASS Access is the perfect solution for doors that require convenience and security, such as office doors, high volume entrances, and disabled access. This ultra small reader is designed to mount on standard door mullions and is easy to integrate with any type of security system.

Until now, the access control industry was largely focused on the security aspect of readers, tags and cards. The convenience element has long been discarded. Existing technologies for more convenient long read range mostly are battery powered, have large reader antennas, or involve proprietary technology. With the introduction of uPASS Access these objections against widespread use of long range RFID now belong to the past.

With uPASS Access, Nedap adds convenience and ease of use as the new dimension in building access control. This offers security managers the ability to select the best appropriate access control solution for each individual situation: security when necessary, convenience whenever possible. uPASS Access is applicable in many situations, such as typical hands-free building access for staff in hospitals and lab clean-rooms, wheelchair users, employees in warehouses, and more high volume entrances in office buildings and at universities.

The uPASS Access contains an advanced and patented antenna design. The small shaped reader (15 cm height x 5 cm width x 4 cm depth) is specifically designed for doorpost mounting, has a read range up to 2 meters (6 feet), and supports reading battery-less UHF (EPC Gen II) access control cards. Nedap's portfolio holds various types of combi cards that combine UHF with HID, Legic, Mifare, FeliCa, EM and Nedap card technology. The new uPASS Access reader supports all common security industry standards for communication with access control systems. The reader can be used indoors and outdoors with an IP65 rating, supports Wiegand connections as well as RS485, Magstripe and RF.

Key benefits
uPASS Access offers hands-free identification of people in buildings. The key benefits are:
- Small reader design
- Read range up to 2 meters (6 feet)
- Industry communication standards (Wiegand, RS485, Magstripe, RF)
- Operates with passive UHF cards (EPC GEN 2)
- Supports combi card technology, UHF with HID, Legic, Mifare, FeliCa, EM and Nedap
- Suitable for indoor and outdoor use (IP65 rated housing)
- 3 color LED indication
- Beeper indication

Helsinki regulates vehicular access with smarts

Helsinki regulates vehicular access with smarts

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 2/6/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

During spring 2012 the Finnish capital Helsinki has put an intelligent vehicle access control system for its city center into operation. Authorizing selective vehicle groups for access has proven to be an effective method for reducing unnecessary traffic volume in city centers. By applying this technology, the city of Helsinki strives to make its city center cyclist- and pedestrian-friendly, increase road safety and reduce hazardous emissions. The Dutch company Nedap developed the technology that enables selective vehicle access control and the installation of the system is carried out by Finnish company Visy. Helsinki considers expanding the vehicle restricted zone in its city centre in 2013.

To increase the liveability and economic vitality significantly, Helsinki wishes to reduce the volume of motorized vehicles in its city center and regulate the amount of traffic movements, while taking into account the dynamic aspects of the city traffic. Residents, retailers, suppliers, taxis and emergency services seek access to the heart of Helsinki at various times and for a wide range of reasons. The vehicle access control system enables selective vehicle target groups with a valid permit to enter the city centre automatically, securely and conveniently. The system offers a high degree of flexibility in granting access rights to vehicles, based on need, route, destination and time of day.

The Finnish company Visy installed the intelligent system at three access roads to the city center. At each gate various technologies for identification and communication are installed that are locally integrated and remotely controlled. Long range RFID technology is used to identify vehicles. A vehicle management controller (VMC) controls connects to barriers, traffic lights and RFID readers and controls their activity. The VMC hardware layout and purpose built embedded software enables a clean installation that is easily maintained. In the past decade, Nedap has successfully implemented these controllers in a large number of Dutch cities to enable intelligent vehicle access control. The city of Helsinki perceived the results as positive and currently considers to scale up the number of restricted traffic zones in the city.

Nedap AVI expands team to answer worldwide growth

Nedap AVI expands team to answer worldwide growth

Editor / Provider: Nedap AVI | Updated: 1/29/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The Dutch technology company Nedap AVI expanded its team to respond on the growing market position in the security and parking industry. Recently Nedap AVI, part of Nedap NV, showed satisfying increase in its revenue in 2012 as well.

New within the Nedap AVI team are:
- Tahyani Perdomo-Villaroel, responsible for business development in South America
- Melvyn Teo, responsible for business development in Asia
- Michele Monzeglio, responsible for technical sales and support in Italy

"Our leading market position is the result of our strategy to focus intensively on product development, sales and marketing worldwide. To answer the growth we expanded our team to further strengthen in our position in the security and parking industry", comments Maarten Mijwaart, GM of Nedap AVI.

Nedap AVI is specialist in long-range identification and wireless parking solutions to optimise, monitor and manage the flow of traffic in urban areas. The company offers a full range of innovative products that combine leading edge technology with quality resulting from over 30 years of experience in RFID. Nedap is headquartered in the Netherlands, has sales offices in the United States, UAE, Italy and Singapore, including an extensive international business partner network.

Unilever upgrades physical access at 800 sites worldwide

Unilever upgrades physical access at 800 sites worldwide

Editor / Provider: Nedap | Updated: 1/21/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

After a competitive selection process Unilever has chosen Nedap to deliver their global physical access solution. Nedap's security solution AEOS is able to meet Unilever's requirements in terms of flexibility, scalability and usability. AEOS is envisaged to secure over 20.000 doors in more than 800 Unilever sites around the world, including video surveillance. Nedap offers a global support model for implementation and maintenance of AEOS through its worldwide network of business partners.

"Unilever are a strategic client and this demonstrates the partnership we can build to deliver a global solution." says Jeroen Gieling, Manager Global Accounts at Nedap. "Our implementation delivery model, where we leverage our global spanning network of system integrators for implementations at site level, and our technology, which sits very naturally in the forward thinking information technology concept of Unilever, have proven to be the match that Unilever looked for." Ian Dunning, Global Facilities Director at Unilever adds: "The partnership between Unilever and Nedap forms a key part of our global programme for harmonization of key tools and processes – to achieve agility and scale, and to improve the experience of the users of our facilities, is core to Unilever. It is also an essential element of our overall Workplace transformation, as we continue to focus on delivering service excellence at the lowest possible cost. The AEOS system enables greater flexibility in how we operate our security solution to drive future innovation."

AEOS is a standardized solution for all Unilever sites. This standardization results in several global advantages, including cost savings, global reporting capability and enhanced user experience. One of the automated and centrally managed processes allows Unilever to easily make management reports for all Unilever locations from one single database, giving valuable business information. The implementation of self service capability of employees for access requests and badge activation greatly enhances user experience. The use of a single access badge for all locations the employees visit increases mobility and harmonizes all Unilever locations as one company, fully aligned to Unilever's agile working agenda.

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