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 US bank TCF upgrades to hybrid recording and management across 430 branches

US bank TCF upgrades to hybrid recording and management across 430 branches

Editor / Provider: Infinova/March Networks | Updated: 6/26/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Minneapolis-based TCF Bank, recently replaced Verint Systems video surveillance system with an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of March Networks hybrid NVRs, IP cameras and VMS for improved security, fraud detection and operational efficiency across its 430 retail banking branches. TCF Bank worked with certified provider DAV-COM Electric to trial the NVRs and opted to standardize on the solution soon after.

"Reliability was our top criterion for selecting a new video surveillance system, to ensure we can properly safeguard our assets and reduce losses from fraudulent activity," said David Nelson, Assistant VP for Physical Security at TCF Bank. "The new NVRs will be the standard for all of our retail banking branches moving forward."

In addition to the hybrid NVRs, the bank is using March Networks VMS, which provides real-time system health monitoring to ensure optimal performance. It is also using WDR mini dome and compact WDR dome IP cameras as part of a strategic transition to all-IP video networking.

The hybrid NVRs is able to support advanced IP video capabilities, as well as intelligent video applications and analytics designed specially to help banks fight fraud, improve operations and increase profits. The NVRs supports as many as 32 IP cameras or any hybrid combination up to 16 analog inputs. This flexibility enables banks to deploy HD surveillance cameras as needed, while taking full advantage of their existing analog investments.

The ability to adopt March Networks ATM software applications is another reason why TCF Bank chose the financial solution. Searchlight includes powerful financial transaction investigation, skimming detection, image tracker and license plate tracker applications, as well as rich case management tools. It enables banks and credit unions to proactively detect fraudulent activity across their organizations and gather stronger case evidence through centralized searches that correlate video with transaction information, security analytics and other fraud-related data.

Texas prep school expands IP surveillance deployment

Texas prep school expands IP surveillance deployment

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Qnap Systems | Updated: 6/24/2013 | Article type: Education

Harmony Public School, a Texan nonprofit organization, was established by a group of dedicated educators and university academics. The school is a high-performing K-12 college preparatory charter school that focuses on math, science, engineering and computer technologies.

Among other things, student safety is the school's responsibility, and thus a well thought out surveillance system is an absolute must. In order to monitor the premises spread across thousands of square feet in real time, the Harmony Public School adopted the QNAP VioStor NVR surveillance system, VS-8032U-RP, which manages up to 32 channels of IP-based HD cameras for total situational awareness. Later on, the school needed to expand the system and added 26 cameras, with ease, to accommodate a new classroom wing on the second and third floors.

“When our customer called us with the idea of expanding onto the second floor, there was no question in our mind or theirs that we would be using the VioStor NVR from QNAP Security,” said Matt Wilson, PM of the systems integrator, A1 Security Cameras. “There were some obstacles at the beginning, but none of them had to do with QNAP's hardware or software.”

The Harmony Public School continued to choose QNAP for the expansion project because of the simplicity, reliability and quality of its solutions. For the new wing, the school deployed one unit of the VS-6020 Pro, powered by dual-core Intel Atom processor, in a mechanical room on the second floor to manage the newly added 20 cameras, while the other six new cameras were to be managed by the existing VS-8032U-RP. The newly installed VS-6020 Pro is fully compatible with the existing VS-8032U-RP, thanks QNAP's “Multi-Server Monitoring” feature, so that the VS-6020 Pro is able to monitor and record videos from the new cameras and also view footage from the existing NVR for total situational awareness at the campus.

The VioStor NVRs opt for a Web-based administration interface, allowing the security administrator to utilize any browser on any computer on campus to access the NVRs. Furthermore, the user-friendly interface makes it easy for the administrator to master system management. The VMobile app introduces mobile surveillance capability that makes remote video monitoring even more convenient. As the operators might not be able to sit behind the computer screens all the time, they can use their iOS or Android devices to view the IP cameras connected to the VioStor NVRs.

Campus monitoring has become more real-time, and the overall safety of the students and staff has been enhanced. The school also enjoys great flexibility in choosing the camera makes and models that fit its functionality, preference and budget requirements.

Safe Haven, Happy Learning
The Harmony Public School keeps its commitment to providing a safe environment for the students and staff, with the support of the QNAP Security VioStor NVRs. Both the VS-8032U-RP and VS-6020 Pro operate stably and reliably. Moreover, whenever the school needs consultation on surveillance technology deployment, its security administrator can always get quality assistance from QNAP Security's knowledgeable and responsive support staff, with proficient experience in the surveillance and networking fields.

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Asia Update: Thecus Technology on surveillance-optimized NAS

Asia Update: Thecus Technology on surveillance-optimized NAS

Editor / Provider: Judy Lin, | Updated: 6/20/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

Thecus Technology, a Taiwanese NAS solutions provider that entered into the video surveillance field two years ago, shares its observations on the surveillance NVR market with asmag and discusses how its know-how in storage technology can be better leveraged.

For surveillance applications, NVRs or NAS systems require higher specifications to operate smoothly 24/7. A distinguishing spec would be the addition of a video capture card, said Duncan Hsu, Territory Manager. For example, a commercial-grade NAS from Thecus, such as the N75110, can be converted into a surveillance footage recording system by adding a video capture card and using a different software package.
Since storage systems share similar hardware makeup, with the majority being Intel-based, competition among NVR manufacturers is increasingly focused on software development, said Michael Yeh, Account Manager at the NVR Division. It is also increasingly important for manufacturers, especially those who are targeting the residential and enterprise markets, to come up with user-friendly interfaces and network configurations.
Price range for the company's entry-level NVR falls within US$200 to $300, and $4,000 to $5,000 for enterprise-grade products. Known projects that have deployed Thecus solutions include Taiwan's Taipei Arena and High Speed Rail, Hsu said. The company was chosen by Taipei Arena, one of Taiwan's largest multipurpose stadiums, in March 2013 to supply 400 units of its N12000 Pro NVR. The project is expected to be completed by the third quarter.
Aside from home market Taiwan, the company's top exporting countries are Germany, the U.S., Japan and Australia, with branches in Europe (Germany and the Netherlands), the U.S. and China.

Albanian university-hospital complex upgrades to IP-based video surveillance

Albanian university-hospital complex upgrades to IP-based video surveillance

Editor / Provider: Hikvision Digital Technology | Updated: 6/19/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Founded in 1993, Our Lady of Good Counsel, Catholic university-hospital complex based in Tirana, Albania recently upgraded from an analog camera system to an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of Hikvision Digital Technology network cameras and six NVRs to improve security and ensure physical safety of patients.

Prior to the implementation Hikvision's surveillance solutions, the five-building complex utilized simply analog cameras to address its need for security. However, these analog cameras were unable to capture sufficient details of activities in the video footage. Specifically, face recognition was impossible and even license plates were hard to decipher. Furthermore, security personnel did not have access to the monitoring system. “We considered increasing the number of cameras, but the problem clearly was not the coverage, but rather the quality of surveillance,” said Nikolin Gjonaj, Head of Security at Our Lady of Good Counsel.

Three-megapixel IR bullet cameras were installed in the complex to ensure proper capture of activities on the premises. Detected motion can be configured to trigger alarm. The 3-megapixel outdoor mini dome and 2-megapixel mini dome  boast vandal-proof housing, which gives added physical protection. Like the 3-megapixel IR bullet cameras, these network cameras support the common network protocols, ensuring maximum integration in a complex-wide, and in this case, all five buildings, surveillance system. The three cameras provide the necessary and impeccable image detail to capture activities, including faces of individuals within range, license plates and many other minute details.

To complete the system, the eight channel standalone NVR and 5-megapixel resolution NVRs ensure the detailed camera footages are recorded efficiently and effectively for viewing. Four 5-megapixel NVRs were installed in the monitoring office, enabling security personnel to have full access to the system, while two standalone NVRs were installed in each security guard room. The NVRs were integrated with the entire network via fibre optic cables.

“ Now we can see everything clear from a far distance,” said Gjonaj, who also explained that in the past the large areas and distances among buildings made it impossible to monitor activities. In addition, the cost efficient installation was a much-welcomed bonus to the project. Incidentally, the system is highly scalable and will serve Our Lady of Good Counsel for many years.

Tyco launches 2013 training program in DACH region

Tyco launches 2013 training program in DACH region

Editor / Provider: Tyco Security Products | Updated: 6/17/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco announces an inaugural series of in-depth technology presentations and training events for dealers, integrators, monitoring stations and their customers in the DACH region. With 11 events held in Germany, Austria and Switzerland in June and September, the series will offer unique educational opportunities to new customers as well as installers already familiar with the Tyco Security Products portfolio.

The events bring to life several product introductions, including new interactive capabilities from the Visonic PowerMaster system and an expanded IP camera line and revitalized Video Edge NVRs from American Dynamics. These technology advancements demonstrate Tyco Security Products' focus on delivering an intuitive user experience to their customers. An extensive representation of the company's technology portfolio will also be on display, with receivers from Sur-Gard, access control solutions from Kantech and intrusion systems from DSC and Bentel Security

Each event in June will also feature a series of 30-minute presentations where attendees will receive more in depth information from product experts. The short sessions will also provide perspective on upcoming developments within the various product lines.

In September, a one day training session will focus on the capabilities of Visonic's PowerMaster product family and its powerful PowerG wireless technology, ideal for high-end residential premises and commercial installations. The training will provide an overview of the unique innovations of PowerG and new opportunities for installers to enhance operations and increase revenue using the new interactive services.

As a highlight, the events series will also feature the Tyco Security Products demonstration van, a mobile demo unit that functions as a self-contained showcase of the very latest integrated technologies in the Tyco Security Products portfolio. The van features intrusion, video surveillance and access control products and is designed to bring the latest security innovations directly to the integrator or customer location.

US water facility turns to IP-based video surveillance

US water facility turns to IP-based video surveillance

Editor / Provider: Indigovision | Updated: 6/13/2013 | Article type: Infrastructure

Albuquerque Bernalillo County Water Utility Authority (ABCWUA) in New Mexico, U.S. has deployed an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of Indigovision's network cameras, encoders, and VMS to secure its 300-acre wastewater facility. The system was installed by Indigovision's local partner, Security USA.

Two of the biggest security challenges faced by the Water Authority included perimeter monitoring of a wide geographical area and protection of multiple remote buildings with limited connectivity. Because of the sheer size of the facility, shrinkage had also become an issue with thieves cutting through the perimeter fence with no prevention due to limited security camera coverage. Funding for the project was made available to the Water Authority via a grant given by the Department of Homeland Security due to the high risk, residential location of the facility.
The Water Authority did have a small number of existing analog cameras in place. However, the recording quality given by the existing DVR was poor and difficult to expand. In order to have a security system that would last at least 10 years, and would work on an existing network infrastructure, it was decided the new system had to be IP based.

The challenge was finding an IP security solution that could easily be deployed on an existing network over a wide geographical area, with no network bottlenecks. The solution also had to give smooth PTZ control, with high quality live and recorded video, from multiple viewing stations anywhere in the site. Finally the solution had to integrate with the existing analog cameras.
Indigovision's IP video security solution was chosen by the Water Authority due to meeting the stringent requirements, and the lower total cost of ownership. In addition to IP encoders being used network cameras were also deployed to monitor new areas within the site. NVRs were used to record video from both the network cameras and encoders with Indigovision's VMS being used to view, control and playback video evidence.
"Not only can we now view the video in our main security control room, several additional members of the team can now access video, from anywhere in the site, on their laptops,” said David Montgomery, SCADA Manager for the Water Authority. “With our previous system, this wasn't possible."
"Being able to deploy cameras easily in remote locations has given us better perimeter monitoring." Montgomery continued, "As a result, not only do we have a more secure site, we've reduced theft."

UK toy retailer secures new shops with integrated IP surveillance

UK toy retailer secures new shops with integrated IP surveillance

Editor / Provider: Mirasys | Updated: 6/11/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Smyths Toys Superstores, a large UK toy retailer with 63 shops nationwide, recently deployed an integrated IP-video surveillance system consisting of 1,500 Axis Communications network cameras, 500 analog cameras, 35 Mirasys NVRs and 15 hybrid recorders at its new stores. The system was installed by Multisys.

Smyths was unable to get the most out of its existing analog system, as it could not increase storage and the quality of the video was very poor. The largest toy retailer in Ireland, had been rapidly expanding into the UK and Irish markets having opened a number of new stores over the last few years, its business requirement of needing more days of store video footage could not be met by its current system. “We were looking for improved performance infrastructure in our new stores, as well higher image quality and remote accessibility for video footage,” said Stephen McGivern, Facilities Manager for Smyths. “Centralized monitoring for all stores for out of hours alarms was also a key requirement.”

The Axis and Mirasys integrated video surveillance system featured unique features such as corridor format that provided excellent views of the aisles and high quality images but reduced the number of cameras they required as well as the amount of unwanted data. Multisys were able to build high quality custom hardware for Smyths that ensured high availability and met data retention requirements “Mirasys' ability to auto detect the orientation of the camera 16x9 or 9x16 (tall or wide) means that we can use less cameras,” said Eoghan Carroll, MD of Multisys.

Following the implementation of Axis cameras and Mirasys NVR, Smyths have now been able to improve image quality whilst reducing the number of cameras needed due to the corridor format solution. The key aims of the project have now been achieved: long-term video storage, improved performance infrastructure, remote accessibility for video footage and centralized monitoring for all stores for out of hours alarms.

The IP surveillance system has been a good solution for large scale projects and multiple sites. The remote access feature means it is very easy for store managers to find events that have happened, and the high quality images provide a significant improvement compared to the old system without significant cost increase, said McGivern. “The Axis/ Mirasys partnership has provided a solid future proof solution which can grow as our number of stores increases,” added McGivern.

Honeywell unveils new NVR

Honeywell unveils new NVR

Editor / Provider: Honeywell Security | Updated: 6/11/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Honeywell introduces the new and improved release of MAXPRO NVR SE – Rev B Server. The MAXPRO NVR SE hardware model now incorporates 6 removable bays with 1 operating system & storage hard drive and 5 storage only SATA hard drives. Optional storage of 1 TB, 2 TB or 3 TB drives can be addedenabling up to 18 TB of storage capacity.

The single box solution is ideal for medium to large-size surveillance applications, and is part of the MAXPRO Family of IP-based NVRs offering turnkey box solutions ranging from 8 to 32 channels of network video recording as well as software only options that range from 4 to 32 channels. Additionally, the MAXPRO NVRs (Turnkey boxes – XE, SE, PE and Software only) offer:
- Advanced IP video capabilities, which makes them easy to install with only 3-Clicks to Live Video. The system is available pre-installed right out-of- the-box and includes pre-licensed software.
- Support for ONVIF and PSIA interoperability standards, as well as RTSP, and features native integration to cameras and encoders from Honeywell, Axis and other manufacturers—making it a truly open system.
- Honeywell's FREE MAXPRO Mobile app to perform everyday video surveillance tasks from a remote location.

Just the solution for schools

Just the solution for schools

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 6/10/2013 | Article type: Tech Corner

Campus video systems generally require 1080p 2-MP IP video, distributed remote video monitoring at multiple sites, centralized PoE power management, foolproof vandal-resistant camera installation, and clear night vision provided by an IR solution. Covering all of these bases, LILIN's IP video products can provide a complete solution for campus video systems.

Many schools have an Ethernet network already installed. LILIN's fully digital IP video systems can utilize existing Ethernet infrastructure to stream camera footage to the NVR Touch. Compared to traditional PC-based NVRs, the NVR Touch series provides an eco-friendly embedded recording solution, with up to 24 TB of HDD capacity internally, and 16 TB on eSATA RAID. This can provide up to 2.5 months of 1080p IP video recording in real time for 16 channels. Or a 256-GB SSD for two days of recording.

LILIN PoE switches can provide centralized power management for LILIN PoE cameras. Unlike analog cameras, there is no need for visiting the camera site based on PoE architecture when checking for power failure. This can easily be monitored by the LED indicators of the PoE switch itself, reducing maintenance and installation costs.

Distributed remote video monitoring is one of the most important requirements of campus projects. LILIN's VD022 video decoder provides remote monitoring for IP cameras without the need of a power-consuming PC. The VD022 can decode live video remotely from the NVR Touch, as well as perform remote playback and backup.

Vandal-resistant cameras are a common choice for campus projects due to the unpredictability of the student population on and around the school facilities. LILIN's IPR320ESX provides vandal resistance with built-in IR LEDs. A tamper detection feature is also included to provide extra protection for the surveillance unit. Embedded intelligent video surveillance allows for motion and audio detection (IPD6220 model), in addition to tamper detection, for use in classroom applications at night or on weekends. This feature has the ability to notify the operator in front of the NVR Touch series with alarm snapshots for instant playback.

IR lighting providing clear video on campuses at night is one of the most important features required by campus security. IR cameras provide clear video at night time, allowing for full surveillance even when it is impossible for the naked eye. In open fields, LILIN's IR illuminator acts as an additional light source, reaching up to 250 meters. If IR cameras are installed in places that are outside of built-in IR range, the IR illuminator IM05108/05308/05608 can be used as additional support.


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LILIN, dedicated to innovation, creativity, progress and excellence, is a global developer and provider of IP video solutions with more than 30 years of experience.

UK child care facility puts trust in networked surveillance

UK child care facility puts trust in networked surveillance

Editor / Provider: Samsung Techwin | Updated: 6/5/2013 | Article type: Education

One of UK's oldest child care centers, Gingerbread Corner, established in 1976 in Croydon, Surrey, recently replaced its outdated analog video surveillance system with an IP-based video surveillance system consisting of 21 Samsung Techwin network cameras and two NVRs to improve protection of the 160 children between ages of 3 months to 11 years on its premises. Coulsdon based video surveillance and public address specialists Postfield Systems recommended the installation of the IP system.

The old analog system consisted of four cameras which only allowed the monitoring of entrances and exits, the quality of the images captured and recorded were not sufficient for practical use if an incident needed to be investigated. As a registered charity, Gingerbread Corner relies heavily on its fund-raising activities to maintain and improve its facilities, as well as employing 40 members of staff. Despite concerns over significant funding gaps following the Government's Comprehensive Spending Review, Gingerbread Corner's management were determined to allocate sufficient capital for the installation of the replacement video surveillance system.

“There are so many potential situations where access to high quality video evidence can help protect the children in our care and also verify that our staff has at all times professionally carried out their duties,” said Ben Dzendzera, Operations Manager, Gingerbread Corner. “For example, with so many children living in single parent environments, we can avoid any disputes by being able to monitor, and if necessary verify, who has collected a child from our premises.” The center can also quickly resolve bullying issues on its premises, and protect staff from any false accusations.

"It was clear that we immediately needed approximately 20 cameras in order to be able to monitor all activity throughout the site, but we also wanted to ensure that the system we invested in could continue to be expanded if and when our requirements changed,” said Dzendzera. An analog system would have provided Gingerbread Corner with a slightly lower cost option, but the justification for allocating the extra capital for an IP network based system, due to the system's flexibility and how it can be monitored. “Live or recorded images can be viewed by any authorized member of staff who has access to the Internet,” said Dzendzera. “I personally use the VMS on my laptop to view the video of any incidents, whilst senior management can access the system via smartphone when they are off site.”

Sixteen D/N domes were installed. These utilize WDR technology making them ideal for locations where there may be strong contrasting lighting conditions. This has resulted in costs being kept to a minimum as there wasn't a need for coaxial cable to be run to each of the 21 cameras. The five other cameras are IR weatherproof cameras, which is part of a range of cameras which was designed to provide a cost effective network video surveillance solution for small to medium size applications. Both models offer multiple streaming with a choice of compression methods, providing the option to simultaneously transmit images to multiple locations at various frame rates and at different resolutions. This allows different authorized users to monitor live images at one location, whilst recording video evidence at another. The images from all of the cameras are recorded on one of two NVRs.

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