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Canadian college deters crime with larger-than-life witness

Canadian college deters crime with larger-than-life witness

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 4/17/2013 | Article type: Education

Humber College in Toronto, Canada recently deployed Avigilon's HD surveillance system in parking lots and high-traffic areas to maintain public order and deter crime across its three primary campuses. The system composes of HD cameras ranging from 1-megapixel to 16-megapixel, VMS, NVR and analog video encoders to cover security on the campus with 27,000 full-time students. Humber leveraged its existing network infrastructure and analog cameras to save costs and improve system performance, easing the transition to IP-based surveillance.


After construction began on the new Learning Resource Commons, a 6.43-acre (280,000 square foot) building at the north campus and surrounding parking areas, the college began to look for an advanced IP-based HD surveillance system. “Quality, cost, and flexibility were key considerations,” said Ernie Colosimo, Manager of Security Systems at Humber. The Avigilon system was chosen for its image quality, ease of use, and ability to integrate with other critical security solutions for a complete campus-wide security system that increases safety for students and staff.


Cameras deployed include 180 degrees HD panoramic domes to monitor the parking lots and other high-traffic areas across the college's three main campuses. The college also installed 5-megapixel HD cameras at the campus pub and uses mobile VMS to remotely monitor the system 24/7. To ease the transition to a full IP-based surveillance system, Humber uses analog video encoders for improved functionality of its existing analog cameras and stores 14 days of continuous video footage on NVRs.


The college's public safety surveillance system is managed by VMS with HD stream management technology. Utilizing the advanced features of the VMS, the security team can identify events in minutes and improve investigation results. Users can also share footage with key stakeholders. Mobile VMS has become a valuable tool for remote monitoring, providing access to important information in lock down situations.


"With a well thought-out security strategy, Humber has made the safety of its 27,000 full-time and 56,000 continuing education students a top priority," said Bryan Schmode, Executive VP of Global Sales at Avigilon.

Honeywell adds open tech partners Pelco and Sony

Honeywell adds open tech partners Pelco and Sony

Editor / Provider: Honeywell Security | Updated: 4/16/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Continuing its commitment to increase the interoperability of security technologies, Honeywell announced seven new members have joined the Honeywell Open Technology Alliance (HOTA). Formed in 2010, the alliance is comprised of physical security and IT manufacturers committed to developing open and integrated security solutions for end users. New members of HOTA include Exacq, LG, Oncam Grandeye, ImmerVision, Panasonic, Pelco and Sony.

Oncam Grandeye, an innovator in 360-degree imaging, worked with Honeywell to integrate its line of 360-degree IP cameras with MAXPRO VMS and MAXPRO NVRs to improve the usability of its cameras with the video and security management platforms of Honeywell and other members.

"The open standards set by the industry have provided a sound framework to increase the interoperability of our products with nearly any third-party manufacturer," said Vince Lupe, Systems Marketing Leader, Honeywell Security Group. "Our open technology alliance advocates making our technologies work seamlessly with other manufacturer devices, helping the end-user customer maximize existing and newer technologies."

HOTA members work closely to improve the openness of their security and IT products to give end users more options when designing a security system. These technologies, such as cameras, video streamers, and recording and wireless devices can be built using open industry standards, such as PSIA and ONVIF, or programmed using modified protocols.

EverFocus IP cams now compatible with Qnap NVRs

EverFocus IP cams now compatible with Qnap NVRs

Editor / Provider: EverFocus Electronics | Updated: 4/12/2013 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus Electronics is pleased to announce the integration of its new 1.3, 2.0 and 3.0 Megapixel IP Cameras with QNAP VioStor Pro Series Network NVR. This integration provides Home to Enterprise level consumers a wide array of robust and secure megapixel video surveillance solutions, with up to 128-channel monitoring, 16-channel simultaneous playback, as well as powerful search, scheduling, mapping, and alarm/event management tools.

The EverFocus camera lineup includes advanced box, bullet, dome type and speed dome cameras for a wide range of applications, supporting popular features such as H.264 and MJPEG compression formats and built-in support for SDHC cards for optional event recording. Current models also feature WDR functionality, enhancing the ability to deliver clear images even in conditions of extreme illumination intensity differences, such as strong backlighting.

The lineup also boasts EZN bullet and the EHN dome cameras, designed for rigorous operating conditions, and feature weatherproof housings rated up to IP68, as well as up to 40M IR LEDs for extreme low-light applications. Our dome models offer P-IRIS capabilities, allowing for precise control over the camera iris aperture. This enables greater control over the camera image, resulting in greater depth of field, enhanced contrast, as well as improved image sharpness and clarity.

"The combination of EverFocus image quality with the stable and powerful QNAP NVR platforms is a development that will benefit both of our customer bases" said Jessy Lee, Director of System Planning and Development at EverFocus Electronics. "We are excited about this integration with QNAP, a company with a long history of innovation in the technology sector, and look forward to increasing customer value through our partnership."

State of HD-SDI in 2013

State of HD-SDI in 2013

Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 4/11/2013 | Article type: Tech Corner

Real-life HD-SDI deployments have been scarce, due to practical issues such as component options, truly full HD performance (1,080p at 25 to 30 fps per channel) and pricing acceptability; the relatively high costs of 8- and 16-channel packages have limited uptake by the traditional channels. Things are changing for the better in 2013, however, and this feature looks into what the future holds for this common broadcast technology in security.

HD is an unstoppable trend, thanks to advances in consumer electronics. Security surveillance has been bitten by the same bug; once you go for sharper images, you never go back. Previously, the only way to get better-than-analog surveillance footage was through megapixel cameras and NVRs. Not any more. According to IMS Research, HD over coax products (SDI, SLOC, 960H) are forecast to capture around 5 percent of the video surveillance market revenues by 2016; with the overall worldwide projection at US$20.5 billion, that means a slightly over $1-billion business.

Price has been a chief stumbling block. Choices in deliverable HD-SDI DVRs were limited and at a premium, until late 2012. “The average price for 4-channel HD-SDI DVRs has dropped about 30 percent,” said Danny Tang, VP of Sales and Marketing at Shany Electronic. “As more manufacturers and chip developers, more models are coming out. We are looking forward to the increased competitiveness this year.”

Tony Lin, Manager of EverFocus Electronics, agreed. “We foresee SDI prices coming down to a level on par with high-end traditional analog devices, with a better chance to win over customers looking to upgrade. We believe the improved product availability will hit squarely in the middle of the traditional analog market. This will include any market that hasn't already turned to IP.”

Applications That Could Benefit
Most of the approached industry contacts found it hard to see large-scale HD-SDI deployments, but some saw unique potential. “Our SDI solution is ideal for recording legal proceedings and can be used across multiple courtrooms simultaneously,” said Vanne Lin, Executive VP at iCatch. “Advantages include ease of use, no lag time or frame-rate interruptions, free from bandwidth limitations, stability and reliability, and high image quality.”

Keeping existing analog cabling infrastructure intact is another advantage. “For example, there are quite a few historic sites in Europe, and changing all the wiring to Ethernet might be out of the question,” Tang said. “We already have some European customers asking for HD-SDI solutions. Japan also shows great potential, due to a large analog installed base. To offer customized solutions and meet local needs, we designed features to include power over coaxial and remote control.”

More cost-effective HD-SDI bundles could spark increased deployment in retail. “In the U.S., chips and PIN codes on credit cards never caught on, and they still prefer to sign slips or checks,” said Alan Hayes, founder and MD of AMG Systems. “This slows down payment processing. Currently, there are considerations in terms of introducing ‘touch panel payment solutions' that the customer simply touches their credit card to a pad. [In this case], there may be a requirement for HD for proof of identity solutions.” Dahua Technology targets market segments that require HD but have huge existing coaxial infrastructure, such as banking, gaming and traffic monitoring. “Korea and Japan are leading SDI deployment in the APAC region,” said Xuping Zhong, Product Engineer at Dahua Technology. “Growth in other countries is moderate in verticals such as banking, casinos and city surveillance.”

Gas stations may also benefit from HD-SDI. “Gas stations mostly install only limited or basic surveillance,” said Lin of EverFocus. “We have noted, however, the need for increasing resolution in this sector, especially in self-service areas. Due the fact that gas stations are potentially dangerous environments, we believe that SDI is the perfect solution because it can provide resolution increases over existing coaxial cable.”

Advances in Components
HD-SDI reference designs are now available from Altera, Ambarella, Hisilicon Technologies, Texas Instruments and Xilinx, possibly making overall solutions more price-competitive. Increasing availability of ISPs also means that integrators and installers may need to pay more attention to different combinations and developments of sensors, FPGAs and reference designs, said Alf Chang, Senior Technical Consultant at a&s.

Design and Installation Considerations
The situation for video system designers has improved markedly over the last year with the widespread availability of HDcctv equipment, which makes any installer experienced with regular CCTV equipment already prepared to make the move to HD surveillance, said Todd Rockoff, Executive Director at HDcctv Alliance. “Despite this simplicity, newcomers to HDcctv should be aware of some technical points in interoperability, cable length, storage and integration. The next-generation HDcctv standard is on track for ratification mid-2013, bringing new capabilities and benefits for integrators and installers. The chips soon to be introduced that implement next-generation capabilities of the HDcctv standard promise to further accelerate the migration of security to HD surveillance video.”

HD-SDI Enabled
Some manufacturers are thinking ahead to offer easy migration or hybrid solutions for installers and end users. For instance, Hi Sharp offers HD-SDI and analog hybrid DVRs so that users can choose the most suitable cameras for different locations.

Shany provides DVRs with 2 channels of SDI and 8 channels of analog, along with embedded management software, to target the SMB market. Tribrid solutions, with IP, are available as well. “We will continue our efforts in easy-to-use remote configuration design and increased transmission distance to cope with the needs of installers,” Tang said. “SDI for nonsecurity applications and SDI speed domes are our R&D focus as well.”

Webgate (a Daemyung Enterprise company) will focus on integration of HD-SDI DVRs and ONVIF compliance to accommodate diverse user needs. “Since our HD-SDI DVR has network connectivity, video from our HD-SDI cameras can be acquired through a DVR or IP encoder,” said Chris Kim, Marketing Manager. “Hybrid products for analog and HD-SDI will lose their merits soon. We are preparing a long-term plan for hybrid products with IP and HD-SDI.”

iCatch concentrates on management software and mobile applications. “We are one of the first to develop 16-channel HD-SDI DVRs with real-time record/playback function in Asia,” Lin at iCatch said. “Users can fully enjoy the bundled CMS feature. In addition, the DVR also supports Windows/Mac OS and app (iOS/Android) platforms, so users are able to keep an eye on what they care about most, regardless of where they are. Users might not care or know whether their surveillance solutions are IP-based or HD-SDI, but they will care whether the surveillance system can be viewed and managed remotely.”

Top US bank upgrades 1,300 branches and facilities using hybrid solution

Top US bank upgrades 1,300 branches and facilities using hybrid solution

Editor / Provider: March Networks | Updated: 4/11/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Fifth Third Bancorp (FTB), one of the top 15 banks in the U.S., has launched an upgrade program to replace more than 1,600 of its existing March Networks NVRs with new hybrid models. The bank has already initiated the deployment, which reaches across its 1,300 full-service branches, data centers, corporate offices, operations and cash-handling facilities in the U.S.


"With the hybrid NVRs, we gain expanded IP camera capacity, dramatically improved image quality from existing analog cameras, and support for a range of software options that we hope to adopt in the future to combat losses from fraudulent transactions," said Mike Neugebauer, VP and Senior Manager of Safety and Security at FTB.


The recorders supports 32 IP cameras in an all IP video deployment, or hybrid combination of up to 16 analog and 16 IP cameras, which enables the bank to continue adding HD IP video capabilities, while taking full advantage of its existing analog surveillance investments. The NVRs' clear videos, also offers the improved image quality critical to identifying bill denominations and other detail. Advanced H.264 video compression ensures that the noticeably sharper video quality is captured without increasing bandwidth or storage requirements.


FTB is currently evaluating video and data analytics software for the financial industry, which is supported by the hybrid NVR platform. The software is proven to help banks and credit unions significantly reduce fraudulent losses through centralized searches on correlated surveillance video, transaction data, license plate numbers, colors, and facial images. The software proactively detects ATM skimming and cash harvesting, speeds investigations and helps financial institutions deliver clear and compelling case evidence to law enforcement. In addition, FTB is assessing the use of the software's queue-monitoring and loitering analytics enabled on the hybrid NVRs to gather valuable operational data, such as how customers are interacting with new self-serve kiosks it is introducing in select branches.



Milestone entry-level VMS now in LenovoEMC NVRs

Milestone entry-level VMS now in LenovoEMC NVRs

Editor / Provider: LenovoEMC | Updated: 4/11/2013 | Article type: Security 50

LenovoEMC announced a new line of high performance NVRs with expanded video surveillance capabilities that deliver superior performance in capturing, sharing and storing digital video surveillance files. The new LenovoEMC NVRs are ideal for businesses with an existing network storage-based video surveillance network as well as those participating in the ongoing industry upgrade from analog-based surveillance systems.

The new LenovoEMC NVRs are the first in the industry to feature Milestone Arcus, the newest VMS from Milestone, the industry leader in open platform IP video management software.

"Customers that need dependable, affordable video surveillance will benefit from the integration of the new Milestone Arcus VMS platform with award-winning LenovoEMC network storage," said Eric Arcese, President and GM, LenovoEMC. "The result is a dedicated digital video recorder appliance with superior reliability, image quality, ease-of-installation and affordability, as well as the versatility to handle an organization's network storage needs."

The new LenovoEMC NVR product family includes three models: the double-drive LenovoEMC px2-300d NVR with Milestone Arcus, which includes 4TB of storage and 4 camera licenses; and two versions of the new four-drive LenovoEMC px4-300d NVR with Milestone Arcus, one with 4TB and 8 camera licenses and one with 8TB and 16 camera licenses. Each model also comes with a one-year software update plan, enabling users to receive the latest feature updates and releases from Milestone.

March Networks launches POS platform

March Networks launches POS platform

Editor / Provider: March Networks | Updated: 4/11/2013 | Article type: Security 50

March Networks is pleased to announce its next-generation platform for the retail market. The comprehensive new solution helps retailers enhance security, ensure store compliance and increase revenues by 10 percent or more. Powered by the company's high-performance 8000 Series Hybrid NVRs and Searchlight for Retail video intelligence applications, it allows convenience stores, quick service restaurants and other retail organizations to aggressively cut losses from theft, and audit all aspects of their in-store operations remotely using customizable reports and easy-to-use video playback tools.

"Rather than using video surveillance only when there is an incident, this next-generation platform makes it possible for retailers to proactively improve their profitability and top line revenue," said Net Payne, Chief Marketing Officer, March Networks. "It enables customers to quickly identify and address areas that are affecting profits, whether that's shrinkage they didn't know they had, under-stocked shelves, or long lines at the cash register."

Increased Profitability with Searchlight for Retail
A cornerstone of the retail platform is March Networks Searchlight for Retail, a suite of intelligent software applications that seamlessly integrates video, security analytics and POS transaction data. The easy-to-use applications provide time-saving 'watch lists' - a set of customizable reports that run automatically and come complete with associated video images. Retailers can quickly scan through the reports and click further to review suspect transactions in more detail. By automatically alerting retailers to the potential theft typical in retail environments, these exception reports enable owners, managers and loss prevention investigators to audit their stores' daily performance in minutes. Additionally, Searchlight for Retail supports centralized searches across a few or hundreds of locations simultaneously, making it faster and easier to investigate suspect incidents and proactively detect losses at the POS or elsewhere in a store.

Improved Operations and Customer Service
The March Networks next-generation retail solution also helps retailers improve operations and ensure store compliance across their organization. Live monitoring and playback of recorded video is easily accessed using browser-based video management software. Mobile access is also available using March Networks Cloud, allowing management to see the condition of a store without having to physically visit the location.

Retailers can audit stores at any time for cleanliness, stocked shelves, brand compliance and other factors that contribute to sales and a positive customer experience, and also turn to Searchlight for daily auditing reports, such as images from every store first thing in the morning to ensure each location is opening on time. Optional security analytics on the 8000 Series recorders - including loitering detection and queue monitoring - are also available to help owners and managers proactively address unacceptable customer wait times, people loitering outside of store fronts and other events via real-time alerts.

Powerful and compact NVRs with intuitive design

Powerful and compact NVRs with intuitive design

Editor / Provider: Submitted by QNAP | Updated: 4/1/2013 | Article type: Hot Topics

Imagine having an NVR that features a dual-HDD tray, with a compact size smaller than a dictionary with A4 dimensions. This is not just a concept, but a real product already: QNAP VS-2112 Pro+ NVR. The following is a real-life test report highlighting its strengths.

Well-Designed Enclosure
The desktop VioStor VS-2112 Pro+ series from QNAP Systems, Inc. is a Linux-embedded NVR. The front panel design shows a pluggable dual-HDD tray in the middle and LED indicators of HDD operating status on the left side. The power switch, QNAP's unique one-touchauto-video-backup button and USB 3.0 interface are located at the lower side. This structure is able to handle customers' day-to-day operating and recording operations. The rear panel of this product features the main ventilation fan with audio I/ O ports and four USB 2.0 ports at the upper right side. VioStor VS-2112 Pro+ has 2 Giga LAN ports to enable the network streaming of 12-channel inputs from HD IP cameras. In addition, VioStor VS-2112 Pro+ leverages HDMI local outputs and power supplier, which make this thin NVR an ideal option without compromise.

High-Performance CPU
QNAP VS-2112 Pro+ NVR has not only the look, but also the functional feels. Its CPU printed circuit board implements the “Thermal Solution” to reduce the heat so that the fan can work very efficiently to maintain good ventilation. Its CPU uses the high-performance materials of industrial computers to significantly improve the system's stability and reliability. VS-2112 Pro+ NVR supports two HDDs and 12-channel IP camera inputs. Its CPU features dual-core Intel 2.6 GHz processor, 4GB DDRIII RAM, and 180Mbps transmission rate to ensure the stable and seamless recording and playback quality of several megapixels.

Flexible Storage Display
QNAP VS - 2 11 2 P r o + NVR supports up to 8TB storage capacity, which is able to meet the storage needs for high quality H.264, MPEG-4, M-JPEG and MxPEGrecording. Furthermore, it adopts H.264 hardware compression to deliver 1080P Full HD image outputs up to 180 fps. This NVR supports the local display via HDMI outputs as well to deliver the Full HD real-time surveillance.

Rich Simple UI
QNAP VS-2112 Pro+ NVR has a very intuitive User Client operating interface supporting multiple display modes, up to 64-channel live view. This interface also supports fish-eye image restore, multiple server monitoring and advanced event management. Users can take advantage of the fish-eye image restore feature for more crystal surveillance images to enhance the security. The on-screen display of QNAP VS-2112 Pro+ NVR groups the monitoring, playback/export and surveillance settings together in blocks to provide the ease of operation. For system setup tasks, this product features step-by-step screens to guide the operators to configure the settings and to eliminate the errors. It offers the preview of camera images and the list of compatible brands and models of IP cameras to help users setup QNAP VS-2112 Pro+ NVR quickly.

Cross-Platform Support
QNAP VS - 2 11 2 P r o + NVR also supports cross platform management. It includes QNAP Surveillance Client software for Windows and Mac OS, and VMobile mobile surveillance app for mobile devices of iOS, Android and Windows Mobile 6.1-6.5 versions. The VioStor NVR management tasks are able to be performed within the web browsing interface of PC or notebook workstations. Users can also use VMobile mobile app to perform remote surveillance via Android, iOS and Windows Mobile devices. This feature enables users to monitor the network cameras and playback the recording files on VioStor NVR anytime, anywhere, with great convenience.

Best for Business and Home Security
QNAP VS-2112 Pro+ NVR provides high performance, high reliability and excellent quality of local playback features. This product can meet the high resolution requirements in the surveillance markets and is the ideal choice for small and medium sized businesses and home offices. QNAP VS-2100 Pro+ series NVR is especially an ideal solution for small scale surveillance such as retail stores, parking lots, care centers, or at homes, coming with favorable affordability and flexibility.


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Honeywell on 2013 mega tech trends

Honeywell on 2013 mega tech trends

Editor / Provider: Honeywell Security | Updated: 4/1/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The cloud, mobile-device proliferation, and easier system integration are some of today's key technology trends reflected in the new products and services. The lineup will include enhanced versions of several Honeywell products that have drawn praise from the security dealer and integrator communities for their abilities to simplify installation, operation and maintenance, while also helping those professionals distinguish their businesses.

The newest versions of LYNX Touch 5100 and Tuxedo Touch wireless security systems highlight the residential systems, while commercial offerings such as Pro-Watch access control, the MAXPRO family of NVRs and the recently announced MAXPRO Cloud 3.0 hosted video will also be demonstrated.

Specific enhancements visitors will learn about include:
LYNX Touch 5100 – Scheduled for release later in Q2 is an updated version of the award-winning, self-contained, wireless system with Z-Wave integration and Wi-Fi alarm communications. The LYNX Touch 5100 wireless system extends its connected home capabilities by offering advanced sensor technology for garage-door control, as well as alerts for severe weather such as tornadoes. Beyond the ability to simply control garage doors, however, the LYNX Touch system can sense if a garage door is accidentally left open during a pre-designated time set by the owner – and then closes the door itself automatically. This sensor advancement can pave the way for future capabilities in the connected home space.

Tuxedo Touch touchscreen controller with Honeywell Total Connect Remote Services – Pairing Honeywell's popular touchscreen controller with Honeywell Total Connect remote services ties together all of the technology in users' homes and businesses – such as security, cameras and Z-wave enabled lights, thermostats, locks and shades – to increase comfort, enhance lifestyles and make more homes and buildings energy efficient. Integration with Honeywell Total Connect allows home and business owners to control the system from any Internet-enabled device, including smartphones, mobile tablets, PCs, laptops and others from anywhere in the world. The combined solution will be available in late Spring.

MAXPRO Cloud 3.0 hosted video service – Announced earlier this month, the latest version of the award-winning, hosted-video system gives companies more options for storing surveillance clips; it's among the first in the security industry to combine local storage, USB-based storage, a networked attached storage appliance, and cloud-based backup. Its enhanced online tools, including a digital dashboard, allow users to easily manage surveillance across multiple sites, improving overall security while reducing costs.

MAXPRO NVR 2.5 – The latest portfolio of MAXPRO network video recorders and their software-only options are fully compatible with Honeywell's new line of ONVIF Profile S-compliant IP cameras. Other enhancements include integration with smart video motion detection, 360-degree camera support and a calendar search. Its new virtualization support for NVRs saves end users time and money by allowing them to use existing servers to virtualize video surveillance on the same infrastructure.

Pro-Watch 4.1 security management platform – The newest version of the widely used Pro-Watch security management platform allows security professionals to more-easily design “connected-business” systems using a Honeywell software development kit. The open system also now supports Salto disconnected readers, which secure entry ways more effectively without traditional hardware and wiring. Additionally, the latest version is compatible with Honeywell's Vindicator Standard Edition intrusion detection system, which now enables large commercial sites to use military-grade protection to secure their perimeters and manage event information gathered from interior and perimeter intrusion, video detection, access control and fire systems.

Idis sponsors surveillance area at UK trade show

Idis sponsors surveillance area at UK trade show

Editor / Provider: Idis | Updated: 3/12/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Idis has confirmed its headline sponsorship of the CCTV and video surveillance product area at IFSEC International on 13-16 May, 2013 at the NEC in Birmingham, United Kingdom.

IFSEC's CCTV and video surveillance product area will cover all aspects of CCTV and video surveillance, this dedicated product area will feature the very latest products and services in the industry, including video surveillance, central control rooms, and the innovations with high definition technology.

Idis have also confirmed a 126sqm stand in Hall 5 D30 where it will be launching its next generation DirectIP HD video surveillance. Built on game changing DirectIP framework and products, Idis will launch its own suite of IP HD cameras, NVRs and VMS.

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