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IDIS completes successful integration with Gallagher and Paxton

IDIS completes successful integration with Gallagher and Paxton

Editor / Provider: IDIS | Updated: 6/30/2015 | Article type: Security 50

IDIS announces that is has completed the successful integration of its flagship end-to-end surveillance solution, DirectIP, with Gallagher Command Centre and Paxton's Net2 access control, with both integrated solutions featured on the IDIS stand at this year's IFSEC International in London.

The Gallagher Command Centre provides a critical business platform, delivering organisational security and operational continuity. The platform goes beyond conventional access control, enforcing business policies, allowing the management of multiple clearances, licenses and competences for cardholders to ensure duty of care, and health and safety obligations are met. Key functions include visitor management, time and attendance, monitoring and tracking, intruder alarm detection and emergency management.

The IDIS integration with DirectIP DR 2/4/6000 Series of NVRs and Gallagher Command Centre Version 7.2, enables powerful and seamless functionality through the Gallagher interface.

Core features include live full-HD video streaming and the ability to easily search and instantaneously retrieve recorded images of incidents Alarms can be used to trigger cameras to turn to pre-set positions or tours and initiate a real-time operator response, as well as giving users complete PTZ control.

Paxton's Net2 is an advanced PC-based access control solution offering centralised and scalable administration and control of sites from one to hundreds of doors for up to 50,000 users. Net2 perfectly tailors access privileges to groups or individuals quickly and easily through an intuitive and user-friendly interface. This makes Net2 a perfect combination with IDIS DirectIP surveillance, as both solutions combine high performance with simplicity of installation, operation and maintenance to ensure a low cost of ownership.

The new integration of Net2 Version 5.1 and DirectIP enables simple plug-and-play installation of the IDIS DR 2/4/6000 Series of NVRs using auto detect technology through Net2's interface. Features include full-HD live streaming, easily retrieval and play back of time selected footage and the ability to use two-way audio from the control room to camera locations. DirectIP NVRs provide the video recording linking site incidents and alarms to corresponding video. Pre and post event recording options ensure video evidence of events, such as a forced door, is captured from numerous angles in full-HD, while operators have full PTZ control to verify alarms in real time.

Brian Song, Managing Director of IDIS Europe, commented: "Since the launch of DirectIP two years ago, we've focussed on working with best-of-breed technology partners in order to deliver truly integrated security solutions. By integrating with Gallagher and Paxton, we are enabling customers to close security gaps caused by disparate security systems, improve operator effectiveness and efficiency, while improving situational awareness and the ability for organisations to better respond to threats and incidents"

GKB optimizes security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines

GKB optimizes security system in Imperial Hotel Cebu in the Philippines

Editor / Provider: GKB | Updated: 6/29/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Imperial Palace Hotel and Resort is one of the luxury hotels located in Cebu which was rated by Times Magazine as the best hotel in Asia. The requirements for this project is to monitor the facility, providing high resolution image, allowing multiple view among cameras, requiring sufficient recoding retention days, and an unified alarm platform for CCTV and various sensors.

Firstly, GKB provides two separated NVRs GKB D3622TIR and GKB D3631TIR to meet the retention recording 30 days. Secondly, in order to deploy a unified video alarm platform with existing fire and smoke sensors, GKB chose to install IVAST (Integrated Video Alarm& Surveillance Technology) which receives alarm triggering signals directly from cameras which acting as an independent station from NVR. As for screen display, Imperial hotel uses Viewer11 which allows several security guards to access different NVRs to obtain live recording and playback. Such authorized accessing management is under privacy protection so that customers can not only manage with great convenience but also worry free from recording being hacked.

Products Installed
In this project, the Imperial hotel has installed GKB D3631TIR and GKB D3622TIR.

The greatest benefit would be an IVAST platform which enables fire and smoke detecting sensors being alarmed and notified on the monitoring screen. Such function brings easiness of operation and instant notification of fire and smoke emergency events. Moreover, GKB provides exclusive solutions and the most cost effective pricing with great warranted products duration and reliable installation service.

Tyco security products answers small business surveillance needs with affordable IP video solutions

Tyco security products answers small business surveillance needs with affordable IP video solutions

Editor / Provider: Tyco Security Products | Updated: 6/25/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Tyco Security Products, part of Tyco, the world's largest pure-play fire protection and security company, announces a new line of IP cameras and NVRs that meets the budget of small to medium sized businesses, while satisfying their need for high-quality video surveillance.

A new Essentials line has been added to the company's robust Illustra IP camera portfolio featuring Essentials bullet and mini-dome cameras with IR and indoor mini-dome cameras. Available in 1 and 2 megapixel models, all three cameras offer H.264 and MJPEG dual-stream encoding, a 3.6mm fixed lens, and a maximum 30 images per second at 1080p or 720p for crisp, clear images.

The Essentials Outdoor Mini-Dome and Bullet cameras are equipped with IR illuminators, true day/night and wide dynamic range to capture quality video in a variety of indoor and outdoor settings. With wide dynamic range capabilities, the Essentials Indoor Mini-Dome also captures video in changing lighting conditions, making it ideal for a range of indoor applications.

The second part of the low-cost IP surveillance equation, Tyco Security Products' new brand of Holis NVRs feature 1080p resolution and video search and export functions. Four- and 8-channel models provide a dependable recording solution for applications such as independent retailers, small offices, and restaurants. Equipped with 4 and 8 POE ports respectively, the Holis NVRs are designed to support small camera count installations in an economical and efficient manner. The Holis NVR start-up wizard is designed to provide quick and efficient network turn-ups.

“There's a growing segment within the commercial community ranging from convenience stores to medical offices, that want to embrace security for their facility, but they need products that are inherently trustworthy, easy to operate and budget friendly,” said Steve Carney, Senior Director, Product Marketing, Video and Integration Platforms, Tyco Security Products. “With the affordable addition to the Illustra IP camera portfolio and new Holis NVRs, we've struck the right balance between high-quality features and a truly affordable price.”

Exacq Technologies introduces camera links for faster response time to critical alarms and events

Exacq Technologies introduces camera links for faster response time to critical alarms and events

Editor / Provider: Exacq Technologies | Updated: 6/16/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Exacq Technologies, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, introduces Camera Links, overlay controls for immediate response to events. The new exacqVision version 7.0 video management system (VMS) software also includes enhanced EasyConnect IP camera connection, updates to event monitoring in Exacq mobile and backup of server configuration in Enterprise System Manager (ESM), a health monitoring program for use with exacqVision Enterprise network video recorders (NVRs).

exacqVision 7.0 introduces Camera Links, which allow exacqVision users to configure overlay controls that will display when hovering over a camera in live view. This feature gives users the ability to adjust the overlay text colour, font, style, transparency and location on screen to fit any of their camera views.

The created Camera Links are visible across all client sessions and in all layouts and view configurations. Camera Links puts exacqVision users most needed commands at their fingertips and vastly improves their response time to critical alarms and events.

The EasyConnect feature, introduced last year, has been enhanced in exacqVision 7.0. EasyConnect allows users to find, address and connect multiple IP cameras to their network automatically. Now, EasyConnect shows users more detailed connection status feedback when connecting Illustra IP cameras and exacqVision E-Series video encoders. Having comprehensive, specific information regarding the connection and suggested troubleshooting guidance saves users time and money during installation.

exacqVision users can now utilize event monitoring from the latest Exacq Mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. Any event monitors configured within the exacqVision client can be viewed in the mobile app. Event monitoring ensures mobile app users are aware of the most important video relating to events like motion detection, alarms and other triggered inputs to the system. In addition to event monitoring, the latest Exacq mobile app supports two-finger swipe navigation for faster review of all camera views. Users can swipe to the left to load the next set of cameras into the viewing layout.

The new Enterprise System Manager (ESM) bulk configuration allows administrators to back up the settings of all servers across the enterprise at one time. With this new functionality, ESM makes it faster and easier for administrators to always have a backup of exacqVision recorder configurations.

The exacqVision VMS is accessed with the freely distributed exacqVision client software (Windows/Linux/Mac), the exacqVision free web browser client available for all leading web browsers (Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera), as well as the free Exacq mobile app for iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices. The VMS software is included with pre-configured exacqVIsion NVR servers or it can be installed on third-party Windows or Linux-based systems.

QNAP VS-8148U-RP Pro+ featuring enterprise-grade monitoring performance

QNAP VS-8148U-RP Pro+ featuring enterprise-grade monitoring performance

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 6/15/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The QNAP VS-8148U-RP Pro+ VioStor NVR (Network Video Recorder) is the high-end 2U chassis network surveillance server which supports high quality real-time video/audio monitoring, megapixel recording (up to 10-megapixel), and playback of multiple IP cameras. The VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro+ can simultaneously handle inputs from up to 48 megapixel cameras. Featuring a powerful dual-core Intel Core i3 processor and 4 GB of DDR3 memory, this enterprise-grade NVR delivers high performance with throughput of 400 Mbps for recording and smooth playback of multiple megapixel cameras. Moreover, the HDMI output and hardware decoder of VS-8148U-RP Pro+ provide the ability to deliver up to 300fps Full HD local display.

In addition, when installing with the currently largest 4TB hard drives in the market, the VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro+ supports up to 32 TB storage capacity, which makes it proficient for continuous recording of high-resolution video.

The Linux-based VioStor VS-8148U-RP Pro+ enables quick and easy deployment of multiple NVRs. It is designed with the user in mind, offering simple and intuitive setup in six steps. Coupled with powerful performance and stability, this solution is tailor-made for enterprise surveillance needs.

H.265 — The hat of a magician

H.265 — The hat of a magician

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Dahua Technology | Updated: 6/8/2015 | Article type: Security 50

Driven by ever growing demand for high definition and the development of image processing, 4k is definitely a buzz word on the market, playing an increasingly vital role in video surveillance, especially in applications such as safe city, parking lot, harbor, plaza and elsewhere large scaled and has strong demand on detail capturing, which, at the same time, pressuring on decoding and storage. Luckily, we see a future there with the introduction and development of H.265, which brings extensive possibilities and optimism to the industry by addressing problems such as shortage of bandwidth, improving transmission efficiency and delivering other benefits.

Benefits of H.265
High Efficiency Video Coding (HEVC), also known as H.265, is a proposed video compression standard, a successor to H.264/MPEG-4 AVC (Advanced Video Coding), currently under joint development by the ISO/IEC Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) and ITU-T Video Coding Experts Group (VCEG).

Compared to the current mainstream AVC standard H.264, H.265 is said to be capable of further reducing by 50% the data rate requested for high quality video coding. Bitrate is acclaimed to have around 40% to 50% down at 1080pwhile
rendering superb image quality.

Put it in summary, first, H.265 can downsize video footage to a great extent while playing fairly smooth video with low bandwidth, and all these benefits further drives market demand on 4K/Ultra HD; second, with the fast development of 4G and mobile technology, the integration between the two industries will have much more amazing possibilities.

Dahua'sH.265 Product line-up
Despite all the benefits, the current phase seems a little bit embarrassed for H.265 as this compression standard is still new to video surveillance industry, which means it will take some time to be adopted and adapted. Dahua Technology, as a leading and innovative corporate, can't resist its charm and prospect, have the blue picture not only just in mind, but also bring it to reality already. The company has adopted H.265 in its latest product portfolio, including network camera, NVRs, transmission devices as well as video-wall systems.

To start with cameras, Dahua has a latest-released 5.0-Megapixel ultra-smart network camera that uses H.265/H.264 dual codec, allowing over 40% lesser bandwidth use while acquiring outstanding image quality. Moreover, with its functions such as ultra defog, RoI, and intelligent detections, the camera can make surveillance clearer, smarter and smoother; based on this trend, we can foresee more H.265 cameras in different resolution are on its way.

When it comes to back-end devices, Dahua was the first in industry to introduce a comprehensive H.265 4K NVR product lineup, which covers various demands, including small-to-medium as well as large-scaled applications. These NVRs are up to 12.0-Megapixel decoding capability, supporting 1080P@60fps and H.265 preview &playback; 4 channel 4Kreal-time live view & playback; meanwhile, its intelligence functions including behavioral analysis, facial detection and etc. are also supported. What worth mentioning is that the R&D team put energy consumption into consideration at planning phase to make the product ec0-friendly.

In addition, Dahua also introduced a control platform M70 with H.265 standard, the platform can decode multiple channels of H.265 videos at the same time; and thanks to modular design, M70 can maximize to handle up to 40-channel UHD video outputs with each supporting H.265 decoding; what's more, these HD output videos can be presented as an integrated image by combining HD outputs.

H.265 Brings More Possibilities
“Obviously, H.265 is one of the major compression standard that allow us to implement UHD solutions, such as 4K or even 8K, which is definitely the trend of video surveillance.” said James Wang, Product Director of Dahua Technology.

“The benefits H.265 brings are not limited to the above,” Wang continued, “just like a magician hat, you can expect much more from it, for example, our R&D has carried out some great performances on bitrate control, image quality balance as well as intelligent analytics and tracking.”

“For me, I always feel thrilled towards new things and technologies as they have the potential to nourish many new possibilities, to bring products, industry, even the society to a better shape,” Wang added. “H.265 is just the case, we have confidence to tap out of the potential of this standard and make full use of it, so my advice is stay with us, stay with the latest trend and see how we use it as a magic.”

GKB Linux-based NVR supports 4K resolution and upgraded multi-functions

GKB Linux-based NVR supports 4K resolution and upgraded multi-functions

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by GKB | Updated: 6/1/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The growing need of Network Video Recording (NVR) has become a crucial role for surveillance industry since it brings great convenience for monitoring by breaking limitation of time and space.

Original NVR Features:
NVRs' major functions are being able to manage cloud platform, true plug and play supporting and ONVIF-compatible.

* GKB Cloud Platform allows personnel to view recording streams via mobile APP.
* Support True Plug and Play: “Two Way Communication” is not limited for only LAN but also INTERNET applications.
* ONVIF Brand Camera: GKB NVR is designed to integrate all ONVIF 2.0 series and seamlessly conform to GKB IP portfolio as well.

Upgraded NVR Features:
* 4K Resolution
* ONVIF Dual Streams: Best recording quality & Smooth monitoring under low bandwidth

Additional Features for 8 Bay NVR:
In GKB, we strive to make the best better; therefore, we provide new 8-bay NVR server by adding three adaptations including flip-down cover, HDD LED and buzzer alert.

Flip-Down Cover: Saving installation time by simply flip cover which saves time fastening screws.

HDD LED and Buzzer: Reminding unexpected NVR hard drive problems to users.

GKB NVR Product Line
* GKB DN1601 -> 1 Bay , 16 CH
* GKB DN3604 -> 4 Bay, 36 CH
* GKB DN4808 -> 8 Bay, 48 CH
* GKB DN6416 -> 16 Bay, 64 CH

DoubleTree by Hilton in Chile upgrades video surveillance with Dahua IP solution

DoubleTree by Hilton in Chile upgrades video surveillance with Dahua IP solution

Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 5/22/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Dahua Technology, a world-leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China upgraded the security system for DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel in Santiago, capital city of Chile.

DoubleTree by Hilton is an American hotel chain. It is part of Hilton Worldwide. Most DoubleTree hotels are independently owned and operated by franchisees. In early 2011, Hilton Worldwide launched a logo and name rebranding for the chain, replacing the name "Doubletree" with "DoubleTree by Hilton". DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel Santiago-Vitacurais centrally located within developed commercial and financial district in Santiago.

As the Five Star Alliance's number, the hotel offers top-notch services for the customers and meanwhile it needs five star security systems for its safety. With the demand for hotel rooms and space constantly increasing, the hotel decides to upgrade its IP surveillances as to offering a better security ambience for its customers, employers and property.

The hotel wants to upgrade its existing security system for higher quality images. Dahua IP solution offers a highly reliable and cost effective method of hotel surveillance. Dahua HD network small IR dome cameras, IPC-HDW4100S features 1.3-Megapixel progressive scan Aptina CMOS and supports up to max 25/30fps@1.3M&720P encoding. The maximum IR length is 20 meters. The IP cameras install across each floor of the hotel to monitor doors and stairs of people entering and leaving. Dahua IP solution covers all public spaces and circulation areas with total 200 units including all stairways, kitchens, car parks, leisure facilities and laundry rooms, as well as the inner courtyards and the roof.

The key objective has always been to record activity captured by the cameras so that any incidents or suspicious activity can be recorded and be used if appropriate. Dahua IP solution can help keep the guests safe from theft and other criminals by helping track the visitors and prevent break-ins on hotel property.

The hotel also upgrades its old NVRs to Dahua NVR6000 series which is able to provide a higher resolution. Dahua, 128channel super network video recorder, NVR6000 series supports HDMI and VGA output at up-to 1920x1080p resolution, which benefits users with high-definition video image viewing.

DoubleTree by Hilton understands that doing the little things well can mean everything. So does Dahua, Dahua offers a comprehensive product portfolio for hotel surveillance system to help protect and give its guests a peace of mind when they stay. A safe and secure environment is also fundamental in guest expectations and vital in protecting a hotel's brand.

QNAP presents VS-2212 Pro+ VioStor NVR for SMB and SOHO

QNAP presents VS-2212 Pro+ VioStor NVR for SMB and SOHO

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 5/18/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

The QNAP 2-bay VS-2212 Pro+ VioStor NVR, available in a tower form factor with 12 channels, is designed micro-size with rich functions to convey high cost-efficiency for SMB and SOHO users. Compact but fully loaded with advanced features, the VS-2212 Pro+ series supports Full HD 1080P Local Display, built-in alarm GPIO for enhancing security management, QSCM Lite for central management of multiple NVRs, and more.

* Simple and intuitive six-step setup
* 180 Mbps for recording and playback from multiple megapixel cameras
* HDMI output delivers up to 200fps Full HD local display
* Simultaneously handles inputs from up to 12 megapixel cameras
* Large capacity to ensure continuous high-resolution video recording
* Install free QSCM Lite from App Center to enjoy advanced CMS features

Powered by a quad-core Intel® 2.0GHz processor (burst up to 2.41GHz) and energy-efficient 4GB DDR3L memory, the VS-2200 Pro+ series delivers quality performance with up to 180 Mbps throughput to ensure steady recording from multiple megapixel IP cameras. The HDMI output and hardware decoder provide the ability to deliver up to 200 fps Full HD local display. “The new series provides many advanced features parallel to those available in superior models at a low total cost of ownership,” said Amily Fang, product manager of QNAP Security.

The VS-2200 Pro+ series features HDMI output that allows users to quickly set up and manage the NVR by simply plugging in a keyboard, mouse, and HDMI monitor. Without needing an additional PC, users can easily monitor multiple IP cameras and play back recordings with the Full HD 1080p local display.

With built-in GPIO (6in/2out) terminal blocks, the VS-2200 Pro+ series supports alarm system linkage between alarm equipment such as emergency push buttons and IR sensors. Once the GPIO interface receives signals, the VS-2200 Pro+ will switch to high frame rate video recording, send an event notification via email or SMS to the control center, and trigger the alarm system at the same time to help administrators respond to events in a timely manner to achieve better security. “The addition of a GPIO alarm sensor can further assist security management in wider scenarios and help administrators be more responsive to alarm events,” added Fang.

By installing QSCM Lite, a free app that empowers a single VioStor NVR with the abilities of CMS server, users can enjoy a hands-on CMS solution with the VS-2200 Pro+ series to centrally monitor, playback and manage up to 256 IP cameras from up to 16 VioStor NVRs at different locations with greater flexibility.

Users can expand the monitored channels based on their demands by purchasing additional licenses. The expandable license management provides a flexible and cost-effective way of scaling various surveillance needs.

Ronix provides a full lineup of security cameras – IP, Ex-SDI, HD analog

Ronix provides a full lineup of security cameras – IP, Ex-SDI, HD analog

Editor / Provider: Jill Lai, a&s International | Updated: 4/30/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Ronix, with a 16-year experience of manufacturing security cameras, now becomes more complete in its camera product lines – Full HD IP, Ex-SDI, HD analog (AHD and TV) cameras. Depending on its strong technical background, Ronix is able to provide high-quality cameras, which can compete with major global brands. It is worth mentioning that the company won the secutech Excellence Award, at secutech 2015 in Taipei, April 30. Even though Korean manufacturers have faced a fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers, Ronix still makes great efforts to provide complete surveillance systems for its customers. Ian Kim, President of Ronix, said that its next step will start to produce HD analog DVRs and then NVRs.

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