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EtherWAN certified as a network solution partner with Milestone

EtherWAN certified as a network solution partner with Milestone

Editor / Provider: EtherWAN Systems | Updated: 6/30/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

EtherWAN Systems, a leading manufacturer and provider of industrial network solutions, announces the endorsement of Solution Partner by Milestone Systems, the leader in open platform IP surveillance video management software (VMS). EtherWAN has proven successful network integration of IT infrastructure components, access control and Milestone VMS in the large-scale IP surveillance scenario.

In an IP surveillance project in South East Asia, EtherWAN's EX17242 24-port Power over Ethernet switches have formed a steady IP network with CAT6 and fiber optic connections; As a result, the PoE cameras, SCADA and access control systems on site communicate seamlessly through EtherWAN's Ethernet transmission equipment. The surveillance data is collected and sent to the control center for further event and alarm notifications processed by XProtect® Professional, a comprehensive open platform VMS by Milestone. Such integration is made possible in consequence of the implementation of Milestone Integration Platform Software Development Kit (MIP SDK).

“EtherWAN is glad to join Milestone's Solution Partners in light of shaping reliable network transmission, minimizing installation and maintenance time of IP surveillance systems,” states Ben Chiang, Business Development Manager of EtherWAN, “We will continue to accumulate and share outstanding integration experience with our global partners and distribution channels in order to provide the most reliable network solutions for both Milestone and EtherWAN users. In order to fulfill this mission, we will make long-term efforts to work with all partners from different application fields.”

Splendor Hotel uses Axis' video surveillance system to further strengthen service quality

Splendor Hotel uses Axis' video surveillance system to further strengthen service quality

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 6/29/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Splendor Hotel Taichung, the only Taiwanese winner of the 2013 World Luxury Hotel Award, implemented a new generation video surveillance system for its guestroom floors, banquet function rooms, lobby, kitchens, and parking area to provide privacy and safety for customers and staff.

An Axis partner proposed Axis network cameras to the hotel. The Axis IP system, supported by Milestone's XProtect video management platform is easy to operate and ensures security throughout the hotel. More than 300 Axis HDTV network cameras were deployed, including AXIS M3004-V, AXIS M3005-V, AXIS P3354, AXIS P3364, AXIS Q1604, and AXIS M3007.

With Axis IP surveillance technology, the Splendor Hotel Taichung benefits from high-quality images with easily identifiable colors. In case of any contingency, the hotel can effectively reconstruct what has happened to provide valid evidence. By doing so, the hotel is able to effectively clarify the responsibilities involved and better resolve customer concerns.


'After we had our Axis HDTV surveillance cameras implemented, we could immediately access clear and easily identifiable video images as evidences to active clarify the responsibilities involved in case of any contingency. Now we are better able to strengthen our overall service quality,'

- Jerry Kao, Executive Engineer of The Splendor Hotel in Taichung

The changing VMS landscape

The changing VMS landscape

Editor / Provider: Eifeh Strom, a&s International | Updated: 6/18/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

In the past few years the security industry has witnessed several major M&As involving VMS companies. These M&As have come in the form of hardware companies acquiring VMS companies (e.g., Canon Europe acquiring Milestone Systems, Panasonic acquiring Video Insight, and Tyco acquiring Exacq Technologies) and one VMS company acquiring a fellow VMS (e.g., OnSSI acquiring SeeTec).

The reasoning behind most of these M&As seem pretty obvious. Whether it be to gain market share in new market regions, or to acquire new technology and create a fuller solution, these M&As are changing the VMS landscape. Now, the question is, how exactly will these M&As effect the VMS market, open platforms, and independent VMS companies?

The Many Sides of Consolidation
For the most part, anyone in the security industry will attest that M&As and market consolidation are a good thing: it is a sign of market maturity. In fact, consolidation fuels innovation and competition. But what does this mean for independent VMS companies that are now up against those with large corporations and plenty of investment capital behind them? While concern has been expressed over the possible repercussions of consolidation on open-platform standards, independent companies don't seem too worried about what that means for the future of the independent VMS.

More Investment, More Support
For those that have been acquired by larger companies, the benefits are obvious: more investment and more support. These two things are exactly what Mike Taylor, Director of Sales for North America at Milestone Systems, highlighted. The acquisition of Milestone Systems by Canon Europe last year sent shockwaves through the security industry, as the number one VMS company globally, best known for their commitment to an open platform, had been acquired by a relative no one in the security industry, Canon Europe. However, this marriage, according to Taylor, is nothing but beneficial to Milestone. "For us, there is additional investment which brings with it new growth opportunities in head count. We've changed our structure for the new year as to how we're going to market. And by having that additional investment it's given us the opportunity to add significant new roles, as well as upgrade our talent."

Power in Independence
Obviously, more investment opens up a lot of doors for R&D, talent recruitment, and marketing. Smaller, independent VMS companies definitely acknowledge these advantages. Despite the advantages, IPConfigure, an independent VMS company that specializes in cross-platform product offerings, also noted the drawbacks of outside investment — with more investment comes more complexity in running a business, which is exactly what Chris Uiterwyk, CEO and President expressed. According to Uiterwyk, IPConfigure has no immediate plans to acquire or merge with any other company for several reasons. "We're open to strategic partnerships but at the end of the day being independent means we don't have outsiders forcing us down paths that we don't believe are good for IPConfigure or the industry," he said. "As a result, the IPConfigure team has absolute influence over the company's destiny. Making informed and sound decisions comes faster and results in the development of new technologies ahead of our competitors."

M&As have also helped independent VMS companies increase their market value due to the uncertain future of recently acquired competitors. According to Uiterwyk, "The demand for our products and the value of our company goes up every time there's a M&A event, primarily because there are fewer independent VMS companies. However, customers do question the future of independent VMS companies realizing they too could become an acquisition target. This becomes a larger issue for integrators and installers who make large financial commitments to educate their sales and technical staff on a particular technology and expect a long return on their investment."

Likewise, Randy Miller, VP of Sales of WavestoreUSA pointed out remaining independent also gives them a leg up with integrators. "While we highly value our partnerships with those third-party partners that have involved themselves with competitive platforms, those that have not are garnering a greater attention from the integrator base that we're most interested in," he said. "Whether they're national, regional, or local integrators, they know they can go out and select the camera that fits their job in the best way, that WavestoreUSA is out there ready to enable them to be able to manage that."

Will Consolidation Close the Market?
One of the biggest concerns surrounding M&As has to do with whether or not they will close in on the openness of the market. Despite the fact that Canon has vowed to keep and support Milestone as a standalone company, there still remain many skeptics.

Eric Fullerton, CEO of Vicon believes that consolidation in the market is driving what he calls proprietary behavior. "We saw Exacq get acquired by Tyco and now they are prioritizing the Tyco cameras. You saw Panasonic buy Video Insight, now that's going to be included in the Panasonic solution as a proprietary VMS. You've seen Canon buy Milestone and Axis, and even though they're saying, 'We're not going to change anything,' they used US$2.5 billion; they're going to have to do something to get ROI. So, I predict that is going to drive more proprietary behavior."

In the end, it is the customer that will be the loser if the market starts to close in, according to Andrew Elvish, VP of Marketing and Product Management at Genetec. "When you see consolidation in an industry, often it signifies lock ups. Users are going to be locked into an offering where they can't choose different camera vendors or the right software for their needs. We think customers should have maximum choice. And we worry that with consolidation it makes sense for the acquirer to say we've acquired these brands so we want to build synergies between them. Ultimately, I think the customer loses out."

Openess for All
Regardless of what is going on in the marketplace and who has acquired who, the desire to keep the market open is an important point for major VMS vendors. As the two top VMS companies in the world, Genetec, who says being independent is part of their DNA, and Milestone, who is now part of Canon that also acquired Axis Communications, are both committed to providing an open platform to their customers.

Smaller VMS companies have also strongly committed to remaining open. "Open platform desirability is one of our core messages for 2015. The camera of your choice, the IP device of your choice, the system of your choice… We highly value the fact that open platform, open to choose really means something. The value that brings is significant and it's real to the integrator, it means they remain in complete control of their system offerings in the field," Miller added.

One thing is for sure, these types of M&As are not done. And, as the market moves to provide fuller solutions, we can expect to see further changes in the VMS market.

Grundig protects the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates

Grundig protects the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates

Editor / Provider: Grundig Security | Updated: 6/16/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The National Archives of the United Arab Emirates was established in 1968, at the request of the late Sheikh Zayed Bin Sultan Al-Nahyan. The National Archives is a collection of valuable, historical material of public and scientific relevance, housed in a purpose-built site in Abu Dhabi, UAE. It is imperative that a building and archive of such national and regional significance is well-protected. Many of the items stored are irreplaceable, including maps, photographs, documents and books.

Telectron, a well-respected and experienced security integrator, with offices in both Abu Dhabi and Dubai, was chosen to design and install a new, networked security and CCTV system to protect the building, its contents and staff. Telectron, established in 1974, just three years after the UAE itself was formed, has a long-standing reputation in UAE security.

The brief was to install an intelligent CCTV security system that provided alarm notifications of significant events, from a change in scene to active intrusion; provided 24/7 visual surveillance; and recorded and stored all video data. The system also had to be viewed from a number of remote locations, as well as be monitored centrally from a dedicated facility.

Telectron installed 140 Grundig IP cameras; 95x GCI-K1523D, 2 megapixel (2MP) indoor dome cameras positioned within the building; 20x GCI-K1585V, 2MP, vandal-resistant, external dome cameras around the building exterior and site perimeter; a 5x GCI-K1812W cameras in the elevator and an additional 20x 3MP, GCI-F0505B box cameras for high resolution images and recording. The cameras were positioned around the entire site, including the museum areas, entrances, public areas and server room. All the cameras offer exceptional image quality and reliability. A Milestone Corporate Level VMS system, using CISCO network switches, managed and controlled the system.

Mr Mazen Minawi of Telectron commented, “We have used Grundig cameras in a number of applications and have always been impressed by their exceptional image quality and reliability. In a high–end application like this one, it is essential that no cameras fail, compromising site security and putting priceless, irreplaceable artefacts at risk.”

Grundig offers a full support service to customers in the Middle East region, headed up by Yalcin Demirak. Services include project and sales support, technical certification for Grundig Security installers and post-sales support.

The National Archives are so important to the UAE, that their existence and practices became law in 2008. UAE president, HH Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan, officially designated the centre the ‘National Archives of the UAE' under the name ‘National Centre for Documentation and Research' (NCDR). The name was changed in 2014 to National Archives.

The National Archive is responsible for collecting, preserving, researching and documenting the history and heritage of the United Arab Emirates and the Gulf region in general. It also has an educational role, promoting cultural and historical awareness. In the light of current events in the region, its importance is hugely significant and its effective protection is mission-critical.

The state-of-the-art building includes a museum-style exhibition that can be viewed by the public; a 600 seat auditorium for lectures and educational purposes; a 3-D Reality Hall; and vast archive storage areas. Many of the items in the collections are rescued, then restored and preserved in highly controlled environments and atmospheres to ensure they remain intact.

The new security system is a success. Mr Fadi El Khoury, Head of Technical Support at the National Archives commented, ”We monitor all key areas of the site from our central control room. The facility has eight work stations with dual monitors for tracking anything of concern in real time. The VMS is installed onto three management servers, plus a failover server for additional backup. We also have a remote viewing facility for the Vice President and General Manager, if required. The National Archive is exceptionally well-protected and any incident or potential risk can be addressed appropriately and immediately.”

Grundig is proud to be protecting the National Archives of the United Arab Emirates, a site of such historical and global significance.

Be a trendsetter in Japan

Be a trendsetter in Japan

Editor / Provider: Lisa Hsu, a&s International (Reporting with a&s Japan) | Updated: 6/9/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Even though Japan is a mature security market, the country is still much slower than others to adopt global trends toward solutions. Only in the past few years has Japan moved towards IP, with IP cameras owning a market share of approximately 56 percent, compared to analog camera's less than 40 percent as of 2014. The gap will continue to widen as several research centers have forecasted total shipments of IP cameras will total to 480,000 this year, compared to 260,000 analog cameras. Apart from ongoing market demand, the government's plan to postpone raising the consumption tax rate to 2017 may also be a factor of end users' move from analog to IP before the 10 percent tax is implemented.

When the industry moves to IP-based security products, the demand for more integrated systems or solutions also arises. Japan is now starting to catch up to the global trend for solutions. A more recent and notable example of this is the employment of video content analysis (VCA), which is an upcoming trend this year in Japan, being able to fulfill end user's demand for functionality beyond security. In the retail sector, businesses are quite interested in adopting VCA for monitoring customer behavior, which will assist them in providing the best strategies for marketing, and in turn increase their sales. Many industry experts think the retail sector in Japan will probably be the earliest adopter of security solutions.


Several challenges confront the country as Japan's security industry steps into a new era of technology, which turn into opportunities for foreign players.

Take a Piece of the Action
Challenges arise for a majority of Japanese companies who are product driven. At the moment, most of Japanese companies have yet to catch on to the trend, with companies opting to continue selling hardware in order to save time and labor, resulting in lack of technical service. Furthermore, a number of products on the market are only compatible with products of the same brand and do not allow for seamless integration with products of other brands, which limits customer choice. As a result, price competition is heavy in Japan, with companies struggling to beat competitor's prices to prevent losing business. In some cases, manufacturers even go as far as to ignore business etiquette and compete with their sales partners by going over their heads to sell directly to end users. Although this allows the company to make more sales, this strategy depletes the trust out of the business partnership, and will be detrimental to the company in the long run.

As big and long-established companies gain more market share, and if other small and new companies don't change their business tactics, it is assumed in a few years, only some of the big companies will stay standing in Japan's security industry. The implications that Japan currently possess will likely drive customers away to look for solutions elsewhere. Now might be a great time for foreign players who can provide solutions and services to join the market. Companies with strong IT background, such as AVNET, Buffalo, IO Data, Logitec, and Microsoft Azure, have taken the opportunity to join the competition, due to Japan's lack of IT knowledge to satisfy customer demand.

Recognition, Quality, Price
Many companies have taken to alter their market strategy in order to adopt to the market change. Some good examples that some companies in Japan have set are worth taking note before venturing in Japan. Primarily, understanding customer demand as well as providing a wider selection of quality options is essential. For instance, Canon plans to broaden their product selection, with nine new products expected to roll out this year. Especially after the acquisition of Milestone Systems and Axis Communications, Canon now has higher potential to offer solutions to end users.

It is suggested that players should establish a relationship with a partner and gaining a certain amount of market share before launching their own branch office in Japan.

It is important to build up reputation and brand recognition, as end users and projects will not choose to use products of brands unheard of. Hikivision Digital Technology partnered with Digital Max Japan and Security Design, and has established a support and service center and ensured five weeks' worth of inventory ready to be shipped to customers. The partners have also established a one stop shop solution for Hikvision products, creating a wider range of options for customers and support when they encounter problems.

Companies such as Axis Communications organize educational seminars and training programs for their partners, enabling them to promote awareness and education to end users. Axis is successful in this case as their brand is widely known, and has a variety of products, introducing more than 20 new products every year.

However, some other big brands who also organize educational events still have difficulty gaining market share in Japan due to the higher price of their products. It is important to remember, brand recognition, quality products, and price is the key to being successful in Japan.

The Time is Now
Turn challenges into opportunities as now is the time to jump in Japan's market. For foreign companies who already have a head start on providing solutions and services, Japan is an ideal investment opportunity as solution providers are needed in the market.

Security 'all sewn up' for Royal College of Surgeons

Security 'all sewn up' for Royal College of Surgeons

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 5/28/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh (College) is one of the oldest surgical corporations in the world.

Over 500 years old, it is an historic professional member’s organisation that pursues excellence and advancement in surgical and dental practices. The College is spread over a number of buildings around Hill Square and is home to the Surgeons’ Hall Museum s and Scotland’s oldest medical museum. In addition, the College boasts offices for a 150 staff, a modern surgical skills training facility and auditorium and even a four-star hotel providing accommodation for visitors and tourists.

With building refurbishment due to take place over a long period of time, a security system needed to be installed that was flexible and which included discreet cameras with excellent picture quality, whilst being aesthetically pleasing so as not to detract from the traditional make-up of the historic and Grade A listed buildings.

A state-of-the-art solution was developed, combining Axis network cameras with Milestone XProtect Professional software, as recommended by Arthur McKay. In order to effectively cover the numerous locations where refurbishment work was taking place, whilst providing secure coverage to hotel staff and guests, the initial surveillance set-up included 17 cameras, with the provision for a further 150 once the work is completed.

Atul Rajput, regional director, northern Europe at Axis Communications said: "This was a really exciting project and one that gave us the opportunity to work with such a prestigious institution and its beautiful, historic buildings. The solution featured covert Axis network cameras to ensure all buildings and corresponding outside spaces were covered, even in complete darkness"

The project included a series of AXIS M30007-PV Network Cameras. These five-megapixel fixed mini dome cameras were discreetly mounted on either walls or ceilings and provided four feeds of detailed, high-quality panoramic views. Chosen because of their flexibility, they could be re-positioned to move along as the refurbishment progressed with few time or fitting constraints.

The AXIS P3364-LVE was fitted to monitor the hotel and its exterior. This fixed dome network camera produced high-quality, low-noise video even in a completely dark environment. It integrated Axis’ unique Lightfinder technology which makes the camera extremely sensitive to light while maintaining colours. Lightfinder-enabled cameras were strategically positioned in the hotel’s reception area, main entrance and car park where ambient lighting was poor.

AXIS P1204 Network Cameras were also installed as they were discreet and covert and could be easily integrated into very limited spaces.

Atul added: "The Axis network cameras can be easily re-positioned to correspond with the movement of the works from building to building, producing evidential-quality footage, whilst maintaining the safety of staff and visitors. Advanced system integration is already on the horizon as the magnitude of the refurbishment grows across the campus"

The College has always been at the ‘cutting edge’ of surgical education, training and in setting standards both nationally and internationally. As adoption of any technology can provide challenges, it was imperative that system capabilities were discuss at length and understood.

Kenny Ryan, IT manager at Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburg, commented: "We have been very impressed with the flexibility of Axis cameras and how unobtrusive they are. They have been a great benefit during a time of great change for the campus"

Development works continue at the College and it is estimated that over 170 Axis cameras will eventually contribute to the safe and successful refurbishment of its iconic buildings.

Music festival safety is coordinated with Milestone video

Music festival safety is coordinated with Milestone video

Editor / Provider: Milestone Systems | Updated: 5/25/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Milestone Systems open platform IP video management software (VMS) is a core technology in the mobile event incident command unit developed by Unified Command as a temporary security operation center (SOC) that moves from one event location to another.

“Milestone VMS technology helps us unify all the facets of complex events into one centralized command. That coordination enables us to respond more effectively to emergencies. We're able to quickly dispatch the right people to the right places, which makes events safer for everyone,” says Chris Gandy, Chief Technology Officer, Unified Command.

The company hires local law enforcement, dispatch and emergency service personnel for 40–50 big events across the U.S. each year, such as the music festivals Hard Summer and Outside Lands, Coachella and Stagecoach. In 2013, Chris Gandy joined as chief technology officer. With nearly two decades of experience as a police technical detective in a major metropolitan police force, he has worked with video surveillance for years.

Freedom of Choice in the Components
Gandy's list of must-haves for a VMS solution was extensive, from overall video stability to ease-of-use, to robust mapping capabilities – all based on a truly open platform. Milestone XProtect®, his ultimate choice, met all requirements and exceeded most.

“A lot of manufacturers force you to buy their hardware, but with Milestone I use a Dell server, my own networking equipment and whatever kinds of cameras I want. I don't like being locked into a certain make and model of camera or a specific brand of hardware: I make my own choices.”

Fast Deployment and Response
Gandy reports that the ease and speed for Milestone to be deployed makes it an attractive solution, especially in an industry where speed matters. “We go into a field in the middle of nowhere, put up cameras and the next thing you know we've got eyes on more than 100 acres. For the people operating the system, it's very user friendly and easy to learn.”

The primary benefit is better overall response to incidents that happen at events: overflowing trash cans, lost items, clogged entry and exit points, unruly and potentially dangerous crowds and serious medical emergencies.

“By putting everyone in the same virtual room through access to a top quality video solution, everyone involved in the event's success is able to read off the same page. Without this way to coordinate, you would have all different facets operating separately,” Gandy says. “The Milestone VMS helps put the right people into the right places. Since we can all communicate with each other directly, we respond more quickly.”

For example, when a call comes in that someone has passed out, the dispatcher in the command center uses the call's point of origin to identify the closest camera and directs that camera to scan the crowd to the person needing attention. The dispatcher gives the exact location to the medics - which is critical when it's dark out, strobe lights are running and there are no cross streets for reference points. As a result, the medics quickly get assistance to those in need, not wasting precious time searching a crowd of thousands.

The incident command team proactively scans video for potential problems. When people appear to have consumed too much alcohol or other substances, or crowds gather near perimeters perhaps preparing for “fence crashing”, Unified Command operators use the camera coordinates to direct security staff to the exact location, fast.

Efficient Ease of Use, Interactive Maps Give Pinpoint Precision
The complexities of managing incident response for changing event venues leave little – if any – time for training. Gandy reports that the Milestone VMS is very easy to use. “We can bring up multiple customized views for display on computers, mobile devices and the XProtect Smart Walls. It's a big issue with a lot of security systems to know where the cameras are to get the live view quickly, but the interactive map in Milestone takes care of that: operators just click on an icon and a separate window pops up with the camera feed of that view.”

Gandy begins each event by putting a location diagram into the software and placing an icon for each camera on the computer-generated map. This eliminates the need for staff to look up confusing camera identifiers like North Parking Lot Facing South, which means nothing to dispatchers who don't work in the area every day.

Mobile and Wireless for Situational Awareness
Unified Command takes advantage of mobile and wireless capabilities to coordinate among the locations within an event. Using the Video Push feature in the Milestone Mobile client, cell phone cameras can record video at points not covered by the network cameras and stream (‘push') those images back to the command center via wi-fi. Milestone Mobile also streams video to iPads that Unified Command assigns to event managers, enabling ‘views of the entire festival they can carry in their back pocket'.

Gandy says the Milestone wireless support makes it possible to set up the command center physically removed from the heart of the event. This ensures that staff can focus on coordinating services rather than protecting themselves during an emergency. “Anyone we have connected to the event's security network can easily and quickly see exactly what's going on anywhere without having to get to the command center,” he says. “That frees all of us up to focus on resolving whatever the situation may be.”

VIVOTEK wins privilege of providing Mongolia's Khan Bank surveillance systems

VIVOTEK wins privilege of providing Mongolia's Khan Bank surveillance systems

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by VIVOTEK | Updated: 5/18/2015 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Khan Bank: Helping Mongolia Grow Since 1991
Khan Bank is one of the largest commercial banks of Mongolia. It provides banking services to an estimated 80% of Mongolian households. Established in 1991, Khan Bank has continued to grow and expand its service since its inception. Today, Khan Bank has 535 branches throughout Mongolia and provides comprehensive banking services to individuals and companies. Never settling for the status-quo, Khan Bank has also continuously invested in technology to enhance the quality of service it provides its customers, such as an extensive ATM network covering Ulaanbaatar, aimag capital and major district centers and nationwide access to Internet Banking, Mobile Banking and Telephone Banking. Moreover, the rapid growth and development of Khan Bank is expected to continue as Mongolia continues to perform economically. This young bank is preparing to gallop, like Mongolia’s world famous horses, into the future.

The Challenge: Khan Bank’s Previous Security System Unable to Keep Pace. A Trial is Held to Determine the Ideal Solution.
In this climate of rapid growth and expansion, Khan Bank required a thoroughbred surveillance system which could keep pace with its changing demands and keep Khan Bank ahead of the field. At the heart of any bank is its ability to secure its customers’ property, and as such the safes at each of Khan Bank’s branches required the utmost level of security. Unfortunately, the bank’s previous security system was not able to keep up with Khan Bank’s security needs, leading to a need to revolutionize its entire security system. The bank needed high quality and high megapixel surveillance cameras not only for its central headquarters, but for every branch across urban and rural areas, and all ATMs in the Ulaanbaatar area.

In order to determine which surveillance system could provide them with the absolute best performance for this vast network, Khan Bank decided to run a trial between the leading providers of security systems, including VIVOTEK.

The Solution: VIVOTEK – Ahead of the Field and Ready to Help.
No stranger to a challenge, VIVOTEK, along with local distributor ITZONE LLC’s highly qualified and experienced engineers and sales team, were able to provide the strongest solution and exceed Khan Bank’s demanding expectations.

The broad coverage, high resolution, variable focus and specialized design of VIVOTEK cameras ensured that Khan Bank’s offices, branches, safes, ATMs and entrances could all be monitored on a secure and stable high-performance IP network system. Khan Bank, thoroughbred among Mongolian banks, had finally found a surveillance system that could keep pace.

High-Quality IP Cameras Secure a Vast Network of Banking Facilities.
The largest demand for coverage was found in the halls of Khan Bank branches. These wide spaces required cameras with extremely wide-angle coverage and high image quality, while also blending in with the interior design of the bank’s branches. For this task, ITZONE LLC chose VIVOTEK’s FE8174 for its combination of high coverage, high quality and low profile. The FE8174 is capable of 180 degree panoramic views while mounted on the wall, or 360 degree surround views if mounted on the ceiling. The FE8174 also offers a variety of display options including original surround view, panoramic view, and regional view for various mounting applications. In addition, in both the panoramic as well as regional viewing modes, users can utilize the ultra-smooth ePTZ function to easily zoom in and focus on a region of interest (ROI). All of these features mean that the FE8174 was able to provide superb coverage of all of Khan Bank’s branch halls.

The VIVOTEK FD8136 ultra-mini fixed dome network camera was chosen for this central task. Its tiny profile hides an incredibly high-tech camera, capable of producing high quality imagery in a variety of formats. For outdoor spaces, particularly the entrances of Khan Bank’s branches, more than fifty FD8371EVs were installed across its network, allowing high-megapixel coverage in difficult operating environments. The FD8371EV is ideal for such solutions, able to withstand Mongolia’s extreme weather conditions and safe from any attempts at vandalism or tampering.

To add to the functionality of their system, Khan Bank uses Milestone XProtect® Enterprise, which is an easy-to-use video management software platform designed especially for large-scale and multi-site surveillance applications. It supports intuitive control of an unlimited number of cameras for monitoring live video, recording, and sharing evidence. All the video captured across multiple branches can be transmitted back to the main XProtect management and displays in the central control room. The security staff can instantaneously view events at different sites via the unified, intuitive interface, increasing bank operational efficiency and speeding the reaction time whenever events occur.

The Latest Surveillance Solution, the Simplest Installation
Finally, this rejuvenation of Khan Bank’s surveillance systems, providing the bank with a total best-of-breed security solution, was able to be achieved remarkably easily. Thanks to VIVOTEK’s efforts to provide high-tech surveillance systems which are able to be installed easily and are also simple to maintain, Khan Bank’s new surveillance system not only provides remarkable advances in coverage and reliability, it also simplifies the entire process of surveillance and footage retrieval. As a result of this upgrade, Khan Bank can now feel free to expand and grow with Mongolia, safe in the knowledge that VIVOTEK is running alongside and keeping pace.

Milestone discusses the power of partnership in transportation

Milestone discusses the power of partnership in transportation

Editor / Provider: Lisa Hsu, a&s International | Updated: 4/29/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Sunny Kong, Director of Sales in APAC of Milestone Systems gave a presentation today in regard to the power of partnership in transportation. Milestone has an open platform where one can use the camera and recording hardware of their choice, and is fully compatible with third party solutions. This is indeed more beneficial when compared with open proprietary systems, where one cannot choose their favored camera or recording hardware.

There are numerous industry objectives in the transportation sector. For example, in airports, the platform must serve many stakeholders, and reliability is key. Functions require scalability, video walls, and situational awareness to achieve optimal performance.

With various functions that are readily available, partnering with Milestone can help businesses optimize their performance in the transport sector.

Find software developers at Secutech's dedicated software zone

Find software developers at Secutech's dedicated software zone

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by Secutech | Updated: 4/25/2015 | Article type: Hot Topics

Video Management Software (VMS) has become the standard for security installations as camera counts have increased in a single system. How VMS brings different devices into one cohesive network has made managing large and complex security system much easier. Secutech sees the growing demand of integrated and intelligent software solutions. The Software zone, located at Booth 3321, is one of highlights at Secutech 2015, featuring with the latest 3D video analytics and IVS applications. These affordable innovations can often add business intelligence and great management values to your current devices and systems. Be sure to visit Software Zone to meet Cyberview, huperLab, Milestone, Panasonic, VMSOFT … and discover more.

In addition to Software Zone, the Global Digital Security & Solutions Forum (GDSF) Asia is also a place for you to know more about the latest innovation and technology in integrated solution and applications. To find out more about the agenda and register online, please go to:


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