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  • Processors Drive Video Breakthroughs
    Security solutions are only as good as their components. Processors power cameras, displays and storage devices, enabling them to crunch data and secure scenes.What's on the inside truly counts for video surveillance.Two cameras may look exactly the same on the outside, but image sensor resolution a
    Editor / Provider: by a&s International | Updated: 3 / 18 / 2010
  • Smart Video, Smarter Business Model
    A trendsetter in video analytics, ObjectVideo has made its name known in virtually all verticals across the globe, thanks to its modularized technology and unique business model. CEO David McGuinness shares with A&S the secret to stay afloat and profitable even in financially difficult times.
    Editor / Provider: Hayden Hsu | Updated: 8 / 26 / 2009
  • H.264 Facts and Fiction
    It seems everyone in the security industry is talking about the use of the H.264 compression standard for digital video, which produces high-quality video using less bandwidth than the commonly used JPEG compression. But how does H.264 differ from JPEG, and are the proposed benefits of H.264 compres
    Editor / Provider: Submitted by Arecont Vision | Updated: 5 / 21 / 2009
  • H.264: What More It Can Do and How It Will Be Implemented
    We all know H.264 compresses bits more than MPEG-4 does. However, it can do much more than that. As technology improves, we are sure to see its performance in the future. If continuous evolution is the case for video compression, what will be the best carrier for video codecs: ASIC, DSP or CPU (Inte
    Editor / Provider: By Bach Chen, HuperLab Director | Updated: 3 / 12 / 2009
  • Chinese Vendors a Major Presence at SecuTech 2008
    Thirty-three Chinese exhibitors showcased hundreds of products at SecuTech 2008. New faces included Aheadex, Aopvision, CSST, Dahua, Fibridge, Hanbang, Hawell, Obtelecom, Pearmain, Sebury, Siyexing, Sunican and Tungson.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 6 / 9 / 2008
  • PC-Based DVRs Enhance Performance, Integration
    PC-based DVRs offer flexible integration and powerful functions. Suppliers are now launching new compression boards, video management software and complete PC-based DVRs to target this market.
    Editor / Provider: COMPILED BY THE EDITORIAL TEAM | Updated: 6 / 3 / 2008
  • Global Digital Surveillance Forum Focuses on Central Management Systems
    This year's GDSF seminars explored smarter security solutions, such as intelligent buildings, as the trend toward integration heats up worldwide. The seventh Global Digital Surveillance Forum, "Mastering Central Management Systems," attracted a large crowd as part of SecuTech Expo 2008.
    Editor / Provider: The Editorial Team | Updated: 5 / 29 / 2008
  • Wireless Technology for Video Surveillance Applications Ready for Takeoff
    Wireless, mobile technologies like WiFi, CDMA, GSM, GPRS, 3G and WiMax are just about set for widespread adoption in video surveillance. In China, however, wireless technology is still regarded as a new technology. A&S looks at developments in China and predicts how Chinese users will benefit.
    Editor / Provider: a&s International | Updated: 12 / 3 / 2007
  • Zhejiang: The Brains behind China's New Enterprises
    While Chinese manufacturing was once characterized by low-cost, low-quality products for low-end markets, several companies located in the Yangtze River delta, surrounding Shanghai, took a different tack. In the process, they created the Zhejiang Model, reshaping the stereotyped images of Chinese ma
    Editor / Provider: Jill Lai | Updated: 8 / 21 / 2007 provides weekly and monthly e-Newsletters which include the latest security industry news, vertical solution case studies and product information.

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