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Synectics prepares for Intersec 2014 in Dubai

Synectics prepares for Intersec 2014 in Dubai

Editor / Provider: Synectics | Updated: 1/9/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Adopting evolved surveillance integration technology could help boost the Middle East's appeal as a global investment hub by keeping the region's assets safer and improving operational efficiencies. The prediction that global business Synectics has made as it prepares for Intersec 2014 in Dubai.

Despite the unrest, the Middle East economy has seen an upturn in the oil and gas market, with an increase in predicted spend on shipping and ports, and greater emphasis on attracting banking and finance investment.

Dubai also been confirmed as the host city for the 2020 World Expo – the need to protect key industry assets has never been greater.

“This heightened interest in asset protection is an opportunity for enhanced efficiency”, suggests Paul Webb, Managing Director of Synectics. “Surveillance systems have evolved to offer more than basic image capture. They can now integrate with multiple safety, alarm and operational systems to enable a 360° perspective of a given site and that has big implications.”

“For example, intelligent integration of video to third-party operations and alarm data, means that alerts and emergency site protocols - such as area lock downs - can be automatically triggered. Anything from heightened gas, heat or smoke levels in industrial settings, to discrepancies in access control logs or suspicious use of personnel identity cards in business settings, can be matched with high quality video evidence and linked to response processes.

“As well as minimizing the likelihood of security breaches, using intelligently integrated management platforms in this way also means that should incidents occur, downtime is reduced. When time is money, this can have a significant financial impact.”

According to Synectics, improvements in camera technology are also set to benefit the region. Paul continued: “High definition capabilities are now not only better but more affordable – as is always the trend with emerging technologies. As a result, demand has risen.”

“We've witnessed increased interest in our own range of HD IP cameras, particularly in relation to ‘backfilling' capabilities that allow encoders and IP cameras to record to independent drives in the event of network failure, ensuring no data loss. For industries that cannot afford for security to go ‘offline' – this is a major benefit.”

The Middle East Marine sector is another area benefitting from surveillance technology evolution.

Paul said: “Shipping is vital to the economy, whether relating to the transportation of oil and gas or to export and import cargo in general. But keeping sea-based assets, and the individuals who crew them, secure has been a challenge, particularly given concerns over piracy.

Camera stations are better equipped than ever before to cope with ‘at sea' conditions, both in terms of their durability and accuracy. Images can be captured in low/no light conditions or extreme fog, and it is now possible, using absolute positioning technology, to integrate fully with radar systems to enable vessel recognition up to 10km away.”

Synectics will be showcasing its new COEX C2000 TriMode camera station alongside its IP camera range and absolute positioning integration capabilities through Synergy.

Synectics' integrated security management system will be showcased, which enables video, alarms and data to be monitored, managed and recorded in one place. Synectics will also be using Intersec 2014 to demonstrate new functionality from soon-to-be released Synergy 3 - including fully customizable user interface, enhanced workflows and improved reporting.

Paul concluded: “It's an interesting and exciting time to be involved in surveillance in the Middle East, as the region is starting to embrace the potential that new solutions can offer. Intersec is a great opportunity for us to get out there, meet business and industry leaders, and showcase just what is possible.”

Dynacolor launches W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera

Dynacolor launches W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera

Editor / Provider: Dynacolor | Updated: 1/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dynacolor, an international security solutions provider headquartered in Taipei, has launched its new W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera. W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera delivers 360-degree panorama view with vivid images through multi-streaming video, suitable for various kinds of IP surveillance environments.

The Fisheye IP Camera is a high resolution surveillance solution featuring 360-degree panorama view that allows users to monitor a wide angle surveillance environment without blind spot with just one camera. The camera not only delivers clear images through multi-streaming video, its lens with up to 5 megapixel high resolution image also provides panorama function with quad view that enables 4 different assigned angles images to display simultaneously for monitoring.

Furthermore, it has built-in IR LED and true day/night IR cut filter for supreme night time images. With compact outlook and rugged housing, the easy installing and weatherproof ability offers users to apply the camera in various kinds of IP surveillance environments, such as hotel, hospital, retailer store, parking lot, and factory, etc.

EverFocus won 4 Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013

EverFocus won 4 Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 12/27/2013 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus' IP cameras, Hybrid mobile NVR solution, and their cross-system integration surveillance platform won 4 Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013.

Delivered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan Excellence Award recognizes technologically innovative products produced by enterprises in Taiwan. As an award winner for six consecutive years, EverFocus continues to impress.

Instead of getting one award, EverFocus' splendid products received four awards this year. The award-winning products are EverFocus Hybrid Mobile Solution, EAN3300 3MP HD box IP camera, EHN3261 2MP outdoor IP camera, and Genie Cross-System Integration Surveillance Platform.

By combining the capabilities of 3G-Capable Hybrid EMV1600 Mobile NVR, EMW330T IR Vari-focal Lens Mobile Camera and EMN2320 IP Mobile Camera as well as our VMS/CMS software and mobile Apps, EverFocus Hybrid Mobile Solution can fulfill a wide range of user requirements, allowing for pure IP, IP and Analog combination, or Analog-only operation according to customers' needs and industry standards.

EAN3300 is a 3 MP high definition box network camera which delivers high definition image quality with up to 15fps in 2048x1536 resolutions. EAN3300 supports both H.264 and MJPEG multi-streaming. The camera has a built-in slot for a micro SDHC card, providing uninterrupted recording when network system is down. Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) supplies power to the camera via the network for easy installation with only one cable, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs. EAN3300 conforms to ONVIF/PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices – even from other manufacturers.

The EHN3261 is a 2 MP auto focus form-factor bullet IP camera, providing 30 fps at 1920 x 1080 viewing resolution with 10X optical zoom lens. The camera supports quad streams from H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG video compression formats. Equipped with vandal proof IK10-rated and weather-resistance (IP68) housing plus ten IR LEDs for enabling the night visibility of up to 40 meters, the camera meets a wide variety of needs for outdoor surveillance. The camera has a built-in SDHC card slot, providing local recording when the event was triggered. Power over Ethernet supplies power to the camera via the network for easy installation with only one cable, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.

EHN3261 conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices – even from other manufacturers. EverFocus Mobile Applications allows remote viewing of live views of the cameras through handheld devices; or use EverFocus CMS to remotely manage multiple IP devices connected on the network.

The Genie Cross-System Integration Surveillance Platform adopts an open and flexible architecture, and with plenty of integration scalability. The lead time and required resources to customize new features can be lowered dramatically. With the brand new idea of monitoring and manipulating this platform through ordinary web page, it erases the need of program pre-installation to user machine once and for all. Contents and structures displayed in the web page are managed by the host server, thus when adjustments are required, simply set that on the server side and it will apply to all, no updates or settings for user's computer are needed any more.

IndigoVision Control Center Eagle wins “Best Management Software”

IndigoVision Control Center Eagle wins “Best Management Software”

Editor / Provider: IndigoVision | Updated: 12/20/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Voted All Over IP 2013's "Best Management Software", the latest version of IndigoVision's Control Center Eagle features over 40 software enhancements, including; better evidence management, better mobile device support and better third party camera performance.

"With over 150 vendors at All Over IP, winning ‘Best Management Software' is a fantastic achievement, especially considering the formidable competition from Axxonsoft, Avigilon, Verint and Milestone." stated Jurgen Klijn, IndigoVision's EMEA Regional Sales Director.

Control Center Eagle v11.1 enhancements include:
* Better Evidence Management: better administrator security, one click replay of all live cameras, export enhancements and new timeline controls, allowing easier export management
* Better Mobile Device Support: iOS7 support.
* Better Third Party Camera Performance: native MJPEG support, improved Camera Gateway performance and lower bandwidth

Control Center Eagle has inbuilt ONVIF IP camera support, can record from over 300 non-ONVIF IP camera models through IndigoVision's Camera Gateway, and is fully compatible with all IndigoVision IP cameras and analogue encoders released since 2003.

IndigoVision's unrivalled Software Upgrade Plan (SUP) means any IndigoVision customer with an active SUP agreement has access to the latest version of Control Center.

IQinVision and exacq supply IP solution for Canadian strip shopping center

IQinVision and exacq supply IP solution for Canadian strip shopping center

Editor / Provider: IQinVision | Updated: 12/19/2013 | Article type: Commercial Markets

IQinVision, high-performance HD megapixel IP camera company, announced that Rathcliffe Properties, based in Toronto, Ontario, has deployed IQeye HD megapixel cameras, along with exacqVision Edge server software to provide high-quality video surveillance for a strip shopping center it owns and operates.

Michael Tylman, of Rathcliffe Properties, explained that he became familiar with IQinVision through an affiliated company where they upgraded to IQeye megapixel technology at several malls managed by that company.

After moving out of the shopping mall management business, Rathcliffe focus on strip-type shopping centers — those without any common areas or management office on premises. “For these types of centers, we always wanted to put in video surveillance, but the scale is so much smaller. We don't have any management on-site, so we need a system that is reliable, hands-off, and low maintenance.”

Rathcliffe selected IQeye Alliance-pro 5MP cameras, and for this installation they deployed exacqVision Edge server software, which manages the video feeds at the edge using the processing power and storage available on the IQinVision cameras, instead of using a separate NVR. For the first installation at Ingersoll, Ontario, Rathcliffe installed two 5MP IQeye cameras atop the building to cover the entire parking lot and two lower resolution IQeye cameras to watch the back alley of the shopping center, to guard against vandalism.

Tylman reports this Ingersoll system is working well, so he will soon be rolling out a similar system to strip centers in Burlington, Ontario and Kamloops, British Columbia. “We like the IQeye cameras' very high resolutions and the fact that they work seamlessly with other third-party software and hardware products. We can manage this system remotely—that is key.”

Each night, the IQeye Alliance-pro cameras running exacqVision Edge server software transfer the days' video to an on-site Synology NAS appliance, which is used as the archival device. The cameras can hold up to five days of video (based on Rathcliffe's settings), but the transfer is done each day. The NAS can hold up to a year or more of archived footage from several cameras.

Rathcliffe uses the video surveillance for a wide range of applications—verifying slip and fall claims; vandalism and graffiti incidents; but also to track operations at the location, for example making sure a contractor shows up when they're supposed to work.

As Rathcliffe expands and acquires more properties, Tylman sees rolling out similar systems to his new properties. “The IQeye cameras are the only digital cameras we've ever used. We had over 100 IQeyes at our other properties. IQinVision's customer service and support has been fantastic. The IQeye cameras support the exacqVision Edge solution, the specifications are good, and they offer quality performance at a reasonable price—we get good value for our investment.”

MOBOTIX shows 5MP light sensitive cameras D25, M25 and Q25

MOBOTIX shows 5MP light sensitive cameras D25, M25 and Q25

Editor / Provider: Mobotix | Updated: 12/16/2013 | Article type: Security 50

The new D25, M25 and Q25 5-megapixel IP camera models deliver high-contrast images without motion blur, even in poorly illuminated scenes due to the new MOBOTIX low-light optimization feature. As a result, they are considerably more-light sensitive than the respective predecessor models and have twice as many pixels as Full HD.

All models feature state-of-the-art motion detection. Whether large objects in the foreground or small ones in the background, the integrated MxActivitySensor only records video or triggers an alarm if an important event occurs. Interference caused by trees moving in the wind, shadows, passing clouds or snowfall is ignored better. The motion sensor configures automatically; it is possible to select the image region and direction of motion of the objects.

The 3 models are weatherproof and operate at temperatures between -30°C to +50°C (-22°F to 122°F). The only differences in the models are the design and the additional sensors they offer. The D25 is a compact dome camera for indoor and outdoor use and can be equipped with vandalism protection. The M25 features a microphone and is designed to withstand extreme weather situations.

The Q25 generates 180-degree panorama images with improved details and discreetly secures an entire room without any blind spots. This way it is far easier to capture a scene than with several individual cameras. The number of cameras required and the costs are reduced as zooming in on details is still possible.

All new camera models feature an MxBus connection to integrate additional features such as the GPS-Box, which delivers the exact time reference for the video recordings, in addition to position, ambient temperature and brightness. Recording on all camera models takes place both internally on an SD card and externally on a USB stick or via the IP network on NAS hard drives offering nearly unlimited storage capacity.

NetWatch deploys Axis IP cams to combats copper wire theft

NetWatch deploys Axis IP cams to combats copper wire theft

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 11/27/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications announced a model project for National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience highlighting the City Utilities of Springfield Missouri's use of thermal and pan/tilt/zoom (PTZ) Axis IP cameras to protect unmanned power substations from copper wire theft and improve staff safety to ensure continuous flow of electricity for customers.

With the scrap value of copper climbing to more than $3 per pound, each theft costs CU an average of $6,000 in labor and repairs. Cut wires and the risk of electrocution also endanger the lives of CU staff, thieves and any curious persons. Within the first month of operation, the new IP camera system helped the utility company alert police to four separate incidents at one of the most highly targeted substations.

Axis thermal network cameras used to protect the perimeter can detect potential intruders at night while high resolution IP cameras provide visual verification to help reduce false alarms.

CU worked with Springfield, Missouri-based systems integrator NetWatch, to create a comprehensive, yet cost-effective digital video security system with a combination of thermal and day/night Axis network cameras.AXIS Q1921-E Thermal Network Cameras allow the community-owned utility company to remotely monitor its 47 substations from a central location 24 hours a day without the added cost of lighting. For substations located in residential areas, the thermal cameras also help CU avoid any concerns about light pollution.

The recent Presidential proclamation declaring November 2013 National Critical Infrastructure Security and Resilience Month stressed that infrastructure was the “backbone of the national and economic security,” and its protection is essential to the future health and stability of the nation. The Federal Bureau of Investigation identified copper theft in particular as a threat to the country's electrical infrastructure – both in terms of the flow of electricity and cost of repairs. The National Insurance Crime Bureau reported more than 32,000 claims for copper theft from 2010 to 2012 – a 36% increase from 2009 to 2010.

 VIVOTEK launches miniature H.264 1-CH video server VS8100

VIVOTEK launches miniature H.264 1-CH video server VS8100

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 11/21/2013 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK announced the launch of its miniature H.264 1-CH video server VS8100. With its compact size and power sharing feature, VS8100 is an ideal option for front-end installations and discreet surveillance applications, such as homes, offices, retail stores, banks, and city surveillance, allowing for easy migration from an analog to digital surveillance system.

With the evolution of network technology and a substantial increase in demand for high resolution image quality, IP cameras are the driving force behind transformation in the security market. While the IP camera market is continuing to expand, the transition from analog takes time when considering the existence of currently-installed legacy systems. VIVOTEK's video servers act as a reliable and user-friendly facilitator for the transition from CCTV to IP-Based Surveillance. Through VIVOTEK's video servers, data received from analog camera can be encoded by VIVOTEK's self developed advanced codec system and broadcast via an IP network for monitoring and recording.

VIVOTEK VS8100's compact size, no larger than that of a human finger, means that minimal footprint is required to deploy the technology in a variety of applications. The power sharing feature also makes installation easy by allowing the unit to share power with an existing 12V DC power supply from an analog camera. The high-performance H.264 compression format is able to reduce video file sizes, enabling bandwidth efficiency maximization and storage capacity optimization. In addition, by supporting multiple simultaneous streams, the video streams can be transmitted in either H.264 or MJPEG formats for versatile applications. Together with the ST7501 multi-lingual 32-channel recording software, an IP surveillance system can be set up with minimal difficulty.

Optex IP sensors and detectors integrated with AXIS PTZ cameras

Optex IP sensors and detectors integrated with AXIS PTZ cameras

Editor / Provider: Optex | Updated: 11/20/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Optex, a manufacturer of security infrared and laser technology, announced the integration of their IP sensors and detector products with Axis network cameras and AXIS Camera Application Platform (ACAP). This integration will provide additional intelligence to end user cameras for powerful IP perimeter intrusion solutions.

Optex IP detectors integrate directly into AXIS PTZ cameras combining video verification and Optex Laser, Passive Infrared or Photoelectric detection technologies creating benefits such as:
- AXIS ACAP integration provides access to the Optex Redscan laser detector's built-in detection modes for specific perimeter intrusion applications.
- Optex's definitive product specifications to detect objects and activate cameras with minimal effects from common environmental and lighting conditions that cause false positives, minimizing false alarms.
- Using Redscan in conjunction with video analytics and Axis thermal network cameras enhances perimeter security allowing analytics to confirm identity and threat level of detected objects.
- Managing Optex event codes through Axis ACAP enabled PTZ cameras allows you to send video and alarm data to video management software such as Camera Companion or Camera Station.


Hikvision Smart Surveillance designed for IP channel

Hikvision Smart Surveillance designed for IP channel

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 11/15/2013 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision Smart IP cameras are designed to fully meet all professional market requirements for efficient bandwidth and storage utilization, as well as unparalleled image quality and customer convenience.

As video surveillance continues to incorporate IP technology into their products, security manufacturers are considering how "SMART" technology can enrich their own product lines and strengthen product competitiveness. Hikvision's introduction of a professional 4-line IP camera range, aims to revolutionize the surveillance market by offering a kit of “SMART” features.

Smart is the latest concept which aims to bring video surveillance into every aspects of professional, intelligent, efficient, and convenient surveillance. Enriched with Smart technologies - such as Smart Codec, Smart Detection and Smart Control - Hikvision Smart IP cameras are specifically designed to deliver this concept to the market and convey the idea of smart security.

Smart on Bandwidth and Storage Utilization
Incorporated with an advanced codec algorithm, Hikvision's 4-line smart IP cameras deliver images at a very low bit rate without compromising on image quality. Hikvision 4-line cameras can boost image quality up-to 30% when under a 2Mpbs bit rate / 720p resolution mode. This significantly minimizes the system's load and storage requirements.

4-line smart IP cameras also support ROI (Region of Interest) codec. This allows the cameras to decrease non-ROI's image quality to save on maximum bandwidth and storage. Additionally, these regions of interest will be smartly transmitted with better detail and image quality under identical bit rate streaming conditions./p>

In vertically-shaped areas, Hikvision 4-line smart IP cameras utilizing a "Rotate Mode," which creates a vertically-oriented video feed from the camera. This further maximizes image quality while concurrently eliminating bandwidth and storage waste. As well, triple streaming is supported to perform live monitoring with up-to three independent streams.

Smart on Image Quality Delivery
Hikvision 4-line smart IP cameras bring imaging to a new level with the help of defogging technology, high frame rate, smart IR, WDR technology, starlight-level low-light capability, this improves image clarity in poor weather conditions, such as rain or fog.

In order to meet various applications where image detail is critically important (such as the handling of cash and financial transactions) Hikvision's 4-line smart IP cameras offer an ultra-high frame rate of 60fps in HD or Full HD resolution. This results in detailed and excellent image quality. Meanwhile, the improved Smart IR function allows IR strength adjustment and better visibility for the specific requirements of an application.

Smart on User Convenience
Hikvision 4-line smart IP cameras are equipped with various industry-leading technologies for user convenience. The Auto Focus feature allows cameras to focus the image automatically and brings users maximum convenience since there is no need for them to adjust the focus when scene of surveillance changes.

These models come with Intelligent Video Analytics to detect activity by various means such as Facial Detection which enables the camera to accurately detect human faces, while Intrusion Detection helps the camera to detect moving objects within a predefined area of interest. However, both features make it possible to automatically trigger an alarm and event recording simultaneously, allowing user to take whatever proactive response they deem necessary. Audio Detection gives users another tool to analyze local sound and trigger an alarm based on these parameters. Additionally, this tool can also filter out background noise interference to help avoid false alarms.

Besides, in the event of an issue relating to storage, network connection, lens redirection, defocus, or tampering, built-in VQD (Video Quality Detection) technology allows 4-line cameras to automatically self-diagnose and trigger an alarm accordingly.

Smart Solution
Hikvision's 4-line Smart IP cameras can be coupled with existing Hikvision Smart PTZ domes, storage devices, and video management software to deliver a truly vivid Smart solution for professional applications, such as casinos, banks, residential communities, airports, harbors, highways, and among others.

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