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[Secutech 2014] EverFocus to showcase integration solutions

[Secutech 2014] EverFocus to showcase integration solutions

Editor / Provider: Everfocus | Updated: 3/19/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Everfocus is expected to highlight their latest developments at secutech International 2014 booth 6117, where the company will showcase their new Panoramic IP Camera EFN3320, 10X Auto Focus IP Cameras as well as NVRs, HD-SDI products, Mobile Solutions, and most of all, the whole new XMS and its integration.

EFN3320 camera is EverFocus' latest 3 megapixel panoramic IP camera. Based on an innovative technology, EFN3320 uses a fisheye lens to create a 360° view with an extremely large area of coverage. With proper placement, EFN3320 IP camera can replace two or more conventional fixed cameras for seamless coverage of an entire scene with no gaps or blind spots.

The XMS is a high performance management system that enables users to connect, work, and control all the surveillance products easily including cameras, portable devices, and also connect with ATMs, POS machine, LPR systems, access control, and alarm.

EZN3261 bullet and EHN3261 dome IP cameras provide up to 30 fps at 1920 x 1080 viewing resolution. Both two types of models equipped with an auto focus 10x optical zoom lens which provides the desired field of view with superior video quality in precision focus. EZN and EHN series come with 2 megapixel and 3 megapixel. Both types will be showcased during secutech from 3/19-3/21.

Mobile has always been Everfocus' strength. EverFocus EMN series mini mobile IP dome comes with 3 models, 1.3 MP, 2 MP, and 3 MP, providing up to 15 fps at 2048 x 1536 viewing resolution. With full EN50155 compliance, IK10 vandal proof housing and IP67-rated design, the camera can withstand shock, vibration, humidity, dust, and fluctuations, maintaining stable and reliable video during vehicle movement.

The zero latency HD quality image is another highlight of EverFocus versatile and high performing HD-SDI solutions! HD-SDI solutions allow users to monitor true “real time” HD recording images.

Barcelona shopping mall upgrades with Dahua IP surveillance solutions

Barcelona shopping mall upgrades with Dahua IP surveillance solutions

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 3/12/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Heron City shopping mall is one of the biggest shopping centers in Barcelona, Spain. The mall is stationed with many street-popular brands, along with a wide range of restaurants and a big underground supermarket.

Like any place where large crowds of people gather, shopping malls are susceptible to criminal activity. As a local popular shopping center, Heron has its existing analog surveillance system but requires an updated HD demand, including high definition, fast transmission, versatile video management and etc. However, the today's Spanish market, the market share is still de facto analog system and people are not yet familiar with IP solutions, as network setting is not as that easy as analog one.

With great effort of IPTECNO VIDEOVIGILANCIA, Dahua's local distributor in Spain and Working Security, a local system integrator, the mall executives decided to embrace IP technology, and Dahua IP system was finally chosen after rounds of competition thanks to its professional solution and excellent support.

The team took a reconnaissance to find out where to best deploy cameras before implementation as a strategic placement could efficiently prevent thefts, deter crimes as well as increase customer safety. Therefore, the mall executives take not only product performance but also camera design, disk capacity, ease of use, maintenance, and other factors into account. And Dahua's camera models of SD6982A-HN, SD6582A-HN, IPC-HFW3200SP, IPC-HDW2100P and NVR models of NVR5832, NVR5208-P meet the eyes.

2-megapixel IR bullet (IPC-HFW3200SP) and 2-megapixel eyeball domes (IPC-HDW2100P) feature the design to meet the scenarios for both indoor and outdoor. Meanwhile, they are also vandal-proof in case of any malicious attempts. These cameras are perfectly designed for public open areas, entrances and exits, cashier in stores and parking lots.

The 2-megapixel speed dome features Dahua in-house block camera, rendering clear and crisp images, and its IR distance reaches up to 100 meters, ensuring a wide range vision at poor-lighting surroundings. The PoE NVR they adopted saves a lot of time and support 8-ch 1080P playback; meanwhile, it support dual-stream recording, which is to record the real-time main stream and extra stream of all IP camera at the same time.

“IP business is growing slowly in Spain because of economic turmoil,” said Jordi Bassa, General Manager of IPTECNO VIDEOVIGILANCIA. “It is important to have IP system with competitive price, Dahua has the kind of products which meets the market demands. With the implement of this project, we do hope it will lead us to become a successful IP system provider.” Jaime Gonzlezm from Working Security put it: “we are happy to be involved in this case and expect to have further cooperation with Dahua and IPTECNO to introduce and accomplish more HD IP projects in Spain.”

“I learned from IPTECNO that there are many public places using conventional system in Spain,” said Elmer Zhang, Sales Director of Europe at Dahua Technology. “This is a great potential for IP and by this project, the end-user experienced the benefits from IP. Moreover, we also enhance the cooperation and trust with IPTECNO to better provide the right IP solution and services for Spanish market.”

Hikvision releases new easily blending camera series

Hikvision releases new easily blending camera series

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 3/12/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Hikvision introduces its series of miniature-sized IP cameras: the DS-2CD64 series. This new mini series provides both flexibility and ease of installation - especially in areas of very limited space - and makes it ideal for discreet surveillance applications (such as ATMs, access control, and upscale retail locations, among others).

As the overall HD IP surveillance market continues to boom, IP adoption in vertical markets has taken on even more importance by seeking out products that meet the specialized requirements for every vertical market. Hikvision's DS-2CD64 series covert camera is designed with this vertical market concept in mind.

“This series is comprised of a palm-sized main unit and thumb-sized lens unit. This small size allows the camera to blend into a variety of environments where space may be an issue, or where an intrusive-looking conventional camera adversely affects the desired environment of the location. Furthermore, beside its small size, this camera packs a bevy of additional features," explained Adler Wu, Product Marketing Manager at Hikvision.

An Abundance of In-House Features
Hikvision's DS-2CD64 series is the first of its type to incorporate true 120dB WDR, as well as other powerful image processing functionalities like 3D DNR and BLC. Features such as these allow the DS-2CD64 to capture crystal-clear HD (1280x960) images under any lighting conditions.

When in a vertically-shaped environment, such as a corridor or hallway, this camera adjusts to “Rotate Mode” to deliver better vertically-oriented images. This further maximizes image quality while concurrently eliminating bandwidth and storage waste. Besides, the ROI (Region of Interest) codec is also included to provide additional savings on maximum bandwidth and storage.

Additionally, the DS-2CD64 series supports on-board storage of up-to 64GB, which serves as a backup in case of network disconnection. Equipped with Alarm I/O and Audio I/O interfaces, these cameras allow users to connect to a variety of external audible & visual alarm devices for additional security control purposes. Furthermore, triple streaming is supported to perform live monitoring with up-to three independent streams.

Choice of Lens and Mounting Type
Designed with flexibility in mind, the DS-2CD64 series supports various lens types for different application scenarios. For example, a pinhole lens (DS-2CD6412FWD-10) with covert mounting is particularly suitable for ATM surveillance. However, for stores, hotels, and offices, an L-shaped lens (DS-2CD6412FWD-20) with wall mountings, or a tube lens (DS-2CD6412FWD-30) with brackets, make excellent solutions for perfectly discreet surveillance. Available in these three styles, customers are sure to find an option that best fits their specific needs.

Coupling the DS-2CD64 series with Hikvision DS-7608/16NI-VP plug & play embedded NVR makes a high quality and easy-to-use solution for both ATM and any other covert surveillance in vertical markets. The DS-7608/16NI-VP NVR is small in size (130× 236× 180mm), which is very suitable for adoption in limited space.

Hikvision's DS-2CD64 series will be on display in the upcoming exhibitions: Secutech Taipei, ISC West, and ISC Brazil. Customers are encouraged to stop by the official Hikvision booth to take a look and ask for more information.

Top 10 most popular security products for February 2014

Top 10 most popular security products for February 2014

Editor / Provider: asmag Editorial Department | Updated: 3/11/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

asmag presents the top 10 most popular products for February 2014, with Hikvision dominated the chart with 3 times appearance, leaving readers a strong impression. Moreover, a big shake up also hit the chart – with 8 product newcomers entering, including suppliers such as VIVOTEK, Superior Electronics, Honeywell, LILIN, Tyco, Hikvision and Panasonic.

Interestingly, a string of 4 different dome cameras took over the chart by storm – showing a booming demand for dome cameras from the security industry. Other products, namely: bean sensor, control panel, lens and smart door lock all surfaced on this popularity chart.

Following are the individual introductions and analysis of the top 10 products:

Once again, Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera topped the chart with dominating 533 clicks – its second time in a row be named “the most popular product of the month”, indicating a growing curve of support from the home-oriented market. DS-2CD2412F-I (W) is embedded with a passive infrared motion detection senor, allowing the camera to detect individuals when they are within 8-meter range of unit and also automatically triggers an alarm response.

Moreover, this product is also equipped with a built-in microphone/speaker, designed to safeguard homes, offices, stores and other small and medium-sized enterprises.

Market newcomer VIVOTEK FD8371EV outdoor 3MP dome graced the runner up position with solid 356 views. Featuring 30 fps at 3-megapixel, FD8371EV is a professional day/night camera embedded with Smart IR technology to avoid overexposure from IR LEDs. Smart IR technology allows cameras to adjust the IR lighting intensity instantaneously based on the distance of the object from cameras.

Another newcomer ENFORCER 50ft Reflective Photoelectric Beam Sensor also left a memorable impression with its 347 clicks; therefore, ranked as third place on the chart. Made especially for the Smart-home and small business markets, this standalone system includes a sensor, reflector, adapter as well as chime unit, and has received some positive feedback from the internet realm, mainly for its easy-setup and easy-to-use features.

American supplier Honeywell's VISTA-250BP Control Panel secured number 4th, , it generated 296 views in February. This product is an 8 partition, 250 zone UL commercial burglary control panel, designed to meet various requirements of today's commercial installations while simplifying end-user operation.

Additionally, this product is embedded with a cutting edge feature: Panel Linking, it allows multiple partitions, panels – even buildings – to be armed, disarmed and have status checked all from one location.

Another new face entered the chart with 289 clicks –LD2122E4/E6 1080P HD Mini Dome IP Camera from LILIN. This mini dome has been featured in ‘HD Mini Dome' special feature and is equipped with Full HD 2 megapixel CMOS image sensor, 3D noise reduction and 2D WDR function.

The fact that Tyco American Dynamics 5MP Illustra Fisheye Camera graced 6th in this popularity chart with 240 views indicates a latent demand for panoramic cameras in the market. This product provides 180-degree and 360-degree panoramic views of wide areas as well as single or multiple fixed views – suitable for forensic investigations. In order to introduce more panoramic cameras, will be presenting our readers with a panoramic camera special feature in March.

Placed at number 7 is the duplicated version of the chart topper from Hikvision; Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) 3MP IR Cube Network Camera is not unfamiliar to this popularity chart; it has been named number 4 last month and with solid support coming from Europe and a total 217 clicks, this is its third time in a row to appear on the chart.

Yet another fresh new face, Panasonic WV-SFV631L vandal-resistant 1080P dome came in 8th with 208 views. Introduced at the ASIS conference in last September as one of the first additions to Panasonic's new high-performance 6 Series i-PRO cameras, this camera has gained strong momentum and popularity from America and Asia.

Chinese supplier Hikvision's HV3816D-8MPIR MEGAPIXEL VARI-FOCAL LENS plays a major component of delivering high-resolution images in ultra-low conditions and therefore has been ranked 9th. With focal range from 3.8 to 16mm, this lens allows camera models to operate at given focal distances to best suit a particular field of view. This item has been clicked by 200 viewers with roughly half of the views coming from America.

With its minimalistic and simplistic design aesthetic, Samsung SHS-P718 Push Pull Smart Door Lock is enjoying its third time appearance on the chart. This product is specially designed for the Smart Home users. Simply just push and pull, combined with User Access Code, RF Card Key Tag, Mechanical Override Key ,Finger Print and many other ways to unlock, these great features have produced 198 views around the world.


* Please note that the above statistics are not based on the sum of clicks but the accumulation of IP addresses.

For last month's Top 10 products, click here.

Exacq bolsters security at The Ice Palace in Russia

Exacq bolsters security at The Ice Palace in Russia

Editor / Provider: Exacq Technologies | Updated: 3/5/2014 | Article type: Security 50

The Ice Palace closely monitors audiences at hockey games and other events with the exacqVision video management system (VMS) software from Exacq Technologies. The exacqVision solution enables them to quickly search and find evidence, integrate with multiple IP camera manufacturers and view live and recorded video at all times.

The Ice Palace is a multi-purpose sports and entertainment complex in Saint Petersburg, Russia. Built in 1999, the Ice Palace has served as the home arena for SKA St. Petersburg and been primarily used for ice hockey games. Beyond ice hockey, the arena hosts concerts, fairs, circus shows, exhibitions and acts as a skating rink. The five-story building can hold up to 12,300 people.

Just like most sport and leisure centers, the Ice Palace required increased attention to safety. A common standard in Russia is the continuous improvement of video monitoring measures. The Ice Palace has seen a 10 % increase in the number of events occurring each year since it opened. With the increasing demand and more than 10,000 square meters of space and several floors, the Ice Palace needed a surveillance system to overcome the complicated issue of properly monitoring the facility.

The iPera Company partnered with the Ice Palace to design a video surveillance solution. Having past experience installing a surveillance system for the Arena-Mettalurg at Magnitogorsk, made this a familiar, manageable task for iPera to design and install.

iPera suggested the Ice Place install the scalable exacqVision VMS with a two-stage installation throughout 2011 and 2012. They selected exacqVision for its multi-faceted integration with IP video camera manufacturers and various servers.

To protect spectators and improve the capabilities available to the security team, iPera deployed the exacqVisions solution. iPera integrated IP cameras from Arecont Vision and Axis into the Ice Palace system. The cameras and exacqVision VMS software cover all areas of the stands, VIP boxes, entrances and exits, main foyer, cafes, player tunnels, press center and locker rooms.

Ice Palace staff members monitor the facility through a video wall displaying the exacqVision client software in the main office. The exacqVision VMS software is easy to use and navigate, so staff members could quickly adapt to the software without extensive training.

They can easily view all event attendees entering and exiting the facility. By using the client, they have effectively minimized criminal activity including entering with counterfeit tickets or bringing in unnecessary weapons. When the hockey players have interviews with media personnel, security staff can easily view and examine the interaction. Also, the exacqVision VMS is useful when players have meet and greet sessions with fans. Ice Palace security workers now have the capability to zoom in and see greater detail. With the integrated cameras and exacqVision client, they can completely and accurately identify people.

The exacqVision VMS software provided Ice Palace staff with the functionality to pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) on individual spectators faces in the stands. If a crowd disturbance is reported in a section, staff members can quickly search and view the video to investigate the incident and remove inappropriate visitors before a serious incident occurs. Staff members can also download, save and send specific video clips if needed as evidence for a case. Therefore, they can better handle situations and improve their response time to provide the safest atmosphere.

The Ice Palace has greatly improved their surveillance with the scalable exacqVision system. They can now ensure an enjoyable spectator experience while protecting its staff members, players and fans.

VIVOTEK IP cams enabled safety at National Chi Nan University

VIVOTEK IP cams enabled safety at National Chi Nan University

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 3/3/2014 | Article type: Education

National Chi Nan University (NCNU), an international university located in Nantou, Taiwan, offers a scenic learning and research environment to more than 6,000 students and a faculty and staff team of over 500 people. The 21 institutes and departments at NCNU offer 29 Bachelor's, 52 Master's and 18 Ph.D. programs covering the fields of liberal arts, sciences, engineering, electrical engineering and computer science, education, management, and social sciences. The NCNU library, a well-equipped building with 6 floors, offers quiet and comfortable spaces for students and staff members to study and work between 8:00 am and 9:00 pm. As a knowledge hub, the library receives numerous students and scholars on a daily basis. The large number of readers and visitors causes tremendous pressure to the administrative team, which is responsible for ensuring a safe and convenient environment for its users.

The previous security system installed in the library was an analog CCTV system based on conventional analog digital video recorders. In such systems, point-to-point transmission is limited between cameras and video players or recorders. Consequently, centralized image management was difficult to achieve. Additionally, the image definition yielded by analog cameras is unsatisfactory. Therefore, NCNU management decided to replace the analog system with an IP camera system, adopting central management software (CMS) to perform centralized image management. The change is vital for providing a safe and convenient learning environment for students.

In September 2013, NCNU cooperated with Zero One Technology, VIVOTEK's official distributor in Taiwan, to implement a VIVOTEK IP surveillance system in the library.

Clear Images Ensure the Safety and Reliability of the Library
A total of 36 cameras were installed in the indoor spaces of the NCNU library: 12 pieces of FD8135H, IP8151, and CC8130, respectively. Specifically, the 12 FD8135Hs, with WDR Pro technology for coping with challenging lighting conditions, were installed in the hallways leading to the bathrooms in the building, one on either end of all six floors of the library. These hallways are relatively less traveled, raising concerns for reader security. Furthermore, the bathrooms are located adjacent to escape ladders, which are accessible to all people. Thus, surveillance cameras were installed to monitor these areas and ensure user safety.

The IP8151s, featuring the utmost in picture clarity, are able to capture exceptional details during daytime. The cameras were installed to monitor book circulation desks to reduce disputes over book circulation. Previously, when readers borrowed or returned books at the desks, the surveillance cameras were unable to capture well-defined images that would enable the staff to obtain detailed information, such as the number of books borrowed or returned. Consequently, disputes may arise. Following the installation of the IP cameras, high-definition images showing detailed information including the number of books returned or borrowed are obtainable, thereby decreasing the possibility of disputes.

Additionally, CC8130s, designed as compact cube camera with panoramic view, were installed in the hallway racks to obtain 180° horizontal images of the interior of the library. These images have enabled the staff to comprehensively monitor all areas of the building during all hours of a day.

The Stability and Credibility Won the Trust
Mr. Chen-Chieh Liao in the NCNU library, commented, “Although replacing all analog cameras with IP cameras required redeploying the Internet cable network, we believe the installation will yield numerous benefits.” Before adopting the IP camera system developed by VIVOTEK INC., the NCNU management had conducted tests to evaluate the performance of the cameras. The test results showed the cameras offered panoramic views and high definition. “After installing and using the system,” Liao stated, “we found in addition to the superior images provided by VIVOTEK cameras, the performance of the system is stable and reliable. We will be happy to continue using VIVOTEK IP cameras if we have other projects in the future

SG Group chose QNAP surveillance solution for storage expansion

SG Group chose QNAP surveillance solution for storage expansion

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by QNAP | Updated: 2/25/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Bank Republic, one of the Georgia's oldest privately owned banks, was founded in 1991 and is a leading commercial bank in Georgia. The Bank serves its clients through 37 branches and service centers. Societe Generale is a French multinational banking and financial services company. In 2006, the Societe Generale Group took over the controlling interests of the Bank Republic in Georgia, with the Bank Republic becoming a member of the international group Societe Generale.

Every day, the Bank Republic is busy serving many customers in their branches. To ensure quality service from cashiers and to protect customers and staff, Bank Republic adopted an entry-level surveillance system to monitor the branch area. However, with the growing demand for high-quality video recordings and video archiving for at least 180 days, the existing system gradually failed to satisfy Bank Republic's needs. As a result, the bank started to look for an alternative surveillance system.

After consulting its local system integrator, Bank Republic chose QNAP Security surveillance solution, and deployed 8 units of VioStor NVR VS-4116 Pro+ (powered by Intel Dual-Core processors and 4GB of memory), 7 units of Turbo NAS TS-669 Pro for storage expansion, and the Acti IP cameras KCM-5211, Acti D51 and Acti D52. George Berdzenishvili, a representative of L.T.D Integrity, said "The quality and rich features of QNAP VioStor NVR VS-4116 Pro+ is exactly what Bank Republic needs," adding that "the unique feature of storage expansion solution particularly earns Bank Republic's heart as it provides a flexible way to expand video storage capacity on demands.”

The bank's requirement of 180-day video retention requires large storage capacity, and QNAP VioStor NVR's storage expansion solution duly fulfills those needs. By upgrading the NVR firmware to v4.1.1 and installing the StorageExpansion app (QPKG) on the Turbo NAS, administrators could connect the VS-4116Pro+ with the TS-669 Pro via network to flexibly enlarge the total storage capacity of NVR. The VioStor NVR became scalable, enabling the bank to flexibly expand the storage capacity for Full HD recording and long-term video retention.

The storage expansion solution of QNAP VioStor NVR benefits Bank Republic not necessary to provide massive storage initially but to ensure the flexibility to scale up the storage on demand to meet future changes and requirements. Now, Bank Republic can easily preserve video recordings for the long term, improving the security of their branches, assisting to ensure service quality, and providing solid, high-quality evidence if needed.

Dahua DH-HFW5200C camera passes UL-2802 standard

Dahua DH-HFW5200C camera passes UL-2802 standard

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 2/20/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua Technology, a global manufacturer and solution provider of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China, announced that its latest network camera, DH-HFW5200C, has become one of the first to pass UL-2802 (Performance Testing Standard for Camera Image Quality) certification in the industry and keeps users better protected.

Underwriters Laboratories (UL) launched UL-2802, which is the newest digital-camera performance standard, defining a method to determine video camera's digital image quality ratings through a series of performance tests. Cameras are rated on the following parameters: image resolution; distortion; relative illumination; dynamic range; maximum frame rate; gray level; sensitivity; bad pixel count and veiling glare.

DH-HFW5200C, being a part of Dahua's Eco-Savvy series, presents an outstanding performance as it achieved quite high scores during testing. 3 tests results (Relative Illumination / Dynamic Range / Bad Pixel) were perfect scores, with others (Gray Level / Sensitivity / Veiling Glare) scoring strongly as well, according to the UL testing report.

"It is a pleasure to work with all manufacturers, and Dahua provides one of the first opportunities for certification. The UL-2802 program is a critical stepping stone for end users, manufacturers and integrators to objectively evaluate the performance of a camera's image quality. The UL test methods and procedures provide a fresh technical approach to objectively evaluating camera image quality," said Yeo Fong, Asia Business Development Manager of Built Environment of Underwriters Laboratories. "UL is a reliable, professional and trusted partner and the UL-2802 camera quality program they introduced is of great prospect,” said Tim Shen, overseas Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. "As a manufacturer, we are very happy to participate in this program as it is beneficial to the industry. There finally exists a third-party standard, administered by a trusted quality organization, which differentiates cameras in a fair and objective way."

Top 10 most popular products for January 2014

Top 10 most popular products for January 2014

Editor / Provider: asmag Editorial Department | Updated: 2/19/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

asmag unveils the top 10 most popular products for January 2014 with Hikvision and Samsung products appearing twice, along with other companies appearing once, namely: Theia, VIVOTEK, Biwave, Dahua and other newcomers including FLIR, Bosch and Afidus.

As predicted, the trend of 2014 will be tilting further more from analog products towards IP. Surveillance is not only about cameras, other products such as camera cores, connections, Ethernets, lenses and locks are all in popular demand.

December 2013's runner up, Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera steps up to number 1 with astoundingly over 600 viewers from previous month's 425 clicks. This camera increased in a number of views though slid back in Europe from 45% to 40% but a growth from 32% to 34% in America.

Runner up is FLIR Lepton Cost Micro Thermal Imaging Camera Core. This new comer, was released during CES 2014, makes its mark at number 2 with 359 views, introducing a product not only significant to surveillance but also in building automation and presence detection with 45% clicks from America and almost half that at 29% in Asia.

This next product steps 2 positions up to number 3 is Biwave 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission for IP Network Camera Connection ( VDL4000 ). With an increase in the number of clicks from 253 to 327, with interest declined in Europe by 1%(39%) and an increase from 30% to 35% in America.


Placed at number four, is Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) 3MP IR Cube Network Camera, closely resembling chart topper DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera in appearance. This product, previously at number 3 with 279 clicks has increased to 304 clicks; seem to have had an increase in popularity in Europe growing from a 50% to astonishingly 60% this past month and a slight slip in America from 33% to 31%.

Newcomer Samsung Techwin SNF-7010 360-degree 3-Megapixel Camera released in mid-December features a digital PTZ and utilizes Progressive Scan technology to provide sharp edges on moving subjects and vehicles, with built-in SD/SDHC/SDXC memory. Landed at number 5 with 293 clicks, is popular in America and Asia with 47% and 37% respectively.

Fisheye cameras are showing popularity in the start of 2014. Coming in 6th place is new comer VIVOTEK FE8174/74V Fisheye Fixed Dome Network Camera with 280 clicks, is the first fisheye fixed dome network camera from VIVOTEK, featuring detailed 5MP-resolution sensor with superb image quality. It receives massive supports from Europe with a remarkable 42%.

Number 7 Ultrawide Mpx Lenses without distortion leverages its patented Linear Optical Technology to provide a family of ultra wide, low distortion, megapixel lenses. Theia's ultra wide angle, undistorted megapixel lenses reduce camera count and cover the same distance. This fascinating lens series was originally released in 2011 however, due to recent promotional activities at asmag, this product has caught much attention with 257 views, most of which comes from Europe with 48% clicks and not far behind with 31% in America.


Samsung makes a second appearance at number 8 in our January popular products with the Samsung SHS-P718 Push Pull Smart Door Lock. This push-pull mechanism door lock, previously received 182 views at number 7 has now stepped down to number 8 with 253 clicks, this product is still popular in America (46%) and Asia (41%) previously 48% and 43%.

Another new comer to the ranks, sitting at number 9 is Bosch IP 5000 Cameras with 223 clicks. This camera is a new range of High-Definition MP Camera with up to 50% lower bandwidth and storage requirements, seamless integration with software and recording solutions from Bosch and third party providers. This product shows popularity amongst Asian (33%) and American markets (51%).

Shining star number 10 is Afidus BU-230F1 Palm Size 2M Box IP Camera with 221 clicks This Palm size 2M box IP camera supports mSD card for local storage and also provides free service for Afidus Cloud service andAfidus DDNS service. Afidus allows linkage to Smart phones via app. appears hot in America with 51% market interest and 33% from Asia.

Please note that the above statistics are not based on the sum of clicks but the accumulation of IP addresses.

For last month's Top 10 products, click here.


Axis releases HD 2MP IP camera M1025

Axis releases HD 2MP IP camera M1025

Editor / Provider: Axis Communications | Updated: 2/14/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Axis Communications announces the latest addition to its AXIS M10 Series featuring resolutions of up to HDTV 1080p or 2 megapixel resolution, in full frame rate. The AXIS M1025 Network Camera is an indoor, cost-effective camera ideal for video surveillance in small retail stores, boutiques, as well as offices and residential users.

The AXIS M1025 Network Camera is easy to install, saves time and cost effective for the users. The network camera comes with interesting features, which include support for HDMI output (Micro) for live streaming along with being compatible with Power over Ethernet, and provision to store video on a memory card.

Features of the AXIS M1025 Network Camera:
* Compatible with Corridor Format to help users to monitor narrow corridors and aisles

* Hosted video solution can be carried out via the AXIS Video Hosting System over a one-click camera connection

* AXIS M1025 Network Camera can be used with Axis Camera Companion as it comes with supporting a memory card, which is tailored specifically for small installations

* The camera complies with the industry's video management software through the Axis Application Development Partner Program, AXIS Camera Station as well as supporting ONVIF

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