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Exacq released advanced VMS solution in Asia Pacific

Exacq released advanced VMS solution in Asia Pacific

Editor / Provider: Exacq Technologies | Updated: 1/22/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Leveraging the global marketing power of Tyco Security Products, Exacq Technologies, a developer of open architecture, cross-platform, Video Management System (VMS) solutions for video surveillance applications, has launched full series exacqVision software and hardware in Asia Pacific, including exacqVision Start, Professional, Enterprise and Edge VMS software. The solutions are scalable from a single camera to an enterprise-class system with thousands of cameras, and run on Windows, Linux and Mac platform, with the open architecture suitable for customers' various needs.

The exacqVision VMS cross-platform, scalable solution has intuitive and user-friendly interface, and can be easily connected to cameras. The other powerful functionalities include mapping, audit trail, smart search, event surveillance, exacqReplay, digital PTZ control as well as integration with third party IP cameras and access control systems. And the live and recorded video can be accessed via the free exacq mobile app. on iPhone, iPad, Android, Kindle fire, Blackberry Playbook.

The newly launched exacqVision Edge VMS software runs directly on an IP camera or encoder without the need for a separate, central server; loads onto any compatible IP camera through the camera's web page app loader. The full functionality and performance of exacqVision Pro and exacqVision Enterprise is available on a single IP camera running the exacqVision edge VMS application, including Active Directory, integration, Video Wall, Mapping, Digital PTZ, third-party integration and more.

The exacqVision software includes 1-3 year Software Subscription Agreement. Users can receive quarterly software upgrades for all the latest advancements as they are released.

LILIN VMS solution tailored for hotel management

LILIN VMS solution tailored for hotel management

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 1/20/2014 | Article type: Tech Corner

LILIN video management system solution provides services for hotel business including daily video surveillance, employee training aide, vehicle traffic control, average daily customer flow, and hotel security system. LILIN, offers a wide range of network based products including HD IP cameras with high compression rate, panorama network cameras, VD022 video decoder, People Counting analytics, integration video delivery tied in with credit card machine and ePOS (electronic point of sales) system, ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology, and CMX (central video management software).

Other than the products and services mentioned above, the high compression rate provided by LILIN is able to help reducing hard drives required. In addition, Sense Up+ technology is able to be applied at the driveway environments and see color video at night, without the use of infrared illuminator – energy saving as a result. Also, Auto Focus technology will help to save relevant labor cost and time consumption, and with all the features listed, LILIN has what it takes to construct a well-thought-out round-the-clock hospitality-specific video surveillance solution.

Application at Reception Lobbies
Check-in concierge level lobbies, main exit and auxiliary exit can adopt FD2452 panorama fisheye camera. Being mounted on the central ceiling area to capture 360° complete surround view or the option to choose install the fisheye camera vertically against the wall in capturing 180° panoramic view. FD2452 has a built-in removable IR cut filter, 24/7 non-stop operation surveillance camera function, and able to see clearly even during nighttime without sufficient lighting support. FD2452 is equipped with built-in microphone, audio recording feature to record customer and staff conversations, and through CMX (central video management) recorder transitioning into AVI files for training purposes. FD2452 panorama network cameras have 1.05mm fisheye lens, de-wrapping hardware technology to recover untwisted true viewable footages.

FD2452 is available to deliver two 180° panoramic view or one 360° surround view + two PTZ view. No loud motor noise and mechanical maintenance issue, which provides flawless check-in counter area footages.

Credit card machine and ePOS system are able to synchronize with CMX recorder via RS-232 transitioning into TCP/IP protocols. All transactions made by ePOS and credit card machine system are recorded for future references and audit-related management.

Hotel's corridors can adopt L series IP cameras with 9:16 aspect ratio Corridor Format for vertically oriented video streams. Compare to general 16:9 recording mode, Corridor Format is about seeing everything in absolute clear view with high resolution rate. Thanks to LD2222 IP camera's compact form factor design, guests will not be bothered by their presence. L series cameras are the ideal selections to be employed at long and narrow hallway areas. Sense Up+ within LD2222, which has high sensitivity in low light condition and no motion blur. Replacement of IR supplement technique at corridor environments, still able to provide color video outputs, this can save a ton of electricity costs for the long run.

Welcoming driveway, main entrance and exit
Welcoming driveway, main entrance and exit, where would require lens can be managed and zoomed. The fully IP-66 water proof certified IPS420ES (outdoor) or IPS520 (indoor) speed domes are designed specifically to be applied in harsh environments, featuring 20X optical zoom lens and superb quality Full HD 1080P video outputs. The speed domes apply PoE (Power over Internet) for convenient configuration while installing the cameras – this can greatly minimize total installation time. LILIN speed dome are perfect to be used in both indoor and outdoor parking facility. With the help of LILIN CMX ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) technology being employed at the vehicle entrance gate, is able to analyze and recognize license plate numbers.

Auto Focus IP cameras
ZD2322 and ZR2322, are designed in a mini glassy dome form factor, 150mm diameter in size, and embedded mounting design are able to fit into restaurants, offices, conference rooms, lounge bars, and upscale retail stores. ZR2322 network camera is equipped with infrared feature, still has the ability to provide top-notch quality video outputs even in absolute no light condition. Z series network cameras have built-in Auto Focus technology, is capable of effectively positioning the cameras at the right focus angle in 30 seconds – this saves at least 40% installation time. Remote focusing feature from a distant location is available as well. Management team at hotels is given options to control zoom-in and zoom-out function after 3X optical zoom lens is installed in place. Z series cameras have a built-in removable IR-cut filter, AGC (automatic gain control) feature to produce usable images, and WDR (wide dynamic range) enhancement feature to accurately display the details of both the brightest and darkest area in a scene.

Eco-friendly Design
LILIN Pro series Full HD IP cameras are equipped with Sense Up+ technology. Eco-friendly energy saving design delivers exceptional video outputs at low light environment. iMEGAPRO series is especially great for parking entrance gate to capture crystal clear image without installing additional infrared illuminator– saves electricity bills on a long-term basis scale.

LILIN Pro series Full HD IP cameras have built-in 3D digital noise reduction (3D DNR). 3D DNR has the capacity to effectively handle the traditional frame-to-frame noise reduction, and at the same time incorporate spatial noise reduction. The entire scene is processed by 3D DNR technology that every part of the image is clear and noise-free. Full HD 1080P resolution only requires 3Mbps bandwidth support; this can greatly ease hard disk space loading. In addition, WDR (wide dynamic range) technology is capable of dealing with direct lighting in the day and near total darkness in the evening. WDR is suitable to be deployed at hotel's main and auxiliary exits to accurately identify incoming and outgoing customers.

Video Management for Managers at Hotels
For hospitality management, LILINViewer application on iOS operation system is an ideal way to create the peace-of-mind for managers who are always on the move to view real-time actual video feed at any time. LILINViewer app pushes the actual video feed of any disturbance and sends accurate and instant notification with an option to view the real-time video playback to assess the situation. LILINViewer is able to synchronize with LILIN NVR, DVR, and IP cameras with built-in SD card redundancy. LILIN's mobile app – LILINViewer, is the most efficient way to assist hotel managers to well manage and monitor hotel daily operations.

LILIN's CMX1108 recorder, is capable of recording up to 108-channel H.264/MJPEG Full HD IP cameras and/or DVR/NVR recorders. CMX1108 has the ability to connect with 108 pieces of IP cameras displayed onto large screen external monitor, and acts as TV Wall application outputs. It is capable to extend many more outputs when coupled with VD022 video decoders. Without using PC device, VD022 consumes only 17W energy saving spec design, to deliver virtual matrix system and manage groups of videos. LILIN developed solutions to satisfy all hospitality-specific needs, and designed with a number of unique features that are easy-to-use. ePOS system is tied in with CMX1108 recorder in such a way that alarms can be raised on events such as till draws being left open.

ANPR technology is integrated in CMX recorder – it can read vehicle registration plates. CMX also embedded People Counting analytics, allows hoteliers to measure hourly traffic levels and evaluate performance across the whole chain. eMap feature live video are available in CMX to provide handy tools to manage floors, and automatically provide alarm-related video footage. CMX1108 recorder can help staff at hotel central security department to systematically manage videos and filter out unauthorized vehicles from entering the facility.

NVR404c fan-less design
High-class retail shops, upscale restaurants, and conference meeting centers are the kind of places where need absolute noise-free disturbance. LILIN's NVR404c is designed with no fan, it is an ideal product to be installed in such upper scale facilities. NVR404c is also able to in synch with CMX recorder and provide remote video management.

Hotel solutions provided by LILIN focus on 1) small and exquisite form factors to fit into hotel's decoration style, 2) eco design helps reducing operation and installation costs, 3) video management provides checked in guests receive worry-free stay which they deserve, 4) recorded videos are good education materials for staff training purposes, and 5) via ANPR and People Counting analytics, to effectively manage and summarize customer traffic flow.

Motels, hotels, and resorts can take great advantage of LILIN's surveillance solutions to supply comfort peace of mind environment. LILIN cameras' compact form factor design, guests will feel safer and not to be bothered by their presence. Labor installation costs and operation cost, which LILIN has taken into account at initial designing stage, i.e. Sense Up+ will cutback use of infrared-based cameras, 3D noise reduction technology can efficiently reduce hard drivers usage, eco-friendly VD022 video decoder can use of TV Wall application without depending on a PC, and ANPR technology is able to cross-check vehicle registration plates. LILIN's well-rounded hospitability-specific video management provides all visiting guests and employees at hotel the safest environments.

Sponsored by:

LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

Geutebruck secures German military history museum

Geutebruck secures German military history museum

Editor / Provider: Geutebruck | Updated: 1/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

For the military history museum in Dresden quality is key - in its security system as in its building and displays. - Hence its use of Geutebruck IP cameras and digital video system platform for storing and transmitting video and audio data.

The ‘Militarhistorische Museum' is the German army's principal museum. Re-opened in 2011 after extensive modernization and the addition of a contrasting extension designed by US architect Daniel Libeskind, it is one of the three largest museums in Germany and the most up to date military history museum in Europe. The original armoury building, dating from 1877, is ‘cut through' by a stark modern wedge-shaped addition intended to symbolise Germany's eventful military history.

Regarding itself as a modern cultural history museum, its displays confront the visitor with his own potential for aggression and address violence as an historical, cultural and anthropological phenomenon. Its permanent exhibition with some 10,000 exhibits is displayed in an area of 13,000 square meters, and is divided into a thematic exhibition in the new extension and chronological displays in the original armoury.

Dahua HD IP cams integrate with DIGIEVER NVR

Dahua HD IP cams integrate with DIGIEVER NVR

Editor / Provider: Dahua Technology | Updated: 1/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dahua Technology, an international manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China launches official announcement that Dahua full range of HD network cameras (ranging from 1.3MP to 5MP) successfully integrate with DIGIEVER NVR.

Dahua network camera lineup offers megapixel cameras in various looks and sizes at distinctive demands, delivering superb image quality and strong functionality. The latest introduced Eco-Savvy series consists of three “low”s—low light, low bitrate and low consumption, which together makes the series a hit. DIGIEVER DIGISTOR NVR is a professional Linux-embedded standalone system with high performance of network surveillance and intuitive user interface. Powered by high performance CPU, DIGISTOR NVR performs excellent network surveillance of diverse IP cameras.

The successful integration of Dahua Technology and DIGIEVER is a benefit for both clients of Dahua IP cameras and DIGIEVER as the compatibility is a fulfillment to local play at full HD (1920x1080) and real time remote monitoring with outstanding throughput.

“DIGIEVER is an expert in video storage and we're glad that this partnership creates more value-added services for costumers of our both sides,” commented Stanley Hu, Product Director of Camera Line at Dahua Technology. “Customers are looking forward to the integration between Dahua and DIGIEVER to establish solid video recording surveillance solutions for customers of both parties. As a leading Linux-based NVR solution provider, DIGIEVER still dedicates on supporting extraordinary IP camera solution partners, such as Dahua,” said Mr. Allen Tseng, Product Manager of DIGIEVER. “The cooperation between DIGIEVER and Dahua will create more flexibility to satisfy various requests of users and vertical markets.”

AVTECH announces product Integration with ASUSTOR NAS

AVTECH announces product Integration with ASUSTOR NAS

Editor / Provider: AVTECH | Updated: 1/16/2014 | Article type: Security 50

AVTECH, an international provider of CCTV and IP surveillance solutions in Taiwan, has announced that it has integrated with renowned NAS brand ASUSTOR to offer comprehensive support for both Push Video and NAS surveillance storage.

AVTECH users will not only be able to receive instant push notifications on their mobile devices upon event occurrences, also can record what's going on in ASUSTOR NAS.

"AVTECH is glad to announce that this IP camera product line is now fully compatible with ASUSTOR NAS devices", said Andy Lee, Marketing Director at AVTECH. “If you are looking for a high-quality surveillance solution with the latest innovative features including instant video notifications (Push Video) via your mobile devices, AVTECH is your best choice.”

“We are elated to be able to collaborate with AVTECH, becoming the first NAS vendor to fully integrate AVTECH's newest Push Video series IP cameras,” said James Su, Product Manager at ASUSTOR. “Since mobile device users have become the focus of the market, we believe that this integration will provide an excellent surveillance solution combination that will allow users to fully take advantage of mobile cloud computing while also being able to enjoy ASUSTOR NAS's signature reliability with regards to storage and backup.”

AVTECH Push Video IP camera series features its mobile application on instant Push notifications within 5 seconds when it's worked with EagleEyes, AVTECH self-developed mobile APP. A video clip including 5 sec. pre-event recording will be sent to the mobile devices. Certain models in this series also support EaZy Networking for quick network setup with simply plug-and-play. To expand video storage of this camera series and offer more flexibility on IP solutions to our users, AVTECH is glad to have the opportunity to work with ASUSTOR for system integration.

LILIN supplies forest retreat center with integrated IP security system

LILIN supplies forest retreat center with integrated IP security system

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 1/13/2014 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

1 of the largest Tibetan Buddhist-based spiritual retreat centers located just an hour drive from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Founded in 2012 and has been undergoing multiple construction phases continuously. The beautiful retreat center is a place for anyone desires to seek spiritual solace and for those who wish to have some time out of their daily city life to rest, relax, and recharge. The retreat center keeps its commitment to providing a safe environment for the practitioners and staff with the support of LILIN security surveillance solution systems.

The center features various facilities and buildings situated in the deep mountains of Malaysia consisting of a stupa, butter lamp houses, chapels, a world peace hall where can accommodate 3,000+ folks, forest walks, an vegetable garden, dormitories, private residence, administrative office, a gift shop, classrooms, meditational halls, cabins for practitioners and/or students.

The areas of the center facilities occupy over 25 acres of land in total, and divided into 5 different construction phases. The entire project is expected to be completed by the end of 2014. Phase III construction was successfully completed along with LILIN-based surveillance system installed earlier this year.

LILIN has been supplying the forest retreat center with standalone NVR security systems, IP cameras, and CMX software to a centrally managed integrated IP security system for video surveillance, intrusion detection and access control to ensure the safety of staff, students, and practitioners at the retreat center. The center is planning to install nearly 500 IP cameras for indoor and outdoor areas. Installed IPD2220E 2-megapixel cameras equipped with the WDR (Wide Dynamic Range) feature is able to ensure the identification of persons or objects of interest under high-contrast lighting conditions. Several LR7428X IP66-rated water-proof cameras installed that can resist damage caused by dust and rain, allowing to be operated in outdoor environments.

All IP cameras are connected to NVR 109s at operation rooms sending live streaming videos by means of optic fiber cables for total situational awareness via CMX 1072 central video management device. An offsite monitoring center — therefore eliminating the in-ground wires. CMX provides delay-free video image transmission in real-time mode, and it is easy to enable flexible configuration of transmission parameters.

The retreat center is an ongoing project, and LILINs responsive and knowledgeable support experts with proficient experience in networking and surveillance fields will be helping the center to provide a quality surveillance technology deployment every step of the way. In addition, LILINs surveillance solutions are highly interoperable and future-proof.

Sponsored by:

LILIN is a global IP video manufacturer with over 30 years of experience. Throughout the years, the company has maintained its dedication to Creativity, Progress, and Excellence providing expertise in digital video with a strong focus on innovation moving forward.

7  new technologies to achieve higher resolution

7 new technologies to achieve higher resolution

Editor / Provider: Alf | Updated: 1/10/2014 | Article type: Tech Corner

Secutech, a publishing platform for the global security market, has attracted 19 countries, 560 suppliers planning to showcase the most cutting edge technologies and products in 2014. Many Asian suppliers are expected to release higher resolution IP cameras; therefore, Secutech has compiled 7 biggest technology trends for suppliers.

* True WDR: It empowers cameras to capture more vivid images in a high-contrast lighting environment.
* HBLC: It restrains the Vignetting effect caused by strong direct lighting. HBLC automatically distinguishes the strong lighting point, and compensates the vicinity to capture clear images.
* 2D/3D Digital Noise Reduction (DNR): It provides splendid night vision, making cameras to deliver precise, clear yet space efficient performance.
* Sense Up Mode: It slows down Shutter, subsequently elevates the sense-up effect in low-lighted circumstances.
* Day & Night Mode: Equipped with ICR-Cut, it offers clear and colored images during daylight hours. It also automatically switches to Black and White mode in low-lighted environments.
* Low-light Sensor Improvement: Besides the above-mentioned Day & Night Mode; other cutting edge innovations are mainly in the domain of low-light sensor improvement, including Pixel Combination 、Dual Sensor and many more.
* Self-adaptive Exposure Compensation: It adjusts Automatic Gain Control (AGC) and Shutter to cater different shooting environments, making cameras adapt the change of light according to users' settings.

For more informationaobut IP camera technology, please register for Secutech 2014.

Synectics prepares for Intersec 2014 in Dubai

Synectics prepares for Intersec 2014 in Dubai

Editor / Provider: Synectics | Updated: 1/9/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Adopting evolved surveillance integration technology could help boost the Middle East's appeal as a global investment hub by keeping the region's assets safer and improving operational efficiencies. The prediction that global business Synectics has made as it prepares for Intersec 2014 in Dubai.

Despite the unrest, the Middle East economy has seen an upturn in the oil and gas market, with an increase in predicted spend on shipping and ports, and greater emphasis on attracting banking and finance investment.

Dubai also been confirmed as the host city for the 2020 World Expo – the need to protect key industry assets has never been greater.

“This heightened interest in asset protection is an opportunity for enhanced efficiency”, suggests Paul Webb, Managing Director of Synectics. “Surveillance systems have evolved to offer more than basic image capture. They can now integrate with multiple safety, alarm and operational systems to enable a 360° perspective of a given site and that has big implications.”

“For example, intelligent integration of video to third-party operations and alarm data, means that alerts and emergency site protocols - such as area lock downs - can be automatically triggered. Anything from heightened gas, heat or smoke levels in industrial settings, to discrepancies in access control logs or suspicious use of personnel identity cards in business settings, can be matched with high quality video evidence and linked to response processes.

“As well as minimizing the likelihood of security breaches, using intelligently integrated management platforms in this way also means that should incidents occur, downtime is reduced. When time is money, this can have a significant financial impact.”

According to Synectics, improvements in camera technology are also set to benefit the region. Paul continued: “High definition capabilities are now not only better but more affordable – as is always the trend with emerging technologies. As a result, demand has risen.”

“We've witnessed increased interest in our own range of HD IP cameras, particularly in relation to ‘backfilling' capabilities that allow encoders and IP cameras to record to independent drives in the event of network failure, ensuring no data loss. For industries that cannot afford for security to go ‘offline' – this is a major benefit.”

The Middle East Marine sector is another area benefitting from surveillance technology evolution.

Paul said: “Shipping is vital to the economy, whether relating to the transportation of oil and gas or to export and import cargo in general. But keeping sea-based assets, and the individuals who crew them, secure has been a challenge, particularly given concerns over piracy.

Camera stations are better equipped than ever before to cope with ‘at sea' conditions, both in terms of their durability and accuracy. Images can be captured in low/no light conditions or extreme fog, and it is now possible, using absolute positioning technology, to integrate fully with radar systems to enable vessel recognition up to 10km away.”

Synectics will be showcasing its new COEX C2000 TriMode camera station alongside its IP camera range and absolute positioning integration capabilities through Synergy.

Synectics' integrated security management system will be showcased, which enables video, alarms and data to be monitored, managed and recorded in one place. Synectics will also be using Intersec 2014 to demonstrate new functionality from soon-to-be released Synergy 3 - including fully customizable user interface, enhanced workflows and improved reporting.

Paul concluded: “It's an interesting and exciting time to be involved in surveillance in the Middle East, as the region is starting to embrace the potential that new solutions can offer. Intersec is a great opportunity for us to get out there, meet business and industry leaders, and showcase just what is possible.”

Dynacolor launches W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera

Dynacolor launches W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera

Editor / Provider: Dynacolor | Updated: 1/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dynacolor, an international security solutions provider headquartered in Taipei, has launched its new W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera. W-8 Fisheye multiple streams IP camera delivers 360-degree panorama view with vivid images through multi-streaming video, suitable for various kinds of IP surveillance environments.

The Fisheye IP Camera is a high resolution surveillance solution featuring 360-degree panorama view that allows users to monitor a wide angle surveillance environment without blind spot with just one camera. The camera not only delivers clear images through multi-streaming video, its lens with up to 5 megapixel high resolution image also provides panorama function with quad view that enables 4 different assigned angles images to display simultaneously for monitoring.

Furthermore, it has built-in IR LED and true day/night IR cut filter for supreme night time images. With compact outlook and rugged housing, the easy installing and weatherproof ability offers users to apply the camera in various kinds of IP surveillance environments, such as hotel, hospital, retailer store, parking lot, and factory, etc.

EverFocus won 4 Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013

EverFocus won 4 Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013

Editor / Provider: EverFocus | Updated: 12/27/2013 | Article type: Security 50

EverFocus' IP cameras, Hybrid mobile NVR solution, and their cross-system integration surveillance platform won 4 Taiwan Excellence Awards in 2013.

Delivered by the Ministry of Economic Affairs (MOEA) and Taiwan External Trade Development Council (TAITRA), Taiwan Excellence Award recognizes technologically innovative products produced by enterprises in Taiwan. As an award winner for six consecutive years, EverFocus continues to impress.

Instead of getting one award, EverFocus' splendid products received four awards this year. The award-winning products are EverFocus Hybrid Mobile Solution, EAN3300 3MP HD box IP camera, EHN3261 2MP outdoor IP camera, and Genie Cross-System Integration Surveillance Platform.

By combining the capabilities of 3G-Capable Hybrid EMV1600 Mobile NVR, EMW330T IR Vari-focal Lens Mobile Camera and EMN2320 IP Mobile Camera as well as our VMS/CMS software and mobile Apps, EverFocus Hybrid Mobile Solution can fulfill a wide range of user requirements, allowing for pure IP, IP and Analog combination, or Analog-only operation according to customers' needs and industry standards.

EAN3300 is a 3 MP high definition box network camera which delivers high definition image quality with up to 15fps in 2048x1536 resolutions. EAN3300 supports both H.264 and MJPEG multi-streaming. The camera has a built-in slot for a micro SDHC card, providing uninterrupted recording when network system is down. Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) supplies power to the camera via the network for easy installation with only one cable, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs. EAN3300 conforms to ONVIF/PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices – even from other manufacturers.

The EHN3261 is a 2 MP auto focus form-factor bullet IP camera, providing 30 fps at 1920 x 1080 viewing resolution with 10X optical zoom lens. The camera supports quad streams from H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG video compression formats. Equipped with vandal proof IK10-rated and weather-resistance (IP68) housing plus ten IR LEDs for enabling the night visibility of up to 40 meters, the camera meets a wide variety of needs for outdoor surveillance. The camera has a built-in SDHC card slot, providing local recording when the event was triggered. Power over Ethernet supplies power to the camera via the network for easy installation with only one cable, eliminating the need for power cables and reducing installation costs.

EHN3261 conforms to ONVIF / PSIA for compatibility with other network video devices – even from other manufacturers. EverFocus Mobile Applications allows remote viewing of live views of the cameras through handheld devices; or use EverFocus CMS to remotely manage multiple IP devices connected on the network.

The Genie Cross-System Integration Surveillance Platform adopts an open and flexible architecture, and with plenty of integration scalability. The lead time and required resources to customize new features can be lowered dramatically. With the brand new idea of monitoring and manipulating this platform through ordinary web page, it erases the need of program pre-installation to user machine once and for all. Contents and structures displayed in the web page are managed by the host server, thus when adjustments are required, simply set that on the server side and it will apply to all, no updates or settings for user's computer are needed any more.

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