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AirLive IVS Face Detection surveillance system for casinos

AirLive IVS Face Detection surveillance system for casinos

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by AirLive | Updated: 4/17/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Casino surveillance system requires the ability to respond rapidly to incidents at low levels of lighting, which is one of the most technical-demanding requirements for surveillance systems with diverse operational requirements.

Gaming video surveillance needs to focus on the activities at the gaming tables and slot machines in order to settle disputes, prevent and detect cheating and also to protect the casino and players from dishonest employees. Evidential-level image quality is crucial for bringing the criminal to court successfully.

Casino surveillance systems from AirLive's IVS Face Detection embedded in MD-3025-IVS and BU-3026-IVS (Intelligent Video Surveillance) provide accurate video analytics that can be used to detect faces of people in the monitored area. This function automatically detects and captures a person's face and store in the storage. AirLive's analytics surveillance systems are able to set up the system alerts, take a snap shoot or record a short video when a face is detected in the frame of the image.

Besides Face Detection, AirLive IVS IP Camera has other 5 built-in IVS analytics including 5 powerful intelligence functions – Face Recognition, Object Counting, Trip Zone, E-Fence, i–Motion — for various applications in public places such as airports, stadiums, border crossings, offices, shopping mall, and buildings.

TOP10 most popular security products for March 2014

TOP10 most popular security products for March 2014

Editor / Provider: Michelle Chu | Updated: 4/17/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics would like to introduce the TOP10 popular products for March 2014 in this report.

Have a quick look here: Besides two products from Hikvision and Dahua respectively, the other most-clicked products in March were coming from Axis, AirLive, Antaira, Biwave, Honeywell, and VIVOTEK.

As most of the products make their debut in the TOP10 in March, interestingly, two seats were taken by Hikvision's IP cameras, DS-2CD2412F-I (W) and DS-2CD2432F-I (W) as previous winners in the last three months and one by Biwave VDL4000 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission as a winner of the TOP10 in December 2013 and January 2014.

According to this ranking list, IR cameras, 3-megapixels resolution, and multifunctional management system that could assist end users to operate more efficiently are still leading the trend.

1. Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera

The first place of the TOP10 for March goes to Hikvision DS-2CD2412F-I (W) 1.3MP IR Cube Network Camera, with a leading 600-click from all around the world. This has been the third month in a row since this camera was first honored in December 2013. Worth noting here is that since its first appearance in the TOP10 for December, this IR cube camera has experience soaring click-through rate from the viewers worldwide. DS-2CD2412F-I (W) comes with passive infrared sensor (PIS) and is capable of detecting objects within a range of 10-meter; meanwhile, this IR Cube camera is able to sustain a weather of -30 °C ~ 60 °C (-22 °F ~ 140 °F).

2. AirLive BU-3025v2 3-MegaPixel Outdoor 25 meter IR IPCAM

Right after, as a new comer in March, AirLive BU-3025v2 : 3-MegaPixel Outdoor 25 meter IR IPCAM wins the 2nd place with 422 clicks, receiving the highest click-through rate from Asia in this rank. BU-3025v2 provides high image quality of 2048*1536p at 20fps; otherwise, the end users can choose to keep a real-time recording at 1080p. This 3MP IR camera is equipped with auto-changeable IR filter and wide-range infrared LEDs coverage for a distance up to 25m.

3. Antaira LNP-0802-24 8-Port Industrial PoE+ UnManaged Ethernet Switch

As another new comer on list of TOP10 for March, Antaira LNP-0802-24 8-Port Industrial PoE+ UnManaged Ethernet Switch takes the 3rd place with 362 clicks from all around the world. This switch is specifically designed with Network Storm Protection and built-in relay warning function that will send out an alert to operators when power failure or port breaks occur. This American company was formerly known as Aaxeon Technology, and renamed as Antaira Technology earlier in 2013.

4. Honeywell HUS-NVR-7200A-E 256-Channel NVR

Closely right behind as No.4 is Honeywell HUS-NVR-7200A-E 256-Channel NVR, embedded with standalone server with 16 hard disk bays (up to4TB storage), capable of continuous 24/7 video recording, and supporting 256 channels of real-time recording. Furthermore, this recorder allows end users to search by date, time, alarm event, and channel number. This multifunctional NVR is ideal for applying in verticals such as banks, governments, transportation, city surveillance, and commercial industries.

5. Axis SketchUp 3D CAD software

The 5th place goes to Axis SketchUp 3D CAD software with 337 clicks. As another new face in this list, this management platform got both American and Asian viewers' high attention. As applying Axis cameras, the software, SketchUp, is well-integrated with Google maps providing users a clear view over any outdoor surveillance areas. This software enables end users to easily adjust the field of view through PTZ cameras in order to set up the best surveillance coverage and fits into the building layout.

6. VIVOTEK FD8355EHV 1.3MP WDR Dome Network Camera

With 332 clicks coming evenly from all around the areas, VIVOTEK FD8355EHV takes the 6th place in the TOP10 for March, featuring its improved wide dynamic range technology, WDR Pro II, provides end users with better visibility in extremely dark and light environments with 4 shutter capture methods. Furthermore, with 3D noise reduction technology, this dome camera can capture clear and polished picture even under poor light source, allowing users to easily identify details in the video.

7. Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) 3MP IR Cube Network Camera
Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) had to settle for a tie with DAHUA-IPC- HFW5300C/5302C in the TOP10 for March, as they equally gained a total of 280-click, both ranked as No.7.


Hikvision DS-2CD2432F-I (W) is definitely not a stranger to the TOP10 ranking. Since it first appeared last year, this IR Cube network camera has been one of the hot products on the TOP10 throughout the past three months keeping a steady click-through rate. As a total of 280, it got the most clicks from European countries – 60% of the viewers are from Europe.

7. DAHUA-IPC-HFW5300C/5302C

DAHUA-IPC-HFW5300C/5302C as a new comer on TOP10, featuring its multiple network monitoring, including web viewer, content management system (CMS), and DMSS. This IR-Bullet camera can keep 20fps at a recording quality of 3megapixel; and 30fps at 1080P. Interestingly, European take up the majority of the viewers as well.

9. DAHUA IPC-HFW5200C HD Network Water-proof Bullet Camera

The 9th of the TOP10 for March is DAHUA IPC-HFW5200C HD Network Water-proof Bullet Camera, and it is the second product from Dahua that makes into this ranking in the TOP 10 for March. This water-proof bullet camera, highlighted its Eco-Savvy feature, drew 264 clicks – around 75% came from Asian and American areas.

10. Biwave VDL4000 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission for IP Network Camera Connection

Coming to the 10th place is a previous winner in the TOP10 rankings in December 2013 and January 2014 – Biwave VDL4000 10M/100M Ethernet Transmission, which is designed for long distance IP camera transmission. After its absence from the TOP10 in February 2014, this Ethernet transmission took back the seat in March gaining 251 clicks, taking up mostly by European and American viewers by 42% and 32%.

 * Please note that the above statistics are not based on the sum of clicks but the accumulation of IP addresses.

For last month's TOP10 products, click here.

Survey exposes surveillance myths created by CSI crime dramas

Survey exposes surveillance myths created by CSI crime dramas

Editor / Provider: Axis | Updated: 4/15/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Canadians are hooked on crime dramas, and some shows are so convincing that our perception of what forensic technology can do has been skewed – especially when it comes to video surveillance.

"There have been impressive strides in facial recognition analytics, but it is not as prevalent as TV producers would have you believe. The technology works best in controlled conditions”

According to a survey by Leger for Axis Communications, the global brand in network video surveillance, 68% of Canadians said they watch crime dramas like CSI, Criminal Minds, Castle and Law and Order. Of those surveyed, most believe image enhancement techniques and intelligent software are readily available to help law enforcement easily identify suspects. Yet nearly 75% of surveillance cameras sold worldwide today remain analog (IHS Research), which is why security video often shown on the evening news is grainy and of poor quality, making identification difficult.

Key findings of the survey include:
* 71% of Canadians think recorded surveillance footage can be enhanced in a lab using software.
* Most Canadians have very little idea how long surveillance video is generally stored, with 27% admitting they have no   idea and 26% believing video is stored indefinitely.
* Three-quarters of Canadians believe facial recognition software can easily pick individual faces out of a crowd for identification, with crime drama fans even more likely to believe this.

“When TV crime technicians produce an accurate photo of a suspect from the reflection off someone's sunglasses, it makes for good entertainment but it's not realistic,” said Bob Moore, country manager, Canada, Axis Communications. “IP camera innovations have improved image quality and image usability exponentially, but if police are dealing with low-resolution video common in the real world today, there is nothing that can be done to enhance the image.”

The surveillance industry is currently undergoing a shift from analog CCTV to IP video, with IP cameras expected to begin out-shipping their analog predecessors in 2017. This is because IP video offers much improved functionality closer to the technology shown on TV, including HDTV-quality video, ease-of-use, speed of forensic search, intelligent analytics and low-light recording in color.

Surveillance Cameras: Myths vs. Reality

Myth: Surveillance video quality can be enhanced in a lab using software.
Reality: “What you see is what you get,” said Moore. “If you don't start out with high resolution video, enlarging it will result in a bigger, blurrier, more pixelated image. Video clarity cannot be fixed after the fact. As a rule of thumb, an image must supply 80 pixels from ear to ear to ID a face.”

Myth: Surveillance video is stored indefinitely.
Reality: “In Canada, there are no legal guidelines regarding how long surveillance video is stored, but as a general rule 31 days is the average most video is stored before being overwritten. After all, it is data,” said Moore. “In practical terms, it's really an issue of storage and how much an organization has available to keep. Video that is pulled to be used as evidence in a case, however, could be kept indefinitely.”

Myth: Facial recognition software can pick someone out of a crowd.
Reality: “There have been impressive strides in facial recognition analytics, but it is not as prevalent as TV producers would have you believe. The technology works best in controlled conditions,” said Moore. “Some buildings employ facial recognition software to automatically open doors for authorized people, but the person must look directly into the camera and, most importantly, their faces must be stored on a database for comparison. This is much different than picking a random face out of a moving crowd.”

Myth: Most surveillance is monitored in real time.
Reality: “The opposite is actually true,” said Moore. “99% of security video is deleted without ever being seen. Of the video that is seen, only one percent of that is viewed live. Most security video is not monitored live by a person because of the expense involved. Thankfully innovations in IP video are moving video surveillance from a forensics-only tool to a proactive one.” “Today's IP cameras offer more flexibility and advantages than older analog models and hopefully provide real Canadian crime fighters with the images they need to do their jobs,” said Moore. “While it was good to see that 47% of Canadians do not believe crime dramas provide an accurate depiction of how security equipment is used, one-third still believe these myths to be true. With IP video, we're vastly ahead of the quality and ability of outdated analog CCTV, but haven't yet caught up to Hollywood.”

Exacq technologies releases new exacqVision hybrid  ELP-series NVR

Exacq technologies releases new exacqVision hybrid ELP-series NVR

Editor / Provider: Exacq (Tyco) | Updated: 4/10/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Exacq Technologies, part of the Security Products business unit of Tyco, a leading manufacturer of video management system (VMS) software and servers used for video surveillance, has expanded its line of network video recorder (NVR) solutions with the introduction of the new cost-effective, professional ELP-Series, featuring hybrid and IP camera servers. These servers utilize the exacqVision VMS software and are scalable with all exacqVision systems.

Hybrid ELP-Series NVRs include 8 or 16 analog camera inputs for instant connection of analog security cameras and can host up to 24 IP cameras. The ELP IP Camera Server is designed for IP cameras and encoders exclusively, with up to 24 IP cameras per system. All of the ELP-Series recorders include the exacqVision Professional VMS software with four IP camera licenses and are easily expandable to 24 per server.

Up to 8 terabytes of internal storage is currently available with the exacqVision ELP-Series, which utilizes continuous-duty, enterprise-class hard drives for high reliability operation. The ELP-Series also features and internal mSATA drive which stores and runs the exacqVision VMS software and the Linux operating system. This provides quick system start up and added overall system reliability.

Designed for easy, out-of-the-box deployment, the ELP-Series comes pre-loaded with exacqVision Professional video management system (VMS) software. The powerful exacqVision VMS software allows users to monitor video, audio and data in real time. Additionally, users can conduct investigations on recorded video, audio and data and search across multiple servers seamlessly. Users can administrate the system and view video directly from the server using the included exacqVision client. Remote users can access the ELP-Series—along with any exacqVision system—using the exacqVision client (Windows, Linux, Mac), the exacqVision web client, and the exacqVision mobile app (iOS, Android and Windows Phone 8 devices). Client software and mobile applications for exacqVision are freely distributed and available for most operating systems.

Each ELP-Series NVR includes a three-year hardware warranty and three-year software subscription agreement. Software updates are produced regularly and incorporate powerful new exacqVision VMS features and enhancements.

Dahua wins IP Camera Excellent Award at Secutech 2014

Dahua wins IP Camera Excellent Award at Secutech 2014

Editor / Provider: Dahua | Updated: 4/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Dhua technology a well-known China-based manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance products headquartered in Hangzhou, China announced that its network camera — DH-IPC-HF5281 won “IP Camera Excellence Award” at Secutech Taipei 2014.

Each year at Secutech Taipei, Excellence Award Contest is always where the eyes go as it is considered as an impartial platform for manufactures to exhibit the product they are proud of as well as rendering an opportunity for buyers to see, to learn and compare product performance in person before decision-making. And this year's IP camera contest focuses on night visual effect in addition to saturation, low light, shutter speed and image quality.

Dahua DH-IPC-HF5281, an ultra-low light network box camera with a 2-Megapixel CMOS sensor, is able to capture 1920 x 1080 resolution video at 60fps. Featuring ultra low illumination, IPC-HF5281 is able to present clear image even under 0.0001Lux. Meanwhile, for monitoring high-speed moving object, over 50km/h for example, the camera is able to render smooth image with 60 frame per second, Moreover, the camera is added with intelligent functions, such as facial detection, wandering detection, illegal parking, fast-moving and etc.

“It is the third year in a row that Dahua's products have proven its outstanding performance and been recognized by worldwide security professionals,” said Tim Shen, Marketing Director at Dahua Technology. “We really appreciate Secutech organizer creates such a great platform for our product standing out among other companies. As the industry moves to high definition, how to ensure the whole video surveillance system to satisfy the HD requirement but also other functions, like WDR, better bit rate, low lux and alike are our focus. With more than 3,000 R&D professionals and 10 percent reinvestment, we aim to provide world-leading products and solutions.”

LILIN IP solution makes Banqiao station safer

LILIN IP solution makes Banqiao station safer

Editor / Provider: Sponsored by LILIN | Updated: 4/14/2014 | Article type: Infrastructure

Based upon the current statistics, roughly 80% of the criminal acts at shopping centers and business offices occur in the parking lot; therefore, Banqiao train station, founded in 1901 in Banqiao , New Taipei City, Taiwan, recently took the necessary measure and upgraded its 3-story indoor parking facility video surveillance system to an IP based video system, consisting of LILIN network cameras, to identify license plate numbers, perform people identification, crime prevention, and event detection. Banqiao station parking structure has the capacity to park more than 1,000 vehicles, and it is definitely the top priority for the station management team to have reliable guards and video surveillance systems in place to detect intruders, observe activity, inspect vehicles, and observe illegal entry attempts, and observe unusual circumstances.

LILIN, the selection in video surveillance
LILIN surveillance solution provides  network security cameras and surveillance server system to secure life and property in the parking lots. LILIN solutions are able to provide security, perform territorial control, and real-time accounting of free parking places, and presence of transport vehicles. Travelers or visitors who park at Banqiao station parking complex get peace of mind they deserve through the support of LILIN surveillance solution.

Solution & Installation
What Banqiao parking facility needs is a security camera system with multiple cameras located throughout the indoor parking lot needs to be remotely monitored and recorded in the main building. Strategically installing LILIN surveillance cameras – CMG178H, IPR428ESX3, PIH-0442N4.3, PIH-0542P3.6 at blind spots, key access points, or back gates to provide the extra visual security required to deter vandalism or theft.

Results & Benefits
Entire parking site operations can be monitored and notifications sent when equipment failures occur, and labor cost is in the meantime largely saved in patrolling. Lot usage and activity can be easily ascertained by viewing both live cameras and historical archives captured on site. Video data can also be used for law enforcement, as well as enhance parking facility security on the whole.

* Enhance parking lot overall security
* Saves the labor cost in patrolling
* Increase operational efficiencies
* Video data can be used for law enforcement

Products at a glance
* x2 600TVL D&N WDR Camera – CMG178H
* x39 Day & Night 1080P HD Vari-Focal IR IP Camera – IPR428ESX3
* x12 18M IR Camera – PIH-0442N4.3
* x19 21M IR Camera – PIH-254 2P3.6

RIVA IP cams and VCA support Croatian retail chain Pevec

RIVA IP cams and VCA support Croatian retail chain Pevec

Editor / Provider: ViDiCore | Updated: 4/2/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Pevec d.d. is a large Croatian retail chain which offers a wide range of non-food articles since 1990. Now Pevec operates 13 retail stores nationwide, with a surface of 4.500 up to 17.000 Square Meter and employs 900 persons in total. To prevent thefts and burglaries, video surveillance cameras have been installed in all stores since their opening. In addition development of technology is continually monitored, and new technologies, such as video content analysis, are implemented. Lately, also the marketing department became aware of the benefits of these cameras. Hence numerous RC100-5100 mini dome cameras and RC1100-1241 box cameras of the brand RIVA have been installed in Pevec stores, to count customers and therefore optimize marketing activities and plan sales space. Additionally the RIVA cameras are used to extend the existing security system.

The mini dome RC100-5100 is a H.264 2-way audio IP camera with CMOS sensor for indoor use and offers a frame rate of up to 30 fps. The RIVA RC1100-1241 box camera is equipped with a mechanical IR cut filter and is therefore ideally suitable for day and night usage. Like all RIVA cameras both devices include the intelligent video analytics, powered by VCA Technology, as a standard feature at no extra costs. Additionally, the cameras have been equipped with a filter for People Counting. Thus customers in large groups can be counted easily, entrances and exits can be differentiated and data can be transferred in real time. The cameras could have been integrated in the existing security system quickly and easily.

The installation was made by Alarm Automatika Ltd., one of the largest regional distributer of security solutions, offers complete solutions to customers - from project to realization, maintenance and software integration.

Benefits due to People Counting at entrances and exits
Nowadays People Counting is a common marketing instrument because it provides reliable data to analyze customer behavior. These data are very important to evaluate and therefore to optimize point of sale activities. Using the People Counting filter the evaluation can be made easily and quickly: Firstly, the number of customers is counted. If the visitor amount increased within a promotion period, the promotion can therefore be valued as short-time successfully. After finishing a promotion it is measured, if additionally acquired customers continue to visit the store and if the promotion thereby results in long-term success.

Another important point is that the marketing department needs to clarify, how many customers are actually buyers. This can be found out easily by comparing People Counting data with cash desk data. If many people visit the store but only a few are buying, the product range, product presentation or product placement should be rearranged. If less people visit the store but most of them are buyers, marketing activities, pursuing the main objective to attract new customers, should take place.

Another advantage of People Counting is the reduction of labor costs. With a full knowledge of the customer amount at specific daytimes, weekdays and seasonal periods, the number of employees can be defined perfectly. On top, opening hours can be optimized depending on how longer opening hours influence customer behavior.

Benefits due to People Counting inside a store
Cameras in selected parts of a store generate even more benefits. For example due to People Counting the sales floor can be used better. This is very important for large retail stores like Pevec because not every customer visits the whole sales floor of up to 17.000 Square Meter. If specific parts of the store are visited more often than others, marketing activities should take place there and products which need special support should be placed in these higher frequented parts. Furthermore the way which customers cover while shopping, can be highly influenced due to intelligent product placement of best-selling products. Because of transferring real-time data, also queues at cash points can be reduced. If too many customers are queuing, an alarm is triggered and thus another cash point can be opened immediately. Due to People Counting in different stores of one retail chain, stores can be compared and thus strengths and weaknesses can be analyzed better.

After successful installation and implementation of the RIVA cameras, Pevec could optimize their marketing activities quickly and efficiently. Pevec: “People counting functionality is a great help for our marketing department and for planning of space and activities in our retail centers.” Furthermore the RIVA cameras improve the existing security system so that a higher protection against theft and burglary is provided. Now Pevec is thinking about equipping also other retail stores with RIVA′s RC100 and RC1100. ?We are satisfied with system performance and are considering implementing People Counting functionality in our other retail centers.“

[Secutech2014] Korea30: ITX unveils IP solutions and 960H DVR

[Secutech2014] Korea30: ITX unveils IP solutions and 960H DVR

Editor / Provider: Erica Lin | Updated: 4/2/2014 | Article type: Security 50

ITX, the Korean DVR manufacturers, has been known for its well-designed and high-end DVR products. In the price-sensitive market, ITX takes a different route, making real long-lasting and easy-to-use models by developing unique functions and interface design.

ITX is the first company proposing the the plug and play system in NVR. For one and half year after ITX launching NVR, the company had very slow improvement on the market. But last year, it has seen a huge growth up to 72% from 2012 to 2013. On interface design, ITX has self-developed graphic-based GUI. The concept is to realize intuitive using experience.

The same strategy is applied to ITX IP solutions. ITX is moving to the IP solutions including network video recorder, IP camera while continuing on recorder manufacturing (like analogue recorder and HD-SDI recorder). However, ITX has only limited number of IP camera models. ITX IP cameras are equipped with Sony's CMOS sensor and Cannon lens. The combination of key hardware makes it a good product. In Secutech2014, ITX showcased its latest 960H analogue DVR. It is based on the same design and technology.

Hikvision Technology secures Puma energy Tanzania

Hikvision Technology secures Puma energy Tanzania

Editor / Provider: Hikvision | Updated: 3/28/2014 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Ganesh R. Iyer, Head of Sales & Business Development at ComSec Security Systems, had a number of significant security hurdles to overcome when designing a CCTV overhaul for Puma Energy's Head Office & Depot facility in Dar-Es-Salaam, Tanzania.

This Puma Energy facility, consisting of both an office headquarters complex and a oil processing depot, is Tanzania's largest oil refinery. Dar-Es-Salaam, the nation's biggest and richest city, underscores the importance of the facility's larger relevance in the region.

However, installing a CCTV solution wasn't simply a hardware issue. As Mr. Iyer explained, "Of course, combating issues such as theft, as well as safety, were paramount. However, this solution was asked to do something more: help change an unfortunate cultural norm that readily looks the other way in issues of theft."

As such, Mr. Iyer looked to Hikvision to help:
* upgrade a pre-existing and underperforming CCTV system
* take into account the stark differences between the office and depot environments
* design a unique, two-pronged, CCTV method for both environments
* combat a larger cultural acceptance of theft that is gradually ruining the economy

IP Replaces Lagging Analog

Originally, Puma Energy purchased this facility from British Petroleum. With the facility, Puma Energy also acquired BP's existing CCTV solution. However, the new owners found the previous analog system unsatisfactory.

Thus, Tanzanian-based ComSec Security Systems Ltd. was contracted to act as turnkey contractor of a new CCTV solution to dramatically improve overall video quality.

In order to meet Puma Energy's goal of a high-quality CCTV surveillance system, Mr. Iyer opted for a completely new CCTV model: an IP system on a fiber-optical backbone communication ring with industrial-grade switches in the field.

While this IP-based infrastructure provided the means to improve the CCTV system's performance, ultimately what would make-or-break the solution was the choice of hardware in the field. In this regard, Mr. Iyer chose Hikvision for both his camera and NVR needs.

Divergent Challenges

However, as previously noted, this overall facility is actually comprised of two highly-divergent work environments. Obviously a modern office building poses a different set of security questions when compared to an outdoor petroleum refinery. Regardless, both aspects of this facility brought unique challenges that needed to be overcome.

In the Head Office, Mr. Iyer elected to go with Hikvision's DS-2CD2712F-I 1.3MP Vari-focal Network IR Dome Camera for his IP camera needs. In this case, Mr. Iyer decided that "flexibility was key. We needed a camera that is able to quickly adjust its view and provide great resolution regardless of shorter or longer distances. This camera's 2.8 - 12mm vari-focal lens gives us a great many viewing options."

This is of particular significance in the reception area. Previously, fixed camera lens forced logistical problems. Now, the vantage can be quickly changed from the reception desk to the main door, to illustrate but one example.

Additionally, DS-2CD2712F-I's IP66 rating and vandal-proof housing solved an earlier problem. Mr. Iyer explained, "Previously, due to the indoor location, there have been issues where cameras were tampered with. Now, due to the sturdy nature of these new cameras, it would take a considerable amount of time to actually disable the units. This would not go unnoticed ... hence providing a great camera for access control and safety issues."

Staying indoors, Hikvision's DS-7732NI-SP 32 Channel NVR provides the means to record all these HD camera video images. Located in a centralized control room, the DS-7732NI-SP provides 32 channels for the Head Office. Currently, not every channel is needed, which also supplies an additional future-proofing aspect for later needs.

However, of current importance is the DS-7732NI-SP's 4 SATA HDD interface of up-to 4TB each providing the means for Puma Energy's 3 to 4 week video-storage requirement; while the up-to 5MP recording resolution ensures the pictures will be of the highest quality, regardless of when viewed.

Moving outdoors and into the large refinery facility, is the DS-2DF1-718 IR Speed Dome. Taking advantage of a 36x optical zoom and a 16x digital zoom, the DS-2DF1-718 proves a perfect tool for perimeter security. In fact, even adjoining facilities can now be clearly seen. Notably, "With this camera's up-to 80m IR range and 36x zoom, we get excellent coverage in the evening ... a time when most issues of theft historically occur," explained Mr. Iyer.

Also placed throughout the refinery, the DS-2CD2612F-I 1.3MP Vari-focal IR Bullet Camera helps secure the environment. Mr. Iyer notes that due to the oscillating lighting challenges, this camera's up-to 30m IR range and true day / night feature is paramount. Additionally, Digital WDR has proved an important function to compensate for the difficult bright and dim background lighting changes that the outdoor refinery experiences daily.

However, as with indoors, the DS-2CD2612F-I's 1.3 megapixel high resolution is vital to provide the sought-after resolution upgrade. For the refinery, the DS-9664NI-XT 64 Channel NVR was chosen for its robust storage combined with 160 mbs bitrate and up-to 5MP recording resolution for improved image clarity.

Slowly Changing a Culture

Mr. Iyer stresses that all of these tools help to ultimately combat the biggest threat to both Puma Energy and Tanzania's overall economy: the acceptance of a culture of debilitating theft.

Mr. Iyer noted that it isn't an issue of petty or grand theft, instead it is the idea that theft is okay that ultimately does the most damage. "The reality is, in Tanzania, the best recourse is a high-quality reactive CCTV solution. Of course, given unlimited funds, a proactive solution with both technology and liberal manpower would be great, but this is unrealistic. However, with our new Hikvision CCTV solution featuring greatly-enhanced resolution, thieves now understand that they will be ultimately caught. We have already seen noted improvement in this area," he summed up.

VIVOTEK received IP Camera Excellence Award at Secutech 2014

VIVOTEK received IP Camera Excellence Award at Secutech 2014

Editor / Provider: VIVOTEK | Updated: 3/27/2014 | Article type: Security 50

VIVOTEK announced its achievement in “IP Camera Excellence Award " at Secutech Taipei 2014, the international exhibition and conference for electronic security, info security, fire, and safety held in the Taipei from the 19th to the 21st of March, 2014.

VIVOTEK has won the Camera Excellence Award at Secutech Taipei for the past four consecutive years. This year, the award was bestowed on the new 1.3-Megapixel bullet network camera IP8355EH, which comprises a series of unique features such as WDR Pro II, 3D Noise Reduction, P-iris lens, Smart IR and Smart Focus System.

For years, the IP Camera Excellence Award at Secutech Taipei has been regarded as an important platform for leading camera manufacturers presenting their state-of-the-art cameras and also as an educational event with more detailed technology know-how to exhibition visitors. In 2014, camera's video quality under low light condition is the key focus in this demonstration. The evaluation criteria include color saturation & restoration, low light image performance, shutter speed, and HD quality performance

VIVOTEK's IP8355EH, a professional outdoor bullet network camera with a 1.3-Megapixel CMOS sensor, is able to capture 1280x1024 resolution video at 30 fps. Featuring WDR Pro II, IP8355EH is able to capture detailed features in locations where there is intense backlighting or when the subject is directly in front of a source of artificial illumination at night. Combined 3D Noise Reduction Technology, users can identify an increased level of image detail under low light circumstances without consuming high bandwidth.

In order to deliver superb image quality, IP8355EH is designed with a P-iris lens, which controls the iris with extreme precision with its built-in stepper motor. By using software controls, the lens maintains the iris opening at an optimal level at all times, resulting in superior sharpness and depth of field as well as image quality. Furthermore, equipped with VIVOTEK's Smart Focus System, the installation is easier by using remote focus and zoom adjustment.

Steve Ma, VIVOTEK's Executive Vice President, indicated: "I would like to thank Messe Frankfurt New Era Business Media Ltd and the honorable judges for their continuous supports and affirmation. VIVOTEK will keep dedicating to delivering high quality products and outstanding surveillance solutions to facilitate the realization of a safer and smarter living environment.”

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