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Chubb Surveillance Cameras Watch over UK Metal Producer

Chubb Surveillance Cameras Watch over UK Metal Producer

Editor / Provider: Chubb Fire & Security | Updated: 5/3/2011 | Article type: Commercial Markets

Timet, one of the largest suppliers of titanium products, has chosen surveillance from Chubb Electronic Security to monitor production at its Witton Mill plant in Birmingham. Chubb is part of UTC Fire & Security, a unit of United Technologies. The system is designed to monitor the plant's forging equipment, in which melted titanium is shaped into slabs or large bars (billets) for use elsewhere in the plant. Six surveillance cameras monitor the equipment, with images transmitted via microwave link to a central monitoring area for live review and recorded onto a hard drive.

The aim is to ensure that correct procedures are being followed throughout the process, according to Robert Vickers, Buyer for Timet UK, and avoid costy mistakes.

If a defect is identified, engineers can take a detailed look throughout the forging process to establish where and why the fault occurred. Recorded images can also be reviewed and compared against previous production runs.

The system comes as part of a wider investment in security across the site, with Chubb installing 20 surveillance cameras throughout the factory earlier in the year and further projects in the pipeline. “Chubb is our preferred supplier, and we have a two-year contract for the provision of access control, intruder alarms, electric fences and barrier control,” Vickers said.

All of the security technologies are controlled via Chubb's integrated security management system that allows further functionality to be added with ease. With the plant open around the clock, seven days a week, Timet is also working with Chubb on a lone-worker and dangerous chemical protection project to enhance all aspects of protection across the site.

“We have developed a good working relationship, and look forward to building on this further to maintain a continued successful partnership,” Vickers said.