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Town of Addison deploys Avigilon HD surveillance system

Town of Addison deploys Avigilon HD surveillance system

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 4/8/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Blending the diversity of a big city with the charm of a small town, Addison, Texas is one of the Dallas area's most popular destinations, offering more than 170 restaurants, 22 hotels, and 118 parks, all within an area of four square miles. With just 13,000 residents, Addison boasts a business and daytime population of more than 100,000 people looking for lodging, dining, and shopping opportunities. Driven to provide superior services, an enhanced sense of community, and a safe, high-quality living experience for residents and visitors alike, the Town of Addison has invested in the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system to protect people and property against theft, vandalism, and injury.

Provide a safe, high-quality living experience for residents, and visitors and protect against theft, vandalism, and injury.

At the 150,000 square-foot Athletic Club, 33 Avigilon HD 1MP, 2MP, and 5MP cameras monitor the entrances, swimming pools, racquetball courts, gymnasium, surrounding parking lots and outdoor areas. 26 Avigilon HD 1MP and 8MP 180 JPEG2000 HD Pano Dome cameras monitor key areas across the 44,000 square-foot Conference and Theatre Centre, and 33 Avigilon HD 3MP cameras were installed at the 20-acre Addison Circle Park, with another 18 portable Avigilon HD 1 MP cameras added during large events. The Town manages the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system using the Avigilon Control Center Network Video Management Software (NVMS) and stores up to 30 days of continuous surveillance video at the Athletic Club and Conference and Theatre Centre and 90 days of footage at Addison Circle Park on four Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs.)

In with the New
With an outdated surveillance system that was difficult to manage and Pan-Tilt-Zoom (PTZ) cameras that were unreliable, the Town of Addison decided to upgrade to a more advanced and user-friendly surveillance system that could deliver excellent image clarity and better performance. “Many of our PTZ cameras were failing and the OnSSI software was complicated and cumbersome, making it difficult to effectively monitor key areas across town,” explained Chad Hancock, network specialist at the Town of Addison. After looking at several options, the Town of Addison selected the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system based on the recommendation of Convergint Technologies, a local provider of surveillance system design, installation, and support. “The Town of Addison specified ease-of-use, performance, and affordability as key system requirements,” explained Phil Kertz, sales manager at Convergint Technologies, LLC. “We recommended the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system because we knew it would effectively meet the Town's current and future needs.”

Protecting Key Facilities
Addison is committed to providing friendly, personal, and considerate service to all residents and visitors. With a first-class athletic club, acclaimed theatre, state-of-the-art conference centre, and beautiful park in the heart of town where special events are held 29 weekends of the year, Addison offers a unique – and welcoming – community experience. At the 150,000 square-foot athletic club, 33 Avigilon HD 1MP, 2MP, and 5MP cameras monitor the entrances, swimming pools, racquetball courts, gymnasium, surrounding parking lots and outdoor areas. Twenty-six Avigilon HD 1MP and 8MP 180° JPEG2000 HD Pano Dome cameras monitor key areas across the 44,000 square-foot Conference and Theatre Centre, and 33 Avigilon HD 3MP cameras were installed across the 20-acre Addison Circle Park, with another 18 portable Avigilon HD 1MP cameras added during large events.

The Town manages the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system using the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) software and stores up to 30 days of continuous surveillance video at the Athletic Club and Conference and Theatre Centre and 90 days of footage at Addison Circle Park on four Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs). “Avigilon offers a very impressive surveillance solution supported by a responsive team of experts for greater overall reliability,” noted Hancock. “We are very pleased to be working with Avigilon.”

Faster Search and Export
The Town's previous surveillance system was very slow, making it difficult to search, playback, and retrieve video in a timely fashion. “It was critical that the new surveillance system be easy to manage with advanced search and playback features to expedite the investigation process,” said Hancock, who also wanted a faster way to export recorded video to share with key stakeholders. Before, the process of exporting video would bog down the Town's server, which was both frustrating and counter-productive. Avigilon's use of image compression technologies has dramatically reduced bandwidth and storage requirements as well, leading to even faster search times. “With Avigilon, the ease of searching and exporting recorded video is unmatched.”

Liability Protection
The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system plays a key role in protecting the Town from a liability standpoint – particularly at the Addison Athletic Club, where members may suffer injury or fall victim to theft or assault. “We've witnessed the occasional fight at the gym – particularly on the basketball court – and a few instances of theft in the parking lot,” explained Hancock. Theft can be a problem at the Addison Conference and Theatre Centre as well, where the facility has also experienced vandalism. “The exceptional image clarity and zooming capabilities of the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system, combined with the advanced search and playback features of the ACC software, make it much easier to identify perpetrators and resolve incidents quickly and accurately.” As a result, the Town can better protect itself against false liability claims and save costly payouts.

Crowd Management
“Liability protection is an important requirement at special events as well, where there is almost always a disturbance of some sort that needs to be investigated after the fact,” claimed Hancock. To effectively manage these large crowds, the Town is required to store video of all special events for one year in case a liability claim is filed. “It is absolutely crucial that we be able to effectively search through reliable and high-quality video to correctly identify individuals involved and quickly share with the local police for further investigation.”

Performance in All Conditions
With the Avigilon system installed at Addison Circle Park, the Town can also be assured a reliable, high-performance surveillance solution at all times of the day and night and in all conditions. “Our old PTZ cameras failed regularly because they could not withstand the weather,” noted Hancock. “The Avigilon cameras not only provide a vast field of coverage, they were also designed to handle the elements, providing greater reliability in all weather conditions.”

Budget-friendly Performance
As a small municipality, cost was also a key consideration for Addison. “Delivering the performance we need at a price we could afford combined with lower maintenance and support costs, Avigilon is an incredibly cost-effective solution,” concluded Hancock. “With the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system installed at key facilities across town, we can confidently deliver a safe, comfortable, and enjoyable “small town” experience to all our residents and visitors.”

Avigilon releases Access Control Manager 5.0

Avigilon releases Access Control Manager 5.0

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 3/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon Corporation, a global end-to-end security solutions provider, introduced Access Control Manager (ACM) 5.0 to its innovative and expanding product portfolio. The addition of ACM 5.0 marks the completion of the operational integration of RedCloud Security, acquired by Avigilon in May 2013.

ACM 5.0 represents the next generation of the Avigilon Access Control product line, available to customers globally. As one of the most open and scalable access control products in the surveillance industry, ACM 5.0 offers an IT-friendly security solution for organizations of all sizes that seamlessly integrates identity management, video surveillance systems and physical security.

Avigilon is leveraging its industry-leading global sales channel to reach customers around the world and maximize market penetration for its access control solutions. With the addition of access control to the company's growing product portfolio, Avigilon is well positioned to meet the security needs of customers that require both access control and video surveillance. These complementary solutions create unique opportunities for Avigilon to participate in a larger share of the global security market.

“The introduction of ACM 5.0 allows us to offer our customers a more robust portfolio of end-to-end security solutions,” said Pedro Simoes, senior vice president of global sales at Avigilon. “The technology's ease of use and plug and play functionality, combined with Avigilon's high-definition video surveillance solution, allows us to meet the growing demands of the global security market.”

Access Control Manager 5.0 Technology
Easy to use, ACM 5.0 achieves the highest level of scalability and flexibility, enabling the system to grow with organizational needs. Built on an open architecture, the secure, web-based technology allows organizations to effectively manage security across multiple sites from any location around the world, enabling organizations to conveniently manage access to facilities from a single platform. To simplify deployment and management of permissions, Avigilon's access control solution seamlessly integrates with Active Directory, many HR databases and any other IT and logical security systems.

Avigilon names Bryan Schmode as new Chief Operating Officer

Avigilon names Bryan Schmode as new Chief Operating Officer

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 3/7/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Avigilon Corporation (“Avigilon”), a global supplier in end-to-end security solutions, announced that Bryan Schmode has been promoted to chief operating officer (COO), effective immediately. Responsibility for all of Avigilon's global operations, including human resources, facilities, IT, engineering and customer support, has been transitioned to Mr. Schmode.

Since joining Avigilon in 2008, Mr. Schmode has been instrumental in the successful growth of the company's sales and marketing efforts worldwide as well as its continued product expansion. As a key member of the executive leadership team, Mr. Schmode has contributed significantly to Avigilon being one of the fastest growing technology companies in North America.

“Bryan has continuously demonstrated strong leadership and commitment to driving Avigilon's worldwide success. He is a high impact contributor and leader, and plays a key role in effectively executing our strategic growth plans. I am confident that in his expanded role as COO he will continue to bring us great success,” said Alexander Fernandes, Avigilon's founder, president, CEO and chairman of the board.

Mr. Chris Ross has resigned from his role as executive vice president of global operations to pursue other opportunities. Avigilon thanks Mr. Ross for his contributions and wishes him continued success in his future endeavors.

2014 security industry growth driven by customer service

2014 security industry growth driven by customer service

Editor / Provider: Memoori | Updated: 3/5/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Financial results for the major manufacturers of security products in the Q4 of 2013 and Q1 of 2014 show a steady growth in revenues and profitability. There is also confidence to forecast that this trend will continue for the rest of 2014.

Few had forecast growth rates much above double figures through organic growth, only  those that are intending to grow faster through acquisition or have annual revenues below $100m. Sifting through their annual reports there is little to find about major new innovative products that will allow them to rapidly increase market share; but a steady flow of incremental improvements showing that product performance will improve to meet customer needs.

The recent annual report on the Security Business showed that the first 3 quarters of 2013 outperformed what most stakeholders had forecast; despite setbacks in economic fortunes in the western developed world. In the first 3 quarters of 2013 it grew by 8% and this marginally increased for the remainder of that year.

This performance was built on the same factors that delivered growth in 2012 – a combination of strong growth in IP Video Networking products, buoyant markets in Asia, solid growth in North America and higher levels of penetration in vertical markets such as transport, retail and health and education.

A little more light at the end of the tunnel would suggest better trading conditions in 2014 right across the developed world causing security equipment buyers to have more confidence that 2014 is the time to replace their old systems; provided they can be sure that their replacements improve the effectiveness of security, reduce operating costs and deliver an improved ROI on the investment.

In this article, 3 leaders are examined in their field; Axis Communications in IP Video Surveillance, HID Global in Access Control and the current fastest growing Video Surveillance company Avigilon, showing how they have created strong robust companies through different business models that should deliver winning performances in 2014.

Axis Communications founded in Sweden in 1984 pioneered the development of IP Network video cameras and brought it to market in 1996, maintained a strong R&D programme since then. It has so far grown solely through organic growth. It is the only company that we have identified in the security industry of its size that has achieved year on year growth without acquiring its rivals.

Even when it recently diversified into Access Control it did not do this through acquisition. Throughout the last 10 years it has gained a reputation for reliable high quality products, which sell at a premium. Its products get to market through all distribution channels and it spends a lot of effort in working with those channels to make sure that the benefits of their products are delivered to the end customer.

With such a large number of manufacturers in the video surveillance business it is hard to produce product differentiation across the whole range but Axis is regarded as supreme at the higher end of the market in the enterprise class where maximum security is vital. In the middle market they face challenges where “OK” cameras at lower prices are regarded as good enough by a lot of end users.

Avigilon founded in 2004 with sales currently running around $200m is approximately a quarter of the size of Axis but its growth in 2013 was 100% and has a market capitalization of around $1 Billion.

This is, to say at the very least, a remarkable performance. Currently they operate at the other end of the size spectrum to Axis with some 95% of customers being in the small to medium size category with only 5% enterprise class clients. They do not sell direct and have a very strong relationship with dealers and system integrators. Their phenomenal growth has to be more than a good product and marketing. It is most likely to be a combination of faster growth in midmarket and building up loyalty through their distribution channels by not selling direct. They have forecast revenue of $500 million by 2016.

In 2013 they acquired 2 companies. RedCloud Security, an innovative provider of web-based, physical and virtual access control systems. Through the acquisition, Avigilon adds a complementary product line to its end-to-end high-definition surveillance solution and provides the Company with access to a growing segment of the global security market. Despite it being a different product it fits in neatly with their existing distribution network.

Avigilon announced a definitive agreement to acquire the video analytics company VideoIQ, for cash consideration of US$32 million. Founded in 2006, VideoIQ has grown to become a leader in real-time intelligent video analytics solutions for security and business intelligence applications. VideoIQ has a developed portfolio of video analytics intellectual property, with 23 patents granted or pending, trade secrets and know-how.

It fits in directly with their existing business. Both of these acquisitions should deliver much more revenue than both companies achieved in 2013 and at the same time will provide their system integrators with a more comprehensive solution.

HID Global, a major subsidiary of Assa Abloy, a global leader in door opening solutions. Founded in 1994 Assa Abloy has grown from a regional company to an international company with annual sales of $7.2 billion (2012) a 12% growth on the previous year, mainly achieved through an astute acquisition programme involving 150 acquisitions. HID Global sales in 2012 are estimated at £3.3 billion having increased their contribution.

Assa Abloy acquired HID (Hughes Identification Devices) in 2000 and over the last 13 years has incorporated some 15 companies into the HID organization. Starting with Access Control products through Motorola Indala they have progressed to identification technologies with Active Identity being a major acquisition in 2010.

Since then major acquisitions have included LaserCard, IdenTrust, Lumidigm and Codebench. The combination of the companies' has made HID Global a worldwide leader in secure identity solutions that use multispectral imaging technology, software, and biometric fingerprint sensors to authenticate identities with a high degree of certainty.

HID Global have delivered growth over 12% in the last 2 years despite difficult trading conditions and are now have a strong cash flow and good financial stability to continue growth through organic means and acquisition.

Avigilon safeguards Rolex boutique with HD video surveillance

Avigilon safeguards Rolex boutique with HD video surveillance

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 3/3/2014 | Article type: Security 50

The security personnel at the Rolex flagship boutique in Tel Aviv, Israel uses the Avigilon Control Center (ACC) Enterprise Network Video Management Software (NVMS) with High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) to oversee 6 Avigilon 1MP and 2MP HD cameras and 2 analogue cameras installed throughout the store.

The Rolex boutique also uses an Avigilon 5MP camera to overlook the store's lab, where inventory that is not on display is stocked. Management uses ACC Mobile, Avigilon's mobile application, to observe store activity during off-hours when they are away from the store and Avigilon Network Video Recorders (NVRs) to store up to 45 days of continuous surveillance footage. Euro-Asia, the owners of the Rolex boutique in Israel, also uses the Avigilon solution in their main office and four other affluent retail outlets across Israel.

The Rolex brand is world-renowned for their high-quality, designer products. In a store where the average item retails for thousands of dollars, ensuring the highest level of security is a top priority. The Avigilon high-definition surveillance system allows the Rolex boutique to efficiently and effectively monitor inventory and defend against customer and employee theft. On the operations end, the switch from an analogue to an IP-based security system has been a smooth transition for the store's security personnel. With high resolution footage, an easy-to-use video management system and time-saving search functions, managers at the Rolex boutique and Euro-Asia have been able to resolve incidents with indisputable evidence in a fraction of the time it took them with previous systems. The store has also been able to leverage high-definition video surveillance to improve operational efficiencies and properly evaluate customer service standards. Security personnel at the Rolex boutique manage live and recorded footage from a workstation inside the shop and a separate workstation inside Euro-Asia's main offices.

Upscale watch and jewelry store guards luxury assets and ensures customer safety with Avigilon high-definition surveillance system

Located on Shaul HaMelech Boulevard, one of the largest cultural hubs in Tel Aviv, the Rolex flagship boutique caters to some of the city's most fashionable and affluent clientele. Founded in 1905 in London, England by German watchmaker Hans Wilsdorf and his brotherin- law, Alfred Davis, Rolex has since blossomed into the world's largest luxury watch brand. Euro-Asia, a European-based official dealer for several high-end watch brands including Rolex, Tudor, Certina, Bering, Michel Herbelin and RedLion Jewelry, owns and runs the Rolex flagship boutique in Tel Aviv. In the past, Euro-Asia relied on analogue-based video surveillance systems in their retail outlets, however, when they opened the Rolex boutique in 2012, the owners knew they needed to upgrade their system in order to get the high-level protection an upscale watch and jewelry store required. “Our old cameras were very difficult to use and we could hardly identify anything with them,” said Noam Burstein, CEO of Euro-Asia. “We felt that our previous investment did not yield satisfying results.” Under the recommendation of Polar Electronic Systems, an Israeli-based security and surveillance products distributor, Mr. Burstein upgraded to Avigilon for its ease-of-use, efficient storage, and immediate and accurate search capabilities.

With the success of the Rolex flagship boutique installation, Euro-Asia has implemented the Avigilon solution in 4 other shops in different cities in Israel and its headquarters in Tel Aviv. In addition, with Avigilon, the company was able to meet other business-related requirements. “When we moved to our new office, the insurance demanded a better system,” Mr. Burstein said. “We decided that we wanted a system that would also be useful for our day-to-day business and not just for security.”

Security in Open Bank
Like most luxury stores that carry premium merchandise, protecting inventory and the safety of customers and employees are the top priorities. In early 2014, a masked robber armed with a gun entered the front doors of the Rolex boutique and instructed employees to open locked jewelry displays containing expensive watches and transfer the jewelry into designated bags. However, the Avigilon 2 MP H.264 Dome cameras installed in the boutique were able to clearly capture the robbery in real time. Midway through the robbery, one of the store's employees pressed a panic button, alerting officials at the Euro-Asia head office. As soon as the officials received the notification, they were able to pull up the feed using the ACC web client and immediately alert the police. “The Avigilon system helped us quickly assess the situation and notify the authorities,” Mr. Burstein said. “Within minutes, police arrived and arrested the robber and his accomplice.” The quick response of the Euro-Asia officials and police ultimately helped keep the Rolex employees and store merchandise safe. On the business side, the Avigilon solution has already proven its value. “If the robbery was successful, the costs related would be very heavy,” explained Mr. Burstein. “In addition to the merchandise lost, we would have experienced an increase in insurance premiums and restocking fees. I feel much better not even thinking about it.”

Strong Image Quality and Network Management
While evaluating different security system providers, one of the first features that stood out to Mr. Burstein was the unparalleled image detail provided by the Avigilon solution. “The image quality we get from Avigilon is much higher than we had before,” said Mr. Burstein. The high-definition capabilities of the Avigilon system have helped to create a safe environment for customers and employees and have been used as a proactive tool in accounting for expensive merchandise. “We wanted to have a system that provided high-resolution images so that we would be able to locate items misplaced by both customers and employees,” said Mr. Burstein. In addition, the Avigilon system has had minimal impact on the store's network since deployed. “We have had no downtime of the system in the last year, so we are content with the quality of system installation by Polar Electronic Systems,” maintained Mr. Burstein.

Convenient and User-Friendly
To secure all of its assets, Euro-Asia deployed the Avigilon system in its head office and its multiple stores across the country. With system operators in each location, choosing a system that was user-friendly and convenient was crucial. “We do not have a full-time guard here, so our managers and non-technical staff need to be able to operate the system,” said Mr. Burstein. “For all the systems we tested, we found Avigilon to be the easiest and most convenient system to use.” The ACC software has enabled users to efficiently monitor live and recorded footage, significantly reducing search times. “Our managers now spend more time on their work than on the security system,” Mr. Burstein said. “After the robbery was stopped and the perpetrators were arrested, we managed to give the police the evidence they needed very quickly and were back to work in no time.”

Lowering Insurance Costs
Having a modern, aesthetically-pleasing exterior is important for high-end stores located in a trendy neighborhood. “At first our insurance company demanded that we install cameras and bars in windows in all our shops,” said Mr. Burstein. “However, bars in our windows were out of the question because Rolex would not approve disfigurement of the shop. The quality of Avigilon's high-definition cameras and the addition of security smoke enabled us to compromise with the insurance company and avoid barring our windows.” The result was a welcoming, comfortable shopping environment that is attractive to clientele.

Avigilon: 10 ways to keep video servers running optimally

Avigilon: 10 ways to keep video servers running optimally

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 2/21/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Any security manager who has been tasked with overseeing a network can understand the frustration of server and other equipment failure. Sometimes, these malfunctions are a result of manufacturing errors or electrical issues, but more times than not, server issues are a result of user negligence. Servers are a lot like cars; it is important to perform periodical maintenance to ensure they are running optimally and more importantly, to ensure their longevity.

Failure to consistently check the overall condition of user's servers can lead to a variety of problems such as overheating, network inefficiency, and unauthorized security breaches.

To ensure user's video servers continue to run like a well-oiled machine, Avigilon created a monthly IT maintenance checklist that will help you save both time and money.

1. Visually inspect servers
Conducting visual checks on servers and hard drives is an important aspect in ensuring they run optimally. Most servers have intuitive lights (or LEDs) externally displayed so that an end-user is always aware of the server's status and can spot any immediate red flags. Typically, blue or green lights signal good status, while red or orange lights often signal some sort of failure - whether it is the device or connection. Some servers can email users alerts whenever there is a hardware failure. Ignoring the server status lights could result in system failure and the potential for video loss if it's a hardware malfunction.

2. Update and schedule user's operating system and anti-Virus software
Just like user's home computer, servers are susceptible to viruses. If one have a publically accessible server, be sure to consistently keep your operating system up to date and frequently run an anti-virus scan on it. Users' anti-virus software should be the most current version and should meet all industry standards. A corrupt server is not only prone to slower performance and internal server errors, but also leaves users' servers open to possible external security risks. Finally, it is important to ensure that users' firewall software is properly configured and turned on.

3. Schedule a defragmentation
When a server attempts to locate files that are fragmented across the hard drive, the bandwidth it takes to locate and group individual files into one can slow down user's entire system. Scheduling and performing a defragmentation to the server's hard drive will pool all fragmented files together, making them easier to find. Keep in mind that some servers, such as Avigilon's, do not require users to perform a defragmentation because fragmented files are already blocked together and written to the hard drive in the same place upon installation.

4. Review operating system logs
The practice of reviewing operating system logs is standard to server operation. If users have a Windows-based system, make sure they check the activity logs to ensure there are no out-of-the-ordinary or suspicious audit entries. Not following up with “Critical” or “Warning” events may lead to system failure, resulting in loss of video and disconnected system access.

5. Audit the active accounts
In organizations of all sizes, over time there is bound to be turnover. As a security measure, it is important to keep track of the employees that have access to servers and ensure that former employees do not have access to users' systems. Be sure to delete old users and change passwords when necessary.

6. Verify Retention
Make sure having record of servers' storage capacity. Since cameras typically record on motion detection, if there is an increase in activity in the area users are monitoring, the retention time may be affected. To verify the amount of storage users have, check out the software's timeline and confirm the number of days that are being recorded. Don't try to locate important footage from a few weeks back only to find out it has been erased.

7. Delete unnecessary bookmarks
Managing your server's saved footage is very similar to using your TV's DVR. Keeping old bookmarks for surveillance video in your server is the equivalent to hoarding a stockpile of recorded TV shows you don't watch. Too much data saved unnecessarily will impact your storage space and the amount of footage you are able to retain. Be sure to delete and/or export saved footage you don't need to maximize your server's storage space.

8. Check UPS battery
Power outages happen. As a result, it is important to ensure the security and servers are not compromised in the event of electrical failure. When installing a server, customers should add a UPS or backup power supply to protect their information in the event of a power failure. Upon installation, customers should also perform a quick test to confirm the backup battery is working correctly.

9. Ensure software is up to date
Verify that software is up to date for both the video management client and the server. This will enable users to optimize your software and ensure that bugs from previous versions do not affect the current system. Being negligent with software updates could be a security risk as updates may fix important issues in previous versions of the software.

10. Auditing logs of users activity
It is always a good idea to audit user activity on a site to ensure users are adhering to protocol. Check activity logs to be sure users are being responsible and ethical with their access.

Avigilon introduces 16 MP resolutions HD Pro Camera

Avigilon introduces 16 MP resolutions HD Pro Camera

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 1/17/2014 | Article type: Security 50

Clearly demonstrating its commitment to innovation and to solving surveillance challenges for its customers, Avigilon Corporation, an international supplier in end-to-end surveillance solutions, introduced the HD Pro camera series to its product portfolio.

The new HD Pro camera delivers high-resolution images with Avigilon's next-generation bandwidth management technology to effectively provide maximum detail and coverage of expansive areas.

Available in 8 MP, 12 MP and 16 MP resolutions, the HD Pro camera provides high quality, detailed coverage of vast areas with fewer conventional cameras required. The HD Pro camera provides exceptional low-light performance and smooth capturing of moving objects due to its increased frame rates. When used in combination with the Avigilon Control Center software, the HD Pro camera provides a superior surveillance solution.

“When we introduced our JPEG 2000 Pro series cameras in 2007 we set a new precedent for innovation in the industry. The HD Pro series now raises the bar even higher as we have broken new ground to enable end-users to have the highest quality images possible,” said Bryan Schmode, Executive Vice President of Global Sales and Marketing at Avigilon. “This new technology combined with the latest version of our Avigilon Control Center software pushes the boundaries of innovation as we continue to deliver the most effective surveillance solution that is unmatched in the industry.”

H4 Platform with HDSM 2.0 Technology
The image quality of the HD Pro camera series is made possible by Avigilon's new H4 platform, which combines H.264 compression technology with the latest edition of Avigilon's proprietary High Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology, HDSM 2.0. The combination of these technologies in the powerful HD Pro camera allows for greater processing power, increased frame rate, improved image quality and smarter bandwidth and storage management. The result is high quality, detailed images with minimal network impact.

H4 Pro Technology Demonstration
The HD Pro series will be demonstrated at booth SA-319C at the Intersec 2014 trade show in Dubai, UAE from January 19 to 21, 2014. Avigilon's white paper provides a comprehensive technical description of the H4 platform and HDSM 2.0 technology.

Avaya secured with Avigilon HD surveillance system

Avaya secured with Avigilon HD surveillance system

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 1/7/2014 | Article type: Residential & Consumer

To secure the perimeter of its corporate headquarters in Basking Ridge, New Jersey, Avaya deployed the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system to monitor employees and visitors as they enter and exit the parking lots while maintaining an open and welcoming atmosphere.

Avaya installed 15 Avigilon 5 MP cameras, which are mounted strategically around the campus to monitor traffic. With two workstations set up to display both front and back views of the parking lots, security officers manage the system using the Avigilon Control Center software with High-Definition Stream Management (HDSM) technology and store five terabytes of surveillance data using the Avigilon Network Video Recorder (NVR).

The Avigilon system provides a high level view of Avaya's parking lots but can easily zoom in up to 150 feet to see clear details, with an estimated 300% improvement in the ability to see image detail at night. The Avigilon system saved Avaya 75% in costs and security guards can now also work more efficiently and quickly investigate a potential issue to increase response times and deliver improved overall protection.
* 75% cost savings
* 150 foot zoom capability
* Increased campus safety

Avaya Secures Workplace Environment with Avigilon High-Definition Surveillance System
With a focus on product quality and technology innovation, Avaya has developed a reputation for high performing, reliable, and “bulletproof” enterprise communication solutions, including unified communications, contact center, and IP telephony technologies. To secure the workplace and ensure asset protection, Avaya has taken the same approach to security – investing in an equally reliable and ‘bulletproof” surveillance solution to secure the perimeter of its corporate headquarters. To this end, Avaya chose the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system to improve visibility into the company's parking lot around the clock.

Securing an Open Landscape
The Avaya headquarters sits on 25 acres of land in Basking Ridge, New Jersey and is backed by both a wooded tree line and a cemetery. To secure the company's 4 parking lots, Avaya considered a couple of options, including installing gates at all entrances and exits to ensure only authorized access. However, Avaya quickly realized that the cost of hardware, installation, and maintenance was prohibitive. In addition, the company felt that gates would create an unwelcoming look that would detract from the facility's open and friendly atmosphere.

After much thought, Avaya's security team agreed that visibility into the parking lots was the main goal and could be more effectively achieved with a megapixel surveillance solution like the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system.

Improving Visibility of Entire Campus
To help with the selection process and deployment, Avaya turned to the security experts at Advanced Video Surveillance, Inc. (AVS) of Fairfield, New Jersey, who introduced Bill Parkin, senior manager, physical security at Avaya, to the power of Avigilon's HD and megapixel surveillance cameras. AVS and Avigilon set up a demo to illustrate the performance, image clarity, and outstanding functionality of the high-definition surveillance system. But AVS helped Avaya strategically place the cameras throughout the lots for maximum coverage.

To increase visibility of the entire campus, Avaya installed 15 Avigilon 5 megapixel cameras, which are strategically placed to monitor vehicles and individuals who enter and exit the parking lots. AVS consulted Avigilon to ensure all critical areas were covered. With 2 workstations set up to display views of the parking lots, security officers manage the system using Avigilon Control Center software with High-Definition Stream Management and store 5TB of surveillance data using the Avigilon Network Video Recorder. According to security guards, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is also very easy to use, with an incredibly friendly user interface.

Detailed Images Day or Night
The new surveillance system had to deliver a wide field of view and provide the ability to digitally zoom in on very specific details to ensure the most identifiable images possible.

The Avaya security team has been extremely impressed with Avigilon's zooming capabilities, as demonstrated by the Avigilon 5 megapixel cameras. The security officers have significantly increased their visibility of the parking lots at night, which allows for more efficient use of patrols.

With a focus on developing reliable, performance-driven communication solutions that improve business processes, Avaya is equally focused on creating an open, yet highly secure work environment for its employees.

Avigilon Helps Solve Hit and Run
“Just five days after installing the system, we received a report of damage to an employee's vehicle,” explains Bill Parkin. “The police were called since our initial investigation indicated that there was a possibility the vehicle was damaged on company property.”

The police officer investigating the incident could match the paint color on the damaged car to the color of another vehicle in the vicinity, but didn't have concrete proof one way or the other,” Parkin searched through saved footage and was able to clearly determine that the damage did not occur on company property. On the Friday before the alleged incident, the plaintiff's car was not damaged, but video of the vehicle entering the parking lot on Monday morning showed the damage – proving that the accident did not occur in the Avaya parking lot. Parkin showed the evidence to the employee and police officer, and the issue was quickly put to rest.

A Cost-effective Surveillance Solution
“The initial investment and installation costs for the gates would have been about 75 % more than the Avigilon solution,” says Parkin. According to Parkin, the gates required many ongoing costs, including coverage for potential damage to employee cars due to possible gate malfunctions. In addition, Parkin believes that employees and visitors would have soon tired of the gates. For Parkin, the Avigilon high-definition surveillance system is a more suitable, less obtrusive, long-term solution.

The Avigilon high-definition surveillance solution has delivered other key benefits as well, including a general improvement in security and better overall protection for employees and visitors. Avaya security guards can also work more efficiently than before. “If we get a call about a possible incident in the parking lot, the guard can zoom into the image for more information and dispatch a mobile guard immediately to check out the situation,” explains Parkin.

A Brighter Future
According to Parkin, deploying the Avigilon solution was also a lot of fun, in fact, Parkin would like to deploy the Avigilon high-definition surveillance solution at other company locations. “With its advanced functionality and superior image quality, I believe Avigilon is in for a lot of growth and a very bright future,” adds Parkin. With a focus on developing reliable, performance-driven communication solutions that improve business processes, Avaya is equally focused on creating an open, yet highly secure work environment for its employees. “With the Avigilon system in place, I am confident we have complete coverage of our parking lots for maximum security,” concludes Parkin.

CMC Markets upgrades IP surveillance solution with Avigilon

CMC Markets upgrades IP surveillance solution with Avigilon

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 1/6/2014 | Article type: Security 50

CMC Markets Plc (“CMC Markets”), a trading enterprise with 800 employees, is assisted by Avigilon to protect employees, visitors, and critical customer information maintained at its headquarters in London, England.

At 55,000 square feet, CMC Markets' head office is a completely refurbished building located in the heart of London's financial district. A multi-tenanted building, CMC Markets occupies 3 floors of office space and is home to the company's 4,000 square foot back-up data center. CMC Markets recently relocated to this site to accommodate its growing needs, giving facility managers a blank slate to install the most advanced surveillance system possible.

“We had an analog-based surveillance system at our previous headquarters – an old, cumbersome, and unreliable system that produced very poor image quality,” explains Andrew Roberts, Group Facilities Manager at CMC Markets. Keen to transition to high definition IP-based surveillance, Roberts needs greater flexibility, better coverage, and ease of use, all at a competitive price point.

With the move acting as a catalyst, CMC Markets begins to evaluate its options for a more advanced HD surveillance system with the assistance of Avigilon's partner BFI OPTiLAS .

In order to cater the need of security, Avigilon HD cameras are installed at all egress access points throughout the office and cover the lobby, main coffee area and seminar room, all client areas, IT rooms, and the data center.

Moreover, CMC Markets Plc also installs an Avigilon HD network video recorder (NVR) to store up to 30 days of continuous surveillance video. The Avigilon HD Surveillance System operates 24x7 and is monitored by a limited team of administrators and managers when incidents require investigation.

After the installation, CMC Markets Plc has improved onsite security and can better protect critical corporate and customer assets—assisting the company in achieving regulatory compliance. With a comprehensive end-to-end approach to security, the Avigilon HD Surveillance System is secure, minimizing the possibility of data leaks and further enabling regulatory compliance. Using Avigilon Control Center software, security personnel can shave hours off investigation times and dramatically improve investigative success.

Avigilon acquires video analytics company VideoIQ for $32M

Avigilon acquires video analytics company VideoIQ for $32M

Editor / Provider: Avigilon | Updated: 1/2/2014 | Article type: Hot Topics

Avigilon Corporation (“Avigilon”) , a security company that provides high-definition (HD) surveillance solutions, announces it has signed a definitive agreement to acquire the video analytics company VideoIQ (“VideoIQ”) for cash consideration of $32 million. The transaction is expected to close in early this month.

Founded in 2006, VideoIQ has been focusing on providing real-time intelligent video analytics solutions for security and business intelligence applications.

VideoIQ has a developed portfolio of video analytics intellectual property, with 23 patents granted or pending, trade secrets and know-how. Headquartered in Billerica, MA, its skilled and experienced workforce is reckoned to extend Avigilon's growing team. VideoIQ's proprietary technology includes: live detection, event verification with instant notification, and self-learning capabilities.

“VideoIQ's analytics solution complements Avigilon's innovative line of products,” says Alexander Fernandes, president and CEO of Avigilon. “The acquisition will give us sophisticated, commercially proven analytics technology supported by one of the leading analytics development teams in the industry. VideoIQ is transforming the future of intelligent surveillance and I am pleased to welcome the team to Avigilon.”

VideoIQ has approximately 30 employees and a diversified, blue-chip customer base in multiple industries.

“We believe there is an opportunity to increase the sales of both VideoIQ and Avigilon surveillance systems in the near term by bringing VideoIQ's existing products into our established global distribution channels,”. Fernandes adds. “Over time, as we integrate VideoIQ's technology into the Avigilon system, we will expand our end-to-end high-definition surveillance solutions to include robust analytics capabilities, giving end users the ability to prevent crime proactively and more effectively analyze large amounts of data.”

GMP Securities LP acted as the exclusive financial advisor to Avigilon on the transaction, and Raymond James & Associates acted as the exclusive financial advisor to VideoIQ on the transaction.

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