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Texas Instruments: Open Standards Accelerate IP Uptake

IP-based video surveillance offers numerous advantages, but the market is still slow to adopt this technology. Standards for network cameras vary. A set of open standards for network cameras drives the growth of IP-based video surveillance.Despite advances in IP video, codecs, analytics, storage and display, the security video camera market has remained largely analog. Network cameras offer numero

TI Introduces Throughput PCI Express to PCI Translation Bridge

Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced a new PCI Express to PCI translation bridge that requires half the board space and provides the highest throughput, compared to the nearest competitive devices available. The XIO2001 is a single-function bridge that provides customers with an easy migration path from conventional PCI to the latest PCI Express technology. Applications include computer mothe

Stretch Introduces High Resolution DVR Add-in Card for Video Surveillance OEMs

Stretch, a provider software configurable processors, announced availability of its VRC6404HD, the high resolution PCIe DVR add-in card. The new card is capable of high resolution capture and compression of up to four channels of high definition video at full frame rate using multiple CODEC options. The VRC6404HD is compliant with the standards of the recently formed HDcctv Alliance, which enables

Nethra Image Processor Deployed for VIVOTEK Network Cameras

VIVOTEK has adopted Nethra's image processor in its latest generation progressive scan CCD network cameras to achieve premium video quality in surveillance applications."We chose Nethra's processing chip for its ease of integration and its range of video feature set that fits our latest camera technology," said William Ku, Director of Product Marketing Division of VIVOTEK. "Additionally, its low l

PoE Controller fromTexas Instruments Will Deliver Greater than 90 Percent Efficiency

Integrated PoE Plus controller meets new standard for powered device applications.

Using DaVinci for Video Surveillance

In the rapidly expanding video surveillance space, customers are demanding higher resolution, more channels and computationally hungry analytics – all at lower cost and power. In this article we explore how HikVision, a provider of digital video recorders (DVR), digital video servers (DVS) and surveillance IP modules, has kept pace with these demands with its generation products. Choice of Hardwar

OmniVision Expands Presence in Surveillance Market with SoC Imaging Solution

Industry's best-in-class low-light sensitivity provides superior image quality for professional-grade security camerasOmniVision Technologies, a leading developer of advanced digital imaging solutions, unveiled its latest OV7960 SoC solution for professional-grade closed circuit television (CCTV) applications. Designed specifically to meet the high-sensitivity demands of the security market, the O

Comparing Chipset Platforms: Nuts and Bolts of Video Surveillance

Video surveillance plays a vital role in security. As the entire industry continues to migrate from analog to digital, semiconductors need to evolve as well to better cater to ever-increasing needs for higher quality and processing speeds. A&S explores the latest statistics, trends and applications in chipsets for surveillance equipment.

Panasonic Releases 3-D Image Sensor Designed for Anti-Tailgating and Automatic Doors

Operates in ambient light with a long detection range for multiple applicationsPanasonic System Solutions Company debuts an innovative 3-D Image Sensor that works in full ambient light for access control applications. The new 3-D Image Sensor is the latest access control product joining Panasonic's widely used high-speed, super-accurate biometric iris reader system.For anti-tailgating and high-sen

Sarnoff Europe Announces Silicon Proven ESD Cells for UMC 65 nm, 0.13 um CMOS and 0.18 um HV CMOS

Sarnoff Europe announced it has reached an important milestone in its intellectual property alliance with UMC. The TakeCharge on-chip ESD protection solutions are now silicon proven in three UMC CMOS technologies.Sarnoff's customized ESD solutions are available for UMC-produced 130 nm CMOS, 180 nm High Voltage CMOS and 65nm CMOS chips. The solutions are all complementary to UMC foundry rules and h

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